What does OP mean? 

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We hear OP word many times in online chatrooms, social media, gaming, pubg, and forums, but what does OP mean? What is the definition of OP? What are some of the slang terms that are associated with OP? When is it appropriate to use OP? 

In the real sense, OP means original post which is usually used to give credit to a person, page, or website that initiated the post or first posted or shared a topic. The acronym OP was first used in the 1990’s and has now become quite a popular phrase to indicate the original person who posted a content or shared a post. Here in this guide, we will learn about the different ways in which OP is used and what does OP mean exactly: 

OP Definition & Meaning

OP Definition & Meaning

The word ‘op’ is the most-trending word on internet and people are frequently searching for What does OP mean so it definitely needs a bit of explaining. The acronym OP stands for “original poster” or “original post” on the internet. The phrase is used to indicate the individual who initiated a conversation or issue on message boards or forums. OP can also signify to publish something online as a verb. 

Other meanings of OP

Other meanings of OP

Here are some descriptions of what does OP mean in different ways and how OP can be used to mean multiple things depending on the context:

Opposition: This is typically the case when “op” is used in lower case. In this context, the term “OP” refers to a group that disagrees with a prevailing social norm.

Original: This can be used in the context of “op” meaning “original” and “OP,” as a way of saying that something is/was just posted and it is/was not previously known. 

Open: The word “open” (abbreviated as “op”) can be used in the context of an open letter when the author wants to make a public comment. It can also be used to indicate the opening price quickly.

Opinionated: The term “opinionated” refers to someone who has a strong opinion and noisy personality, which is not necessarily on the same subject. People with strong opinions can be for or against something. Additionally, you can tell if someone has strong opinions about an issue by how outspoken or loud they are about it. 

Operation: The abbreviation “OP” has been used to refer to “operation”. This might be a reference to general operations work or a military operation. Apart from that, when someone gives you the command to “perform an op,” they are instructing you to carry out a specific task or operation.

Opinion Poll: Opinion Poll is also referred to as OP. It refers as a survey of people’s opinions, feelings, and attitudes, typically around a specific issue or topic.

In light of this, “What does OP mean?” totally depends on the context in which it is used. The question of when to employ OP is one that cannot be answered with certainty.

OP meaning in social media

op on social media is an acronym for “original poster”. It is a way of tagging the content or the post that you have created. It’s most likely used when you have created something new and want to be the first person to post it or when you are replying to someone else’s post.

What does OP mean in gaming?

What does OP mean in gaming

Talking about what does OP mean in the gaming niche, it means overpowered. Overpowered in the sense that it is better than anything else in the game. For instance, saying that a weapon or skill is overpowered means that a particular skill or weapon has a high-end advantage over others which has more chances of winning. 

In addition to this, OP in gaming is also used for appreciating a person’s efforts and abilities in defeating their enemy in the game. People use OP when they discover a powerful weapon or another participant in a more powerful game. For instance, Consider a scenario in which one player is competing against four other players and manages to overcome all four Opponents using their gaming prowess. In this scenario, the person in question is referred to as the OP.

What does OP mean in Reddit?

OP has been in existence for quite some time now and is expected to originate somewhere in the year 2000. On Reddit, OP means original poster, which indicates a person who has started the conversation thread. Sometimes OP is also termed as an original post. 

If you use Reddit, you might be aware that there are many Reddit users who ask questions on its platform, and then other users follow by giving their valuable feedback and suggestions on that particular question. In between, if anyone wishes to refer to the person who originally started the conversation (the person who asked the question), they call them an OP.

What does OP mean in text?

What does OP mean in text

You may have seen OP slang uk written in text messages a lot of times. It is only an original post, nothing more. When quoting or sending a message from someone else, credit the original poster. It is a way of saying that the thread or post was not originally created by them and that someone else should be given credit for it. OP is essentially an acronym for an opponent and is also occasionally used to refer to an opponent. 

What does OP mean in chat?

If you use social media frequently, you may occasionally notice the word OP in chat, which may surprise you and make you wonder what does OP means. Meanwhile, you may also search the internet for what does OP mean in Whatsapp chat, and many others Therefore, all of the meanings listed below are essentially the same in text context. Read on. 

