USPS Jobs- Positions, Eligibility and How to Apply


Searching for good USPS jobs? There are a range of career opportunities offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for a USPS Jobs

There are other job choices available at the USPS Jobs for people with various levels of expertise. As the second-largest employer in the US, the USPS Jobs attract a lot of interest for job openings. This is perhaps because the post office has a successful career development programme that was created to assist all employees in pursuing their ideal careers. 

The USPS Jobs is also well-known for various internships and professional developments for the interns. You can also work in a USPS part time job just by searching USPS jobs near me. This is shocking to consider how many individuals value the competitive pay, first-rate benefits, and job stability that USPS offers its employees. Depending on a person’s interests, experience, and education, there are many different careers available through USPS, ranging from postal carriers to management.

What are the USPS Jobs?

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The massive, independent U.S. Postal Service is in charge of delivering postal services all over the country. The United States Postal Service is one of the few autonomous organisations recognised by the Constitution as belonging to the executive government. As a result, it qualifies as a government organisation and a private firm. 

For instance, the USPS board is composed of members chosen by the U.S. President, but the USPS has been declared not to be a government-owned corporation by the supreme court. Thus, USPS Jobs are granted a number of exclusive rights, including the ability to travel between states, sovereign immunity, the right to negotiate with other countries, and the right to evict people. 

What are the advantages of doing USPS Jobs?

The advantages of doing USPS Jobs

USPS employees receive additional significant advantages for working for the federal government. Among these advantages are:

  • Access to the Federal Health Benefits Program for Employees (FEHB)
  • Federally supported dental and vision insurance programmes
  • Insurance for long-term care
  • Life insurance 
  • A sizable amount of paid time off (PTO)
  • Commuter rate at a discount
  • Thrifty savings initiatives
  • Stability offered by USPS Jobs

Eligibility criteria for getting USPS Jobs 

Eligibility criteria for getting USPS Jobs 

Here are some criteria you can take to apply for USPS jobs requirements. Before applying you need to verify that you satisfy the minimal qualifications before applying for a job position. These conditions are:

  • Age: 18 years is the minimum eligibility to apply for these USPS jobs. If the candidates have completed high school or discontinued their high school for acceptable reasons, they may at 16 years old.
  • Green card or U.S. Citizenship: Applicants are required to present their citizenship certificate. They may not be US citizens, but they must have a green card to prove their status as a permanent resident of another country.
  • Screening: Screening method is used to determine the appropriateness of applicants. This entails a study of their employment background, Applicants interview, and status with regard to selective service enrollment. After the applicant receives a job offer, a medical history and evaluation are conducted.
  • Physical requirements: An eye sight check and a hearing test is done for all the candidates. All applicants must pass this background check. Some positions also have more demanding physical requirements, such as lifting up to 70 pounds, carrying up to 35 pounds, or standing for extended periods of time.
  • Driver’s licence: Candidates whose work description calls for using a motor vehicle must possess a current driver’s licence, maintain a clean driving record, and pass a road test administered by the postal service.
  • Background investigation: Candidates must pass a criminal history check, fingerprinting, and drug test.

Career aspect of USPS Jobs

Career aspect of USPS Jobs

Delivery & operations and corporate occupations are the two separate subgroups into which USPS Jobs employment are divided. Each group offers a wide variety of job options, including:

Delivery and Operations

  • Automotive mechanic
  • Automotive technician
  • City carrier/city carrier assistant
  • Industrial engineer
  • PSE mail processing clerk
  • PSE sales & SVCS/distribution associate


  • Accounting 
  • Businesses 
  • Finance 
  • Logistics 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Human resources 

How to apply for USPS Jobs?

How to apply for USPS Jobs

Before applying to the USPS Jobs, you should go through the eligibility criteria once. Depending on the position you’re seeking for, you may choose from four postal service tests. After applying for the job and receiving an email reply with instructions, you have 72 hours to finish the exam. 

The passing grade is 70, and the maximum score you may receive on any of the tests is 100. Immediately following the exam’s conclusion, you are given your results. And then you can start applying for your jobs. Here are some tips to remember as you start applying for USPS jobs:

  • Visit the USPS website and register there.
  • Look through the open job openings.
  • Observe the qualifications specified in the job advertising, such as education and experience.
  • To apply for jobs that interest you, click on that option. 
  • Fill out the online job application using your USPS profile.
  • Include as much information as you can while applying.

You can apply for USPS jobs to start with your new career just by following these easy tips. 

Tips for filling out USPS Jobs employment applications

Filling out USPS Jobs employment applications

The following advice can help you complete a USPS employment application:

  • Give yourself plenty of time because filling out the employment application can take a few hours.
  • Because the USPS digital process tries to apply online using a Windows-based computer.
  • The ideal web browsers for the application system are Internet Explorer or Firefox, so make sure you have one of those.
  • Asterisk-marked fields on the application are required, and you can’t proceed until they are filled out.

Different positions on USPS Jobs

There are vast fields available for USPS Jobs. One can easily choose their own field by giving the USPS examination. Some of the positions are described below. 

Finance and Accounting 

Finance and Accounting - USPS Jobs employment applications

  • Accountant– Supports financial reporting, analysis, and preparation in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). 
  • Financial analysts– To study, assess, and report on financial results, trends, and implications, financial analysts conduct in-depth financial assessments and analyses.
  • Purchasing specialist– Solicits, negotiates, manages, and settles contracts and acquisitions for goods, services, and equipment, including ad hoc purchases. 
  • Specialist in purchasing and supply management– Examines and keeps track of the Postal Service’s consumption of goods and services. They too determine whether to use equipment and services that have been contracted for in accordance with predetermined supplier management standards.

