Things you didn’t know about Austin Powers Cast

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Austin Powers cast is led by Mike Myers, who plays Austin Powers, Austin’s nemesis Dr. Evil and Austin’s father, Nigel Powers. Austin Powers is a pop culture phenomenon that combines the classic British spy genre with a tongue-in-cheek irreverence that has become an iconic part of popular culture. The film contains memorable characters, witty one-liners, and offbeat humor. From Austin’s entourage of mini-me sidekicks to Dr. Evil’s motley crew of henchmen, the cast offers something for everyone. No matter how many times you might have watched this movie, here are some interesting things you didn’t know about it.

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Know about Austin Powers Cast

Austin Powers Cast

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 1

Mike Myers came up with Austin Powers’ character while driving home from the set of Wayne’s World. Austin Powers was initially designed to be an amalgamation of several characters from 1960’s movies, including Austin Hatch (played by James Coburn in Our Man Flint) and German spy Siegfried (Sir Christopher Lee in The Dirty Dozen).

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 2 

Austin Powers cast includes a variety of actors from across the world. While Mike Myers originated the character himself, many international stars joined him onscreen. Seth Green leads Austin’s sidekicks as Scott Evil, while Robert Wagner plays Number Two, Austin’s nemesis Dr. Evil’s right-hand man. Verne Troyer is Mini Me, Dr. Evil’s clone son, and henchman, while Elizabeth Hurley stars as Austin’s love interest Vanessa Kensington.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 3

Austin Powers was a box office success and became one of the highest-grossing films of 1997. Austin Powers grossed over $53 million in its opening weekend, making it the second-highest-grossing movie of the year (behind only Titanic). It made over $67 million domestically and nearly $200 million worldwide, further cementing Austin Powers’ status as a pop culture phenomenon.

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Austin Powers Cast: Fact 4

Austin Powers cast members Mike Myers, Seth Green and Verne Troyer all reprised their roles for Austin Powers in Goldmember. The third installment in the Austin Powers franchise saw the return of several original cast members, with Austin’s nemesis Dr. Evil and Austin’s father, Nigel Powers, both making an appearance. Austin Powers in Goldmember was a box office success, grossing over $213 million worldwide.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 5

Austin Powers cast members have gone on to enjoy successful careers in Hollywood. Mike Myers is one of the most recognizable comedic actors today, appearing in films such as Shrek, Austin Powers, and Wayne’s World. Verne Troyer has also become a cult figure among the fans as Mini Me and continues to act in films and television shows today. Elizabeth Hurley has become one of the top models in the world after her role as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers, appearing in campaigns for brands such as Estee Lauder.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 6

Jim Carey has a small, uncredited role in Austin Powers. Carey has a brief cameo as Austin’s father, Nigel Powers, in the film, providing several lines of dialogue for Austin himself. Carey’s role was kept secret until after Austin Powers’ release, making it one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets at the time.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 7

Austin Powers cast members from Goldmember reunited in the part 4 titled Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, is a reboot of the Austin Powers franchise and features the return of several original cast members. Mike Myers reprises his role as Austin Powers, Seth Green is back as Scott Evil, and Elizabeth Hurley returns as Vanessa Kensington. The film also features new additions to the Austin Powers cast, such as Kate McKinnon and Rhys Darby.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 8

The movie was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2013. Austin Powers has become an iconic movie that stands out from other spy comedies due to its combination of irreverent humor, memorable characters, and 1960s aesthetic. 

This film was chosen to be added to the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry for its cultural significance and impact on popular culture, making it one of only a handful of comedies to be added to the Registry. Austin Powers is also one of the few films in the National Film Registry that stars an entirely international cast.

Austin Powers Cast: Fact 9

The series has spawned a variety of spin-offs and merchandise. Austin Powers has become a popular franchise, with several video games, books, soundtracks, and other merchandising items released over the years. Austin Powers also inspired two live-action stage shows at Universal Studios Hollywood – Austin Live! and Austin Live! The Musical Adventure – which ran from 2002-2004. The series was adapted into an adult cartoon titled Austin Powers 2: International Man Of Mystery in 1999, featuring appearances by many original Austin Powers cast members.

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Austin Powers Cast: Fact 10

Austin Powers cast members Mike Myers, Seth Green, and Verne Troyer reunited to benefit charity. In 2018, the trio appeared at a charity event in Los Angeles to raise money for the Austin Powers-inspired non-profit organization Every Austin Helps. They also collaborated on a music video titled Austin Power: International Man of Groove, released online to promote the charity event and the organization’s mission. They have also come together at various events in support of charities such as The Creative Coalition and Stand Up To Cancer.

Final Comment on Austin Powers Cast

These Austin Powers cast members to continue to be popular figures among fans of the franchise, with their performances in Austin Powers remaining iconic to this day. Austin Powers is a classic comedy that continues to resonate with movie fans worldwide, and its stars are remembered for their contributions to the series. Austin Powers has become a pop culture phenomenon, and it’s clear that this franchise still has plenty of life left in it. Austin Powers 4 may be on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see what these members have in store for us next.

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