If someone refers to OP in a chat on any social media platform it means the original poster. It indicates the person who first posted content or query before others started with the conversation. Also, if you are wondering What does OP mean in slang? It has the same meaning that it holds in a chat and refers to the person who initiated the conversation.

What does OP mean in music?

What does OP mean in music

If you are seeking what does OP mean in music, then OP in music is an abbreviation that is used for the word OP which basically refers to the compositions of a music composer. It comes from the Latin word which means work or labor and indicates the best works of a composer in music. For authors and singers, OP is used to indicate the greatest, biggest, or best works of an author. 

OP Meaning in Chat memes

The word “op” is a popular slang term in chat rooms and on the internet. These memes frequently contain a funny or sarcastic message. In contrast to the word “wack,” which denotes anything negative, it is also used to describe something that is very good.

When someone finds something humorous, they frequently use the word “op” to describe it: “I just watched a video of an ant dancing with an elephant, and it was sooooo op!”

What does OP ed mean?

OP ed is another common term that you might have often seen written on editorial pages. If  you are wondering what does OP ed mean in court? You need to know that OP ed is referred to as ‘Opposite the editorial page’ and is basically a piece of writing that pens down the personal opinion of a person. It is usually printed on the opposite page where the editorial is printed and expresses different observations and opinions.

What does OP mean in rap?

What does OP mean in rap

Op refers to “opposition” or “enemies” in rap. When referring to a potential opponent in rap, the word “op” is occasionally used to indicate that you want to fight the enemy. When used as a slang term meaning being opposed to someone else, this word is referred to as the first thing in the English language.

In rap, competition between different musicians is referred to as opposition. Along with that, rivalries in rap often derive from two artists who want to be considered the best artist and want the other to rank lower.

What does OP mean in anime, and how to use it?

We have already mentioned the two most common meanings of OP, but when it comes to anime, OP has a different meaning. In anime, OP has two different meanings. In some cases, OP is referred to as ‘one piece,’ which is a top-rated anime show and is one of the best sellers. In other cases, what does OP means is Opening songs or even they are categorized as opening credits of anime.

Let us discuss a few examples of what does OP mean in anime:

1) If someone asks you- have you watched OP? Here OP means the ‘one piece’ show.

2) If someone says that I like the OP of your name anime, it means the opening song of your name anime.

What does Co-OP mean in real estate?

What does Co-OP mean in real estate

Co-OP in real estate means cooperative housing. It is a residential housing option which, in practical terms, is a corporation wherein the owners do not own the units, but every resident living in such a housing framework is a shareholder of the Co-OP. Besides that, if someone wishes to sell their shares, they are allowed to do so after seeking permission from the corporation board of the housing society.

What does post OP trans mean?

Post OP in the context of a transgender means post-operative in which a person has undertaken an SRS surgery. A post OP trans means a person who has already undergone a sex reassignment OPeration to change their gender. 

Generally, it is a case of post-operation in which a person who was of some other sex has undertaken surgery to live a life in the other gender. Post-OP may also refer to taking medications and other treatments to seek help in accommodating a new way of living a new gender.

What does OP balance mean in unemployment?

What does OP balance mean in unemployment

OP in unemployment means overpayment. It is a case when you get the benefits of unemployment insurance when you are not actually entitled to receive the same. In such a case, a notice is sent to you when such an overpayment case occurs. Overpayments are basically of two types: fraudulent and non-fraudulent.

Moreover, Non-Fraud OP is a case when you accidentally receive an overpayment even when you were not eligible for it, but it does not happen due to the individual’s fault or due to the presentation of any false documents to gain such benefits. 

On the contrary, fraud OP is a case when individuals produce false information and documents to take undue benefits from the overpayments. If the authorities find out about such a case, such people can get disqualified from receiving any unemployment benefits for a year or so.


To summarise, the definition of OP varies depending on the situation and category. And most of the time, it’s a word we use frequently, thus it typically makes us wonder what does OP mean. As a result, we have briefly compiled OP meaning in many forms so that you may see its value. Which part of the OP’s meaning shocked you? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading out Web Destination Byte.

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