True Beauty Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Renewal Status and More!

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The Kdrama industry is witnessing a boom with its range of love dramas that makes us want to have a Kdrama love life too. One such Kdrama is True Beauty!

True Beauty Season 2
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True Beauty is a delightful romantic and comedy series based on Yaongyi’s Line Webtoon, has garnered a devoted following since its premiere on December 9, 2020. The show’s heartwarming portrayal of a high school love story has received praise from fans, who eagerly await news of a potential True BeautyΒ  season 2. With its blend of humor and emotional moments, True Beauty has maintained stable popularity and ratings throughout its run, solidifying its place as a beloved show among viewers.

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With its successful execution of the romantic comedy genre, True Beauty has attracted a sizable audience eager to now see what more is there in store for them in terms of the storyline. The anticipation surrounding the show’s second season has reached great heights, leaving fans eager for more.

While details about the exact release date and specific plot details remain undisclosed, here’s what we do know about the highly anticipated Season 2 of True Beauty and what viewers can expect!

True Beauty Season 2 Renewal StatusΒ 

True Beauty Season 2 renewal status
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The renewal status of True Beauty’s Season 2 remains uncertain as TVN, the national broadcaster of South Korea, has made the decision not to proceed with its renewal. The show’s future is currently in limbo, leaving fans in anticipation of any updates regarding the possibility of a Season 2.

True Beauty Season 2 Release Date

True Beauty Season 2 release date
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To guess the release date of True Beauty Season 2 is a little dicey as of now. True Beauty Season 1 made its debut on December 9, 2020, and concluded its sixteen-episode run on February 4, 2021, according to previous reports. Since its premiere, the show has consistently secured either the top or second position in national viewing share, solidifying its popularity. Although no official renewal has been announced, there are expectations that Season 2 of True Beauty may arrive in 2024. As fans eagerly await any updates, they can anticipate what the next season has in store, building upon the success and charm of the first instalment.

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True Beauty Season 2 Plot

True Beauty Season 2 plot
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True Beauty Season 2 Plot can only be guessed as of now. The first season of the show has propelled us two years into the future, witnessing the developments in Ju-Kyung and Su-Ho’s lives. Ju-Kyung and her Saebom High School friends have successfully graduated, with Ju-Kyung aspiring to become a skilled cosmetics artist while Seo-Jun pursues a singing career. Though Seo-Jun expresses his love for Ju-Kyung, he realizes their relationship cannot progress.

Meanwhile, Su-Ho returns from Japan and encounters Ju-Kyung waiting for him. He presents Seo-Jun with the final recording of Se-Song Yeon for his debut performance, concluding the season on a bittersweet tone. If a second season materializes, each character will strive to fulfill their dreams while navigating the complexities of their evolving relationships. Will Seo-Jun eventually accept his feelings for Ju-Kyung, whom he still deeply cares for, amidst the challenges of unrequited love and the demands of their bustling lives?

In the event of the show’s revival, there is a possibility of delving deeper into Ju-Kyung and Su-Ho’s shared history, providing us with further insights. Additionally, the success of Seo-Jun’s career could potentially unveil new developments and intriguing aspects.

True Beauty Season 2 Cast

True Beauty Season 2 cast
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The eagerly anticipate True Beauty season 2 will see the return of the majority of the beloved cast from the first season. Fans can look forward to the reprisal of their favorite characters, portrayed by talented actors and actresses. Moon Ga-young shines as Lim Ju-Kyung, while Hwang In-yeop brings life to the character of Seo-jun Han. Park Yoo-Na delivers a captivating performance as Kang Su-jin, and Cha Eun-woo mesmerizes as Lee Su-ho.

Kang Min-ah portrays the character of Choi Soo-ah, and Jang Hye-jin captivates as Hong Hyun-sook. Park Ho-san skillfully portrays Lim Jae-Pil, while Lim Hee-Kyung immerses herself in the role of Se-mi. Kim Min-ki impresses as Lim Ju-young, rounding off the exceptional ensemble. As the new TV season approaches, viewers can eagerly anticipate the return of this talented cast in the much-awaited second season.

True Beauty Season 2 Trailer

As of now, the makers of have not released a trailer forΒ  True Beauty Season 2, as the show’s renewal has not been confirmed. Fans eagerly await any news regarding the continuation of the series, hoping for a glimpse into the exciting developments that may unfold. Stay tuned for updates on the release of the highly anticipated trailer, which is expected to generate buzz and anticipation among viewers.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet watched True Beauty first season, here’s the trailer of it:

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True Beauty Season 2 Streaming Platform

True Beauty Season 2 streaming platform will be revealed as soon as the makers reveal the details of the show. True Beauty is not available for free streaming online, but you can watch all episodes of the Korean drama on the streaming service Rakuten Viki. While there are various websites that offer free streaming options in general, it’s important to ensure their legitimacy. To enjoy the complete series with high-quality viewing experience, Rakuten Viki is the recommended platform for True Beauty enthusiasts.

All the Kdrama enthusiasts, comment below and tell us how eagerly for you await True Beauty Season 2!

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