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Many believe that the greatest novels transport readers to a world of fantasy and make them forget their mundane lives. Although works like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potterare extremely popular, some of the most moving pieces come from authors who write based on personal experience. This allows for a stronger connection between the reader and the text and an element of raw emotion lacking in many big-name franchises. Miriam Toews’ 2018 novel named “Women Talking,” is one such book.

What is Women Talking About? 

Women Talking

Women Talking is set in the fictional Mennonite community of Molotschna, where it has just been discovered that many rapes committed against women over the last two years have not been carried out by demons or devils but rather by male colonists. These men used an animal anaesthetic to render their victims unconscious before attacking them. Salome, a woman whose 3-year-old daughter was raped, takes matters into her own hands and attacks the suspects with a scythe. The police arrive and place them under arrest for their protection—the men of the community travel to the city to secure bail for their release.

While the men are away, eight members of two families in Molotschna meet to discuss what action the women should take next. The novel follows August Epp, the colony’s schoolteacher who recently returned the following ex-communication, as he takes minutes on behalf of the illiterate and unilingual female community. The three options are: doing nothing, remaining and fighting or leaving.

The women spend two days discussing the pros and cons of various options, as well as other topics such as the healing process; the risk posed by allowing men back into the colony; how to maintain their faith in light of past abuse; and whether or not they should forgive the abusers.

Movie Name

Women Talking


Women Talking by Miriam Toews

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Women Talking Movie Release year 


When will Women Talking Release?

Women Talking Claire Foy

There is often much discussion surrounding whether movies will bypass theatres and go straight to streaming services. However, it’s more common for films that are potential award-winners to have a theatrical release. Such is the case with Women Talking, which will premiere in limited US theatres on December 23, 2022. The film has a staggered worldwide release, with Canadian audiences able to see the film from December 16, British audiences from February 10, 2023, and French audiences waiting until March 8, 2023. There has yet to be a suggestion whether the film will eventually reach streaming platforms; however, since Amazon owns the film’s distributor, it might hit Prime Video by early next year. 

Is Women Talking Trailer Out?

women talking

On October 10, 2022, Universal Pictures released the trailer for Women Talking. The trailer gives fans a great look at the strong acting and cinematography in the film. Luc Montpellier’s dark and atmospheric cinematography captures the thematic resonance of the narrative perfectly. Hildur Guðnadóttir’s haunting score stands out in the trailer as another component of this ensemble cast and crew that immediately places audiences in the film’s tense and dramatic realm.

This task is important for many reasons, but specifically in period pieces. The trailer does an excellent job of highlighting the strength of the cast with snippets of their impressive acting skills spread throughout its nearly 2-minute run-time. Additionally, the trailer gives viewers a taste of the festival’s success thus far, which further cements its acclaimed reputation with critics and general audiences alike. With a trailer this strong that perfectly captures Miriam Toews’ source material, fans have good reason to be extremely excited for its release later this year or early next year.

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Women Talking Cast 

Women Talking Cast

The film Women Talking, which tells the story of a group of brave women, required an exemplary female cast– and it did not disappoint. Many have acclaimed the actresses who play the primary roles in this motion picture. These include Rooney Mara as Ona; Claire Foy as Salome; Jessie Buckley as Marche; Frances McDormand as Scarface Janz, and Judith Ivey playing Agata.

The ensemble cast is full of impressive actresses, sure to amaze audiences. Some actresses might even be nominated for awards because of their moving performances in the film. In short, you won’t want to miss this powerful movie.

Women Talking Plot Speculation 

Women Talking Plot

The film is based on Miriam Toews’ novel of the same name, which deals with some sensitive topics like religion and abuse. If you think this might be disturbing for you to watch, please exercise caution before viewing it.

The film, Sarah Polley’s (Dawn of the Dead) latest work, tells the story of a group of women who are drugged and abused and discover they have been by men in their Mennonite community. As they attempt to maintain their faith internalized throughout these revelations (or after making these discoveries,) critics on the festival circuit, have positively responded to Polley’s direction and screenplay.

The film was so highly praised that it was the runner-up for the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Sarah Polley is also one of the current favourites to win Best Director at next year’s Academy Awards, making her the only fourth woman to achieve this feat in Oscar history.

Women Talking Review 

Women Talking Movie Release Date

From the very beginning of Sarah Polley’s Women Talking, it’s evident that something is not right with the world of the film. The colors are muted and almost faded, like a memory half-remembered. During a film screening at TIFF, Polley stated that Luc Montpellier’s powerful cinematography represented a long time ago – almost as if the movie we’re about to see is already a memory.

The different shades in this painting represents the many complexions of Black women. As we look at these women trying to figure out their next steps, it’s a reminder that they won’t be able to see the true beauty around them until they’re free from the chains holding them back.

Polley’s Women Talking is based on Toews’ book of the same name. The novel opens with a statement that claims, “what follows is an act of female imagination.” In the story, the women members of an unnamed religious community have been drugged and raped during nighttime for a long time now. They believe these attacks are punishments a superior being gives them punishments for their wrongdoings.

After two young girls witness a male attacker leave one night, several men in the community are arrested and taken to jail while the others go into town to post bail. While the men are away, a group of women gather in a barn to try and figure out their next move: do nothing, stay and fight, or leave the colony.

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