Top 10 best paying jobs in energy


Before decoding the best paying jobs in energy sector, let’s first look at the career prospect in it.

Energy Careers: An Overview

The energy sector is one of the most promising career fields, with numerous job opportunities being released every day. While there is scope in all sorts of energy sectors, the renewable energy industries currently have more scope. While jobs associated with wind and solar energy can offer a vast variety of best paying job opportunities, pay in the oil, goal, and gas-based energy companies are also diverse. Some of the best-paid jobs in the energy sector are mentioned below.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top best paying jobs in energy. Read the article further for a better understanding. 

Top 10 best paying jobs in energy 

The best paying job in energy is as follows: 

  1. Information Systems Manager – Best Paying Jobs in energy 
Information Systems Manager

Salary: USD 146, 370
Education: Bachelor’s degree in a related field required
Experience: 5 years
Growth: 10% approximately 

An information systems manager in the energy sector is associated with software and technology. To achieve the goals of reduced energy consumption and work towards environmental responsibility, the world needs the right and appropriate technology, which means that there is a requirement for tech-sector professionals alongside energy engineers and other experts.

The job role of the Information systems managers is to maintain computer networks and systems. Their work can include uploading software, improving databases etc but as a manager, they are often responsible for the management and oversight of technology professionals.  

  1. Aerospace Engineer – Best paying Jobs in energy 
Aerospace Engineer

Salary: USD 126,500
Education: Bachelor degree in a related field
Experience: Not required
Growth: 3% approximately 

The aerospace engineers in the energy sectors are directly involved with aircraft, satellites et cetera. Their role is also to create designs for turbines and other important machinery.   To work in such green jobs, an individual must need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, computer programming, et cetera. 

  1. Architectural Manager – Best paying Jobs in energy
Architectural Manager

Salary: USD 144,830
Education: Bachelor in related field
Experience: 5 years and more
Growth: 3% approximately 

Developing energy-efficient homes and buildings is becoming more and more significant, and therefore architectural managers are essential. They help reduce waste by creating and manufacturing buildings that use less resources and energy. They have many responsibilities and job roles like training the staff, make detailed plans, and lead the ongoing research, all of which can be focused on the efficient reduction of energy use. Similar to most management jobs, an individual needs at least five years of experience. 

  1. Petroleum Engineer – Best Paying Jobs in energy 
Petroleum Engineer

Salary: USD 137, 730
Education: Bachelor’s in a related field
Experience: No experience required
Growth: 3% approximately 

Oil and gas production sectors offer some of the best paying jobs in the energy based industries. Even though the world is moving toward renewable energy sources, there is still massive potential for the oil and gas sector because these resources are necessary. With a master’s level education, the scope of finding a well-paid job is even more. 

In this job, an individual is responsible for designing oil-extraction equipment, evaluating production methods, and finding more efficient ways to complete the world’s energy demands.

  1. Chemical Engineer – Best paying Jobs in energy 
Chemical Engineer

Salary:  USD 108, 870
Education: Bachelor’s in engineering
Experience: No experience is needed
Growth: 4% approximately 

 The chemical engineers in the energy sector find and solve issues and troubles that revolve around many everyday products such as fuel. From large-scale manufacturing to reviewing and testing new chemical methods, chemical engineers are mainly at the forefront of energy advancement within the energy based industries.

  1. Atmospheric Scientist – Best paying job in energy 
Atmospheric Scientist

Salary: USD 95, 280
Education: Bachelor’s in a related field
Experience: No experience is needed
Growth: 6% approximately 

The wind-energy industry is always requiring a vast variety of experts, such as atmospheric scientists, who can offer advice and guidance on the best locations, ways and techniques for harvesting mainly the wind energy. Atmospheric scientists’ job role is to understand the weather efficiently, and make predictions that enhance wind energy, making the job position among the best available green jobs.

  1. Materials Engineer – Best paying jobs in energy 
Materials Engineer

Salary:  USD 93,360
Education: Bachelor’s in a related field
Experience: No experience is needed
Growth: 2% approximately 

Materials engineers in energy based industries perform a variety of functions and responsibilities that make products better and more efficient. They are involved in tiny computer components as well as massive infrastructure materials, and they have a comprehensive understanding of metals, plastics, ceramics and other related materials. 

Such engineers also fabricate new materials for vehicles, helping them make lighter as well as more fuel efficient.  To become a materials engineer, an individual needs a science-related education that includes computer programming, mathematics, chemistry etcetera.  

  1. Environmental Engineers – Best paying jobs in energy 
Environmental Engineers

Salary:  USD 88,860 approximately
Education: Bachelor in a related field
Experience: No experience is needed
Growth: 3% approximately 

Environmental engineers have their hands in several exciting areas, including the extraction and employment of energy. They perform a variety of jobs from designing projects to monitoring environmental enhancements, and the environmental engineers help create a safer and cleaner future for the world.  

  1. Power Plant Operator, Distributor and Dispatcher – Best Paying Jobs in energy
Power Plant Operator, Distributor and Dispatcher

Salary:  $85,950
Education: HS Diploma
Experience: No experience is required
Growth: 16% approximately 

Nuclear power is an inseparable part of the energy sector. When appropriately handled with care and precision, it can be a reliable and extremely safe method for providing power to the cities as well as all around the world. To ensure the safe employment of nuclear energy, the energy sector requires operators, distributors, dispatchers and many other skilled employees who are experienced enough to tackle the nuclear plants. 

  1. Nuclear Technicians – Best paying jobs in energy 
Nuclear Technicians

Salary: $82, 080
Education: Associate’s degree in nuclear science or related field
Experience: No work experience required
Growth: 19% approximately 

The nuclear technicians work in energy production by overseeing and monitoring radiation levels to create a safe environment for the people.  The job role is to manage equipment performance, test the samples of air, water, and soil, and perform many other tasks to enhance nuclear energy, making this job one of the most important and best paying energy jobs.


These are some of the best paying jobs in energy one can apply for. The payscale is comparatively better than other jobs in the industry. Look for the qualification and experience required for the particular job before applying.

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