10 Best Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles


A company that specializes only in marketing to customers via digital platforms is known as a digital marketing agency. This include developing and implementing campaigns for business clients across a variety of platforms, including social media, pay-per-click marketing, videos, and websites, keyword ranking etc.\Digital Marketing

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This article provides you with the detailed information regarding the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that provides various digital marketing services.

Best Digital Marketing agency in Los Angeles


Right To Digital: Right To Digital is an India based data-driven digital marketing agency with a collective experience spanning 30 years. It believes in business’ right to get an efficient digital performance of their brand on online platforms. It focuses on bridging the gap between availability of data and analysing it the right way for a better marketing strategy. It tries to dig deep into the pain points of the brands and offers tailor-made strategies specific to their industries. With exceptional track record and a creative portfolio, Right To Digital delivers amazing problem solving skills and therefore, equally exceptional results. To reach out to them drop an email at hi@righttodigital.in.

1. Coalition Technologies:

Coalition Technologies- Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

The top-ranked e-commerce, digital marketing agency Los Angeles, and SEO company in the Los Angeles is Coalition. They have dominated the SEO market for relevant keywords for more than ten years, and have supported customers with strong growth in e-commerce, local marketplaces, and national prospects. Coalition; the digital marketing agency Los Angeles, offers services including website design, Shopify development, and copywriting. They have received several favorable ratings on Google and provides the services for a cost that ranges from $10,000 to $49,000.

2. Digitawise:

A full-service e-Commerce digital marketing agency Los Angeles is Digitawise. In order to comprehend each client’s unique demands and increase the value of their brands, Dgitawise collaborate with them. They provide journalistic content, advertising campaigns, and online stores with distinctive designs that increase awareness and interaction. It is group of overachievers who consistently go above and beyond for the clients. They run campaigns to boost Google rankings, keyword search, written blogs and articles and content writing. The team effectively communicates, and is cooperative, creative, and solution-focused. The partnership’s continuous success has been greatly influenced by their reactivity. The basic charges for the service are $10,000.

3. Giant Propeller:

Giant Propeller - Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

The goal of Giant Propeller, a digital marketing agency Los Angeles is the Brand Growth Agency to develop futuristic burgeoning brands. They offer a full-service digital marketing division, and the clients range from start-ups to established businesses in the mid-market. Giant Propeller collaborates with CEOs, founders, and important stakeholders to advance their brand and company. One can consider it to be a one-stop shop where brand, strategy, content creation, and digital advertising are all combined. It is one of the best digital marketing agency Los Angeles offering services at an inexpensive cost starting at $10,000.

4. Brand Vision:

The main objective of Brand Vision, a well-known full-service digital marketing agency Los Angeles having its office in Toronto and LA, is to realize the vision and support the development of the concepts of the clients. Web design and development, branding, social media marketing, and advertising are among the primary services offered by Brand Vision, a digital marketing agency Los Angeles. Apart from that they also provide cutting-edge, specially designed solutions for the clients at reasonable cos of $5000 or $100 per hour.

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5. Bastion Amplify:

Bastion Amplify - Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Bastion Amplify is a team of digital marketing agency Los Angeles who develop strategic routes to elevate the goods, brands, and messages of the customers through powerful coverage, executive leadership, SEO, digital advertisements, and well-thought-out social media campaigns. Their clients stand out with big ideas, strategy, and the appropriate approach. It consists of a highly skilled and integrated team of writers, media planners, social media gurus, and digital marketing strategists who are responsible in providing the service at a cost/fee of $5000 or $150-$190 per hour.

6. Wiideman:

Wiideman; a digital marketing agency Los Angeles have worked with some of the biggest businesses in the e-commerce, service, and franchising sectors. They have frequently referred to as Multi-Location SEO Experts. They have led the inbound marketing sector with its experience in corporate search engine marketing and have been named the Industry MVP in 2018. Before establishing an SEO plan, Wiideman assists the clients in determining the appropriate optimizations at a cost of $5000+ or $200-$300 per hour. 

7. Brandefy:

Brandefy - Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

For Creating successful TV and web video campaigns a digital marketing agency Los Angeles, Brandefy is a multi-award-winning Los Angeles video production firm. They consider their client as the priority. Every great campaign is driven by a captivating narrative, and it is the mission of Brandefy to help deliver the story to the world in a powerful and effective manner at low-price of $1000+ or $100-$149 per hour. The clients are guided through every step of the process, from development to distribution, by a highly qualified team of people. Given the numerous positive evaluations this digital marketing agency Los Angeles has received on Google, you may decide to hire them.


The offices of WEBITMD; a digital marketing agency Los Angeles is a cutting-edge growth marketing and sales development agency, located in Dallas, New York City, and LA. The goal is to provide developing businesses with a tailored and designed approach that blends marketing strategy and tactics with sales technology and training. At a cost of $1000 or $150-$199 per hour, WEBITMD stacks the services that bring together the factors that produce quantifiable development, from traffic generation to prospect nurturing to deal closure.

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9. Cleverly:

Cleverly - Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

A software company’s brand image is boosted by qualified lead and sales growth is assisted by cleverly, a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. Before the assignment, they offer a brief questionnaire regarding the client’s business. Cleverly charges $1000 or $25-$49 per hour for its services, which include LinkedIn Ads and Lead Generation, Website Design, Copywriting and Development, and Conversion Rate Optimization. They are one of the cheapest digital marketing agency Los Angeles providing services in four timezones.

10. Hotspex Media:

Hotspex Media is one of the leading digital marketing agency Los Angeles. It helps both brands and agencies to maximize media purchases. They have appropriate KPIs for measuring the most important indicators, embed pixels and track crucial website actions using Google Tag Manager’s conversion tracking feature. It helps in brand measurement to lift assessments in collaboration with top measurement partners, specifically targeting clearly stated methods. Integral purchasing that helps to oversee campaigns on all significant ad-buying platforms. A single reporting in interactive dashboard where one can view all of your ongoing media initiatives. This digital marketing agency Los Angeles offers their cost at a budget of $25,000+ or $150-$199 per hour.

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