Will there be Wentworth Season 10?

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Marking its 100th episode in the Season 9 finale, Wentworth’s route to success turned into history. Meanwhile, viewers are wondering whether there will be Wentworth Season 10, one of Australia’s most popular television series. The program ran for eight seasons and had a total of 100 episodes. It is natural for viewers to be interested in a potential tenth season. However, the chances are slim to none that there will be another season. Consider how people are clamoring for Season 10 if Season 9 has yet to be aired.

After season 7 and 8, Wentworth revealed that the 9th season would be the end of it all. Furthermore, the second half of the eighth season is referred to as the ninth season. Wentworth is a television drama series more probable to be based on “Prisoner.”

The television show, The Prisoner was popular from 1979 to 1986. It starred a female character who struggles to stay alive while in jail. After the ninth season (eight seasons and two parts), Wentworth became well-known across America. However, after 100 episodes have aired, there may be fewer opportunities to see new seasons being filmed. 

What Wentworth is all about?

Wentworth Season 10 overview

The Wentworth TV series is a contemporary reimagining of the iconic Prisoner franchise, which ran on Australian television from 1979 to 1986. The new show follows the inmates and staff of the fictional Wentworth Correctional Centre, a women’s prison located in the suburbs of Melbourne. The series has been praised for its strong female cast and gritty, realistic portrayal of life inside a women’s prison.

Wentworth first aired on Australian TV in 2013 and has become one of the most popular shows on Foxtel, the country’s pay-TV provider. The show has been sold to broadcasters in over 180 countries and is currently airing its 9th season in Australia. However, viewers await Wentworth Season 10 hopefully.

The Wentworth cast includes some of Australia’s most talented actresses, including Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, and Pamela Rabe. The show has been nominated for numerous awards and won the AACTA Award for Best Television Drama Series in 2015. If you’re looking for a compelling and gritty TV drama, then Wentworth is definitely worth checking out.

Series Update Wentworth Season 10
Total Season  9
Genre  Soap Opera/Drama
Wentworth Season 10 Release Date  Not Available  
Country of Origin   Australia

What Happened in Wentworth Season 9?

Wentworth Season 10

Though she survived the attack, Rita did suffer from some minor injuries. Will proposed that she be moved to more secure police custody, but Rita refused- knowing that the only way to clear their names was to go back and find the phone.

The phone had a recording of the conversation between Jonesy and Marie. Will also accepted what Rita said but warned her that they had tried unsuccessfully to convince Boomer, Marie, Allie, and Ruby against her return to the unit.

Unknowingly, Lou was helping Rita look for the phone. Rita had no one else to ask but Marie to take care of Ruby–Allie being in a wheelchair and Boomer expecting made Marie her only option. Reluctantly, Marie agreed. Furthermore, Judy’s dad came to visit her and told her evidence had surfaced that could clear her name; as a result, Judy abandoned breaking out with Lou as part of the plan. On the other hand (despite this news), Lou remained adamant about escaping from the facility. 

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There will be no Wentworth Season 10

As much as we hate to see it, all good things must end eventually. Unfortunately, this includes the Australian television series Wentworth, which ends this year after airing its ninth season. However, Wentworth made history as the longest-running hour drama series on Foxtel with a total of 100 episodes, according to an announcement made back in October 2019.

As stated before, the 9th season would be the show’s final one. If you were hoping for a renewal, unfortunately, your hopes will not come true- there is no Wentworth Season 10 our future. The series has ended and (according to some viewers) the ending was pretty satisfactory.

The Series Ended before Wentworth Season 10 

Wentworth Season 10

To summarize the events of the final episode, Lou plans to escape prison by blasting her way out. However, Ferguson overhears their conversation and tells Rita. When confronted by Rita, a fight is immediately between the two women. In the heat of battle, Lou’s phone falls out of his pocket and Recordings are exposed.

Rita talks with Lou about not planting explosives in the slot, but Lou is sure about it. Ann arranges a fake transfer to the courthouse for her. Ann tells Rita that she knows everything already. Outside the prison, the bomb detonates and destroys most of the unit.

Rita, Lou, Ruby, and Boomer all manage to escape. Allie is stuck under the rubble and tries to grab her phone. Judy’s body is found dead with a large piece of wood or metal through it when Vera comes to block against something heavy.

Ann had known about the attack and planned Judy’s murder. She strangles Vera, but Ferguson saves Vera just as she passes out by yanking Ann off her and snapping her neck, instantly murdering and taking her life.

Ferguson rescues Vera from prison and tells her that she did it so Grace would not be motherless. Vera is grateful. Ferguson then leaves abruptly into the darkness. Jake and Will are relieved when Linda declares her missing, believing she is dead–but Vera does not say anything.

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When Could Wentworth season 10 filming start?

Wentworth Season 10 cast

As the ninth season is the last, there are currently no plans for Wentworth Season 10. Although, in the future, we might see some reboots as they appear to be gaining popularity nowadays. Don’t expect one anytime soon; a show must have been off-air for several years before a possible reboot.

What could be Wentworth Season 10 Release Date?

Wentworth Season 10 release date

Even though it is highly unlikely that the show will get a tenth season, we predict that if it were to happen, the earliest it could arrive on Netflix would be in 2023. As of Oct. 26, a tenth season has not been confirmed.

If you haven’t watched Wentworth, now’s your chance! This prison drama series is not only good–it’s one of the best Netflix shows to watch. So come on and join us because we know this popular series will go out with a bang! Season 9 is available to stream on Netflix starting Oct. 27.

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