Flower of Evil Season 2 Renewed? Here’s the Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and More!


This article will help you in understanding everything you need to know about Flower if Evil Season 2. Read on!

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Who doesn’t relish the excitement and suspense of the thriller genre when it’s presented in South Korean dramas? The recent release of “Flower of Evil” last month certainly hit the mark. Fans immediately embraced this drama, propelling it to superhit status in the world of 2020 K-dramas.

This drama swiftly gained fame due to its gripping suspenseful storyline paired with a touch of romance, leaving many viewers eagerly anticipating a second season. Fans have been buzzing with questions about the release date and renewal status of Flower of Evil Season 2. Rest assured, we’re here to provide you with all the details to satisfy your curiosity about the prospects of Flower of Evil Season 2. Keep reading!

Flower of Evil Season 2 Renewal Status

Flower of Evil Season 2 Renewal Status remains unconfirmed. The show’s viewership saw a significant boost and it has also been made available on Netflix (under the title “To The Lake”). The rumors said that the show has been cancelled, but we do see hope.

This surge in popularity is a positive sign for the show’s potential revival, a sentiment supported by media studies conducted by TNM and Nielsen Media Group. These studies provide evidence that viewership has increased post-cancellation, giving fans a glimmer of hope for a revival.

It’s important to note that the story of “Flower of Evil” did not conclude abruptly or introduce a new storyline, so there is no definitive reason to rule out the possibility of a second season.

Flower of Evil Season 2 Release Date 

Flower of Evil Season 2 Release Date is yet to be revealed. The potential second season of the drama seems to be a continuation of the first, with the likelihood that the core cast members and supporting actors will remain consistent while the plot undergoes some modifications. However, since the production team has not yet made a definitive decision regarding the creation of a second season, optimism for a renewal remains uncertain.

The initial season of the drama originally aired on tvN from July 29, 2020, to September 23, 2020, encompassing 16 episodes. While there was anticipation for a second season around mid-2021, it appears that the show has since lost that status. We will keep you informed of any recent developments in this ongoing saga. As of now, there has been no new information regarding the premiere date of Season 2.

Flower of Evil Season 2 Cast 

Flower of Evil Season 2 Cast is not locked in yet. This captivating drama boasts an exceptional ensemble of both leading and supporting actors who have contributed to its remarkable appeal. Among the standout cast members are Lee Joon gi in the role of Baek Hee Sung, Moon Chae Won as Cha Ji Won, Jang Hee Jin portraying Do Hae Soo, Seo Hyun woo as Kim Moo kin, Jung Seo Yeon embodying Baek Eun ha, Son Jong-hak as Baek Man-woo, Nam Gi-ae as Gong Mi-ja, Hee-sung, Jo Kyung-sook playing Moon Young-ok, and several others. Notably, Lee and Moon previously shared the screen in “Criminal Minds,” making this a significant return to television for Lee after a two-year hiatus.

Should the production company decide to proceed with a second season, it is likely that the main leads and the core supporting cast will remain unchanged. However, viewers may also anticipate the introduction of new characters and faces in the upcoming season.

Flower of Evil Season 2 Storyline 

Flower of Evil Season 2 Storyline is kept under wraps until an official announcement from the makers is made. This unique suspenseful melodrama stands out for its compelling storyline, delving into the realm of unsolved crime mysteries. Baek Hee-sung (played by Lee Joon-gi) is a man who conceals his true character and past from his wife, Cha Ji-won (portrayed by Moon Chae-won), who happens to be a detective. To the outside world, they appear to be the epitome of an ideal family: a loving couple with an adorable daughter who adores her parents.

The narrative takes a gripping turn as Cha Ji-won and her colleagues embark on an investigation into a series of perplexing murders, gradually uncovering the unsettling possibility that her seemingly perfect husband may be harboring dark secrets. With each revelation, the true identity of Baek Hee Sung unfolds, keeping the suspense and anticipation levels at their peak throughout the drama.

In a pivotal moment within the story, Hee-Sung suffers a head injury from a gunshot amidst the crop fields, resulting in amnesia that persists throughout the drama. However, as the story nears its conclusion, he regains his memory only to realize a monumental and life-altering mistake. To rectify this, he undergoes a transformation in an effort to distance himself from his past. Nevertheless, his tenacious detective wife eventually tracks him down, culminating in an intensely thrilling finale that has left fans eagerly anticipating another season.

A potential continuation of this captivating drama can be envisioned in the form of a second season. If the show is renewed, it is probable that the characters and the cast will remain consistent, with a slight variation in the plot. The storyline for the second season may take a different trajectory compared to the previous one.

Flower of Evil Season 2 Official Trailer 

Flower of Evil Season 2 Official Trailer is not out yet. The show has not yet been given a green signal by the makers of the show. As and when the season 2 gets confirmed, the trailer would follow shortly. Meanwhile, watch the trailer of the previous season below:

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Flower of Evil Season 2 Streaming Platform 

Flower of Evil Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. The show is streaming on Netflix and it is expected whenever season 2 is ready, it will be launched on Netflix itself.

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