Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

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Letterkenny is one of the most-watched series Canadian sitcom series going on air with season 11. Given the popularity of the show, people would definitely want Letterkenny Season 12 to happen. The eleventh season aired on Christmas in 2022 and fans are already speculating about Letterkenny Season 12. So, let’s find out what is happening and what the creators’ plan are for the Canadian fans.

Letterkenny Season 12
Credit: Facebook
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About Letterkenny

Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom created by Jared Keeso and developed and primarily written by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, with Tierney as director. It stars Keeso alongside Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K Trevor Wilson, playing members of the rural community of Letterkenny, Ontario. The series began as a YouTube web series titled Letterkenny Problems, and it later premiered on Crave in February 2016. Hulu purchased the U.S. rights in March 2017 to start streaming the first two seasons; further seasons were released in November 2018 following an exclusive deal with distributor DHX Media. A spin-off film based on the series was released on December 25, 2020.

The series focuses on the town of Letterkenny, populated by hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. The Hicks (Keeso, Dales and Wilson) are Wayne (the self-proclaimed “toughest guy in Letterkenny”), Daryl (Wayne’s best friend who is always coming up with schemes) and Squirrely Dan (a frenemy of the Hicks). They often get into trouble with their rival clique from the nearby reservation – the Natives – led by Rosie (Mylett), coached by her brother Tanis (Dion Johnstone).

The show also features recurring characters such as Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr), two dim-witted hockey players; Katy (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Wayne’s love interest; and Pastor Glen (Tyler Johnston), who often acts as voice of reason amidst all the chaos. The show also features a variety of other characters, including Stewart (Tyler Hynes), Gail (Lisa Codrington), Mrs. McMurray (Ella Cannon) and Coach Gallagher (John Ralston).

Letterkenny satirizes small-town life with stories involving hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. It has been lauded for its unique humor and authentic Canadian dialogue. The series is known for its quotable lines from each episode that become popular memes on social media. Although set in a rural Ontario community, Letterkenny has become popular across Canada and internationally. It has won several awards, including two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Comedy Series (2018, 2019).

Letterkenny is an incredibly charming comedy series that will make you laugh out loud and feel connected to the characters. Its witty dialogue and unique style of humor has made it an international success and a favorite amongst Canadian audiences. Currently into the eleventh season, the show is expected to return aka, Letterkenny Season 12.

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Show Title Letterkenny
Genre Sitcom
Creator Jared Keeso
Country Canada
Language English
Initial Release Date February 7, 2016
Total Seasons Aired 11
Overall Episodes 75
Letterkenny Season 12 Release DateΒ  Christmas 2023

Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date Speculation

Letterkenny Season 12 releasing date
Credit: Facebook

The Instagram announcement by the cast of Letterkenny, revealed that Season 12’s filming started in the autumn of 2022. However, the network has not confirmed Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date yet.

Based on the pattern that Seasons 8 through 11 were all released on Christmas Day in Canada, it’s likely that Season 12 will also premiere on Crave on December 25, 2023. This will continue the comedic adventures of Wayne, Daryl, Squirrely Dan, and the rest of the crew. As a result, Hulu will most likely release it in the U.S. on December 26, 2023.

Letterkenny Season 12 Cast

Letterkenny Season 12 cast
Credit: Facebook

The cast of Letterkenny Season 12 is expected to consist of the regular characters from previous seasons. The returning cast includes Jared Keeso as Wayne, Nathan Dales as Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Rosie, K Trevor Wilson as Squirrely Dan, and Tyler Johnston as Pastor Glen.

Other potential returning stars include Andrew Herr and Dylan Playfair as Reilly and Jonesy, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Katy and Lisa Codrington as Gail. Dion Johnstone will return to the role of Tanis. Supporting characters like Mrs. McMurray (Ella Cannon) and Stewart (Tyler Hynes) may also make a comeback for the twelfth season.

Letterkenny Season 12 Trailer Update

At this point, there is no official update for Letterkenny Season 12 trailer yet. But as soon as it does come out, fans can expect the trailer to be full of fun and unique moments from each episode. Until then, fans can keep up with the show’s Instagram page to get updates about new developments for the upcoming season.

Letterkenny Season 12 Plot

Letterkenny Season 12 plot
Credit: Facebook

The plot of Letterkenny Season 12 will take off from where the previous season left us. We will see our favorite characters from the small town of Letterkenny getting into wild, wacky adventures that will make us laugh out loud.

The main plot line is expected to revolve around Wayne and his friends’ ongoing rivalry with the Natives and their humorous attempts at navigating romantic relationships. It promises to be an exciting season full of witty dialogue and hilarious situations. So, keep your fingers crossed for Christmas 2023 when we can finally watch Letterkenny Season 12 on Crave.

Letterkenny Season 12 Episodes

Each season ranged from 6-7 episodes, so it’s kind of guessable that Letterkenny Season 12 will also have the same number of episodes. That said, there is no official confirmation yet on the exact episode count for this season. We can only expect to get more information closer to its premiere date in 2023.

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Letterkenny Season 12 Premier Date

Letterkenny Season 12 is expected to premiere on Crave on December 25, 2023. Following the pattern of previous seasons, it will likely be released in the U.S. on December 26, 2023 on Hulu. The exact premiere date will be confirmed closer to its airing date.

Letterkenny Season 12 Renewal Status

Letterkenny Season 12 has not yet been officially renewed, but fans can be sure the series will return for a twelfth season. The show’s creator Jared Keeso has expressed his enthusiasm to continue the show for years to come and made it clear that he is determined to ensure Letterkenny stays on the air. So, keep your fingers crossed until an official announcement Β and if you know more about the show, drop your message in the comments section below.


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