The Best of Ryan Reynolds Movies and TV Shows

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Ryan Reynolds is one of the most versatile and talented actors of our time. He has starred in a wide range of films, from comedies to action-packed blockbusters, and his performances have never failed to captivate audiences. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Ryan Reynolds movies and TV shows that he has starred in throughout his career.

Ryan Reynolds Movies

Highlights on Ryan Reynolds

Full Name

Ryan Rodney Reynolds

Born On

October 23, 1976


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Actor, Producer, Businessman


Scarlett Johansson (Married 2008, Div 2011)

Blake Lively (Married 2012)



Awards and Nominations

MTV Movie & TV Awards- 3

People’s Choice Awards- 3

Saturn Awards- 1

Nominations- 35


$ 150 Million

List of Ryan Reynolds movies

From classic hits to his most recent roles, we’ll explore what makes Reynolds one of the most loved actors and why Ryan Reynolds movies continue to make a lasting impact.

Just Friends

Just Friends 2005

One of the earliest Ryan Reynolds movies is the 2005 rom-com Just Friends, which starred him opposite Amy Smart. The movie follows Chris Brander (Reynolds), a once-fat high school nerd who has grown into an attractive and successful music executive. When his high school crush, Jamie (Smart), moves to L.A., Chris is determined to prove that he’s no longer just friends with her. He embarks on an over-the-top mission to woo her and show that he has what it takes to be more than just friends.

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National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

One of the most beloved Ryan Reynolds movies to date is National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Released in 2002, this college comedy follows Van Wilder (Reynolds) as he attempts to remain in college for as long as possible to avoid entering “the real world.” As a seventh-year senior, Van uses his charm and wit to avoid classes, organize parties, and help other students cope with their educational difficulties.

This is a role that many will remember Reynolds for. He perfectly plays off of co-stars such as Kal Penn, Tim Matheson, and Tara Reid. The film was such a success that it spawned two direct-to-video sequels without Reynolds (Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj and Van Wilder: Freshman Year). It’s no wonder why Van Wilder is one of Reynolds’ most iconic roles.

The Proposal

The Proposal

2009 romantic comedy “The Proposal” is one of the most popular Ryan Reynolds movies where he starred alongside Sandra Bullock. Reynolds plays Andrew Paxton, an ambitious book editor from New York who finds himself having to marry Bullock’s character, Margaret Tate, in order to prevent her from being deported to Canada. The two of them find themselves going through all sorts of hijinks as they attempt to go through with the marriage, making for a hilarious and heartwarming rom-com.

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Buried, one of Ryan Reynolds movies in the thriller genre was released in the year 2010. Reynolds portrayed Paul Conroy, a US truck driver working in Iraq, in this film. When Paul is kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents and buried alive in a coffin with only a mobile phone and a lighter, he has to fight for his life and find a way out before he suffocates.

The film is set almost entirely within the confines of the coffin and it is a very intense experience. Reynolds does a fantastic job conveying the panic, terror, and frustration that Paul experiences as he desperately tries to save himself from certain death. He also manages to inject the role with some moments of dark humor which provides a much-needed break from the intensity.



If you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds movies, you’ll love his performance in Adventureland. This coming-of-age comedy-drama was directed by Greg Mottola and released in 2009. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as two young adults working at an amusement park during the summer of 1987. Reynolds plays Mike Connell, the manager of Adventureland and a former rock star.

The movie follows James (Eisenberg), who works at Adventureland to pay for his college tuition. He meets Em (Stewart), a fellow employee with whom he eventually falls in love. Mike Connell, played by Reynolds, is a bit of an oddball. He is a former rock star who never managed to achieve success in the music industry. Throughout the movie, he serves as a mentor and friend to James and Em, offering wisdom and guidance.

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Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

If you’re looking for a light-hearted romantic comedy in Ryan Reynolds movies, then Definitely, Maybe is a perfect choice. The movie stars Reynolds as Will Hayes, a political consultant in New York who is reflecting on his past relationships. He tells his daughter the story of how he met and fell in love with her mother.

The movie also stars Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Abigail Breslin as the various women Hayes has been involved with over the years. It’s a charming movie that has some genuinely touching moments. It shows Reynolds’ ability to be a romantic lead while still showing off his comedic skills.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for something to watch with your significant other. It’s a sweet and funny movie that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Definitely, Maybe is a great example of Ryan Reynolds’ versatility and charm and is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Nines

The Nines

In The Nines, Reynolds plays Gary, an actor who is sent to stay at a luxurious mansion in order to escape from the public scrutiny that comes with fame. Soon after arriving, he discovers that the house is not what it appears to be, and he finds himself in an alternate reality where he must come to terms with the fact that he’s living the same nine days over and over again.

The story follows Gary as he attempts to make sense of his strange new reality and figure out why it is happening to him. Through this journey, Gary comes to understand that he is not alone in his experience and learns to embrace his situation as a chance to start over and make better choices in life.

Reynolds’ performance in this movie has been hailed as one of his best in recent years, showing off his comedic skills as well as his ability to play more serious roles. Among all Ryan Reynolds movies, his character in this one received the most praise for its nuances and ability to convey a range of emotions with subtlety and grace.

Final Words on Ryan Reynolds Movies

list of Ryan Reynolds Movies

If you’re looking for an interesting movie with a unique concept and great performances, then Ryan Reynolds movies are definitely worth checking out. His comic timing and delivery, along with his natural charisma, help make the character in the movie so loveable.

Some other Ryan Reynolds movies that deserve a mention here are Life (2017), Safe house (2012), and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Reynolds brings a lot of heart and humor to the roles. His character is both amusing and touching and provides some much-needed comic relief in his otherwise bittersweet movies. If you’re a fan of his work, these upcoming Ryan Reynolds movies like Imaginary Friends and Deadpool 3 are worth watching.

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