How to get rid of fruit flies in plants?

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Do you happen to notice the movement of tiny critters on your house plants? Do you often find tiny little flies invading your home, especially in areas where you have kept your house plants? Probably, your plants have been infested with fruit flies. Hence, you often find people looking for solutions on ‘How to get rid of fruit flies in plants.‘ 

People who have a nice terrace garden or are fond of house plants might be aware of the problems that fruit flies can pose to their plant babies. Fruit flies are almost everywhere and tend to multiply exponentially, raising a cause of concern. If you are also someone with the same quest in mind, here we pen down a few proven hacks that can help you to find viable solutions on How to get rid of fruit flies in plants

Top 8 Ways to Get rid of fruit flies in Plants

  1.  Remove anything that serves as food for fruit flies

    Get rid of fruit flies
    The fungus build-up on your plants serves as food resources for fruit flies. Hence, removing such fungus build-ups can help keep fruit flies at bay from your plants. The fungal spread can be controlled when the humidity level is lowered. Also, you can use dishwashing liquid and rubbing alcohol on the plants to get rid of fruit flies in plants. 

  2.  Bring in plants that repel fruit flies

    How to get rid of fruit flies in plants
    There are numerous plants such as peppermint, basil, lemongrass, herbs, and lavender that have the capability of repelling insects. Consider planting such house plants nearby to
    get rid of fruit flies in plants.

    But some of these plants have specific requirements for survival, and you need to keep those things in mind while planting them. And, even if you are running out of space, you can consider placing the leaves of the herbs or other repellent plant leaves at the base of the affected plant to repel fruit flies.

  3.  Usage of essential oils

    fruit flies in plants
    Essential oil is one of the most effective hacks if you are thinking of
    How to get rid of fruit flies in plants. It works exactly in the same manner as herbs and fruit fly repellent plants. Essential oils extracted from lavender, eucalyptus leaves, camphor trees, peppermint, etc., can work out effectively for deterring fruit flies.

    Apart from that, the smell of such essential oils is enough to keep the fruit flies away from your house plants. And, when you burn these essential oils as incense, the smoke generated from it can even kill the fruit flies ending fruit fly infestation.

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  4.  Covering the topsoil

    Removefruit flies from plants
    A fruit fly has an expected life span of eight to fifteen days and a female fruit fly can lay approximately 2000 eggs at a time. The female fruit flies lay eggs just below the top surface of the soil, and after the hatching of eggs, the larvae make their way to the surface for air supply. So, covering the top layer of the earth with pebbles, sand or gravel can prevent the female fruit flies from laying eggs at the first instant.

    Once you get the topsoil covered, you prevent the female fireflies from having a suitable breeding ground. Secondly, even if the fruit fly lays her eggs, the covering of pebbles, gravel, or sand will smother the larvae of fruit flies and they may die out soon. So, this can turn out an effective hack if you are looking for ways on how to get rid of fruit flies in plants.

  5.  Bring changes to your watering regime

    Removefruit flies
    Fruit flies survive in moist conditions, and they need a damp area to get started with their breeding process. Thus, it is mandatory that you make changes in the watering routine. If your plants do not need as much water as you are supplying them, consider reducing the amount of water as it will help make the surroundings dry, which can further help you to
    get rid of fruit flies in plants.

    In addition to this, If you are not able to keep track of the moisture content in the soil, you can also buy a moisture sensor to determine how wet the soil is and how much water you should provide to the plants.

  6.  Keep a check on rotting elements

    fruit flies on plants
    Fruit flies are easily attracted to rotting leaves and fruits. So, if your house plants are surrounded by rotten leaves, flowers, or fruits, fruit flies can have a gala time feasting on all such rotten parts. So, be very careful with such rotten traces and remove them at your earliest before the fruit flies infest your plants.

  7. Get the right soil

    Get the right soil to remove fruit flies
    If the soil used for potting the plants has enough organic and inorganic ingredients, you can prevent the soil from becoming a breeding ground for fireflies. Soil that comprises fiber, coconut chunks, and charcoal in the name of organic ingredients mixed with a mix of perlite as an inorganic substituent can deter fruit flies. The usage of well-draining and slow-decaying soils can help deter fruit flies. Also, remember the fresher the soil, the higher its capability to repel fruit flies.

  8.  Use insect-killing machines

    Remove fruit flies from plants
    Insect-killing machines are easily available these days, and you can easily buy one to gain a solution for your quest of
    How to get rid of fruit flies in plants. The idea for using these machines is to attract the fruit flies with light, which will lure the insect toward the machine, causing them to be zapped to death.

    This machine surely needs considerable investment, but it is worth all the money as these machines can help you get rid of fruit flies in plants.

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We hope that this guide helps you to figure out ways for “How to get rid of fruit flies in plants”. But remember, if you are using natural remedies to shoo the fruit flies away, it is not going to happen in a day. It can be a slow process, and you might need to gather all the patience to see the fruit flies leaving your plants in a slow and steady process. 

However, the payoff is surely going to be sweet because you will be able to eradicate the fruit flies without harming your plants to have a picture-perfect landscape of happy house plants swaying away with full flair. As a result, follow the above mentioned ways and get rid of fruit flies in plants instantly. 

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