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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications - USPS Jobs employment applications

  • Creative producer and director- Independently produces, directs, and develops presentational, educational, promotional video and visual media products. Also, they communicate the Postal Service’s goals and objectives to staff members and customers. 
  • Graphic Designer- Creates and edits graphic designs for brochures, publications, forms, posters, and other visual presentation materials for Postal Service internal organisations. Additionally, also for events, products, and events. guarantees that designs convey a corporate image in line with the objectives and guidelines of the Postal Service.

Mail carriers 

Mail carriers - USPS Jobs employment applications

These jobs involved the distribution and collection of mail. The following is a list of job descriptions for mail carriers:

  • City carrier– A city carrier picks up and delivers mail while driving or walking their route in any type of weather. For extended periods, one must stand, move slowly, reach, lift up to 70 pounds, and carry up to 35 pounds.
  • Clerks– They sort mail, distribute mail, sell stamps, and weigh packages while working indoors. For extended periods, one must stand, move slowly, reach, lift up to 70 pounds, and carry up to 35 pounds.
  • Distribution clerk– Postal machinery that distributes and sorts mail is operated by machine operators, flat sorting machine operators, and machine operators who read addresses’ ZIP codes, type the codes using a special keyboard.
  • Mail handler: A mail handler is someone who works in an industrial setting and is responsible for unloading, transferring, and loading mail bundles and sacks weighing up to 70 pounds.
  • Mail processor- When loading and unloading mail from automated mail processing equipment, the mail processor must stand for extraordinarily extended periods of time.
  • Automated clerk- An automated markup clerk processes mail, changes addresses in computer databases, and performs other clerical duties.

Non mail carriers 

Non Mail carriers - USPS Jobs employment applications

Jobs at the USPS sometimes have a maintenance or other organisational-focused component. These positions consist of:

  • Automotive technician: This job includes carrying out simple and sophisticated repairs, routine maintenance, fault finding, and troubleshooting on all the many kinds of vehicles that make up the USPS fleet.
  • Custodian: A custodian is responsible for performing manual labour for building and grounds upkeep as well as housekeeping.
  • Data conversion: This is required for this role, which entails taking information from source papers, transferring it to computer input forms, and then typing the information in using a keyboard.
  • Vehicle operator: Transporting, picking up, or delivering large quantities of mail requires the use of a vehicle operator, who drives and controls mail vehicles.
  • Tractor-trailer operator: An individual who drives and manages heavy-duty trailers for over-the-road transportation, trailer operations, or city shuttle services is a tractor-trailer operator.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer - USPS Jobs employment applications

A national standardisation and improvement programme for mail processing operations is overseen and implemented by industrial engineers. works to enhance cost and service performance. 


  • HR Analytics Specialist: Uses advanced business information (BI) tools and data analytics techniques to implement actionable improvements to HR procedures and projects. 
  • Industrial psychologists: They oversee job analysis studies, reorganisation efforts, and the creation and updating of competency models, job descriptions, and other relevant documents.
  • Specialist in Corporate Succession Planning: Creates, develops, and manages corporate succession planning programmes, policies, and procedures to make sure a diversified, qualified talent pool can satisfy the organisation’s future leadership requirements. 
  • Talent Management Specialist: A talent management specialist facilitates the creation, adoption, and upkeep of talent management and leadership development policies, procedures, and programmes to satisfy the organisation’s present and future workforce demands.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) - USPS Jobs employment applications

  • Cloud Architect: It is built on specialised Information Technology (IT), which is managed by the Cloud Architect. Also, they create cloud-based architectures to fulfil the needs of both new and existing applications and services. 
  • Data analyst: Participates in audit, investigative, and intelligence-related tasks at headquarters. 
  • Forensic Computer Analyst: In support of criminal and administrative investigations, forensic computer analysts perform forensic assessments of digital and other multimedia evidence.
  • Threat Operations Specialist: Manages protective measures and data gathered from various sources to stop and handle cyber security threats and incidents that happen within the network.

Forensic techniques 

Using scientific approaches, forensic techniques, and quality assurance procedures, a forensic analyst conducts forensic analysis on evidence. An expert in forensic document exams uses scientific methods to identify, gather, examine, and analyse physical evidence for use in civil and criminal cases as well as for regulatory purposes. Using scientific methods, a forensic latent print analyst performs forensic studies to create and recognise latent prints (fingerprints) in support of criminal and administrative investigations.


Mechanics - USPS Jobs employment applications

  • Automotive Mechanic: Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and carries out regular maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles utilised by the postal service.
  • Automotive Technician: Works on all sorts of motor vehicles utilised in the postal fleet, performing simple and complex repairs and maintenance. utilises a range of automated diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and identify more complicated vehicle issues. 
  • Lead Automotive Tech: In a shop that maintains vehicles, act as a mentor to less experienced mechanics and technicians. Perform all forms of motor vehicle maintenance and repairs, even the most intricate ones, by hand for the postal fleet.

USPS Jobs Support staff 

Last but not the least, the support staff are available 24×7 to provide their services to the customers, dealers and the workers. 

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Conclusion on USPS Jobs employment applications

It is simple to understand why the USPS Jobs and their career prospects appeal to so many people. Despite the rise in the use of emails and other kinds of communication, you should expect stable employment.

As an employer, USPS Jobs prioritises its employees. It aims to create a pleasant, inclusive environment where staff members are treated well. Many graduates set their sights on a career in the postal service due to the wide range of career growth prospects.

If working for the postal service, you should carefully study the entry requirements. Since there is a lot of competition, the USPS Jobs can afford to concentrate exclusively on applicants who fully satisfy all requirements. 

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