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Excited to know the deets about Sweet Tooth Season 3? Here we go!

In Sweet Tooth Season 2, the story revolves around Gus, a hybrid of a deer and a human, and his group of friends. The season starts with the Last Men, a paramilitary group formed by humans after a catastrophic event, capturing Gus and other hybrids. Their leader, General Abbot, orders Dr. Aditya Singh to conduct experiments on the children to cure the disease that has affected them. Gus teams up with Dr. Singh to break free from captivity, while Tommy Jepperd and Aimee Eden work together on the outside to help them.

The synopsis provided by Netflix describes a heartwarming story about a boy with a unique heritage, who embarks on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world, accompanied by a tough guardian, in search of a place to call home and his long-lost family.

Sweet Tooth Season 3

Sweet Tooth is a series that takes inspiration from the comic book series of the same name by Jeff Lemire. The original comic series ran for several years until January 2013, and a sequel series was released in November 2020, introducing a fresh set of characters.

The future of Sweet Tooth Season 3 is still uncertain, as Netflix has not yet confirmed its renewal. However, if it does return, there is still more to explore in Gus’ story, as the show has caught up to the 29th issue out of 40, which is the “Unnatural Habitats” story arc. A potential third season could wrap up Gus’ story, but its renewal is contingent on the show’s viewership. Netflix has a history of canceling shows after just two seasons, despite the popularity of the series. For example, Season 1 of Sweet Tooth was the sixth most-watched series during its premiere in 2021, according to Deadline.

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Now the real question arises- Is there any progress on Sweet Tooth Season 3? Let’s find out!

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Release Date

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Release Date

Typically, there is a one-year gap between seasons for Netflix dramas. However, Sweet Tooth had a longer hiatus, with almost a two-year gap between Seasons 1 and 2. As a result, it is difficult to predict when Sweet Tooth Season 3 will air. However, it is unlikely to be released before spring 2024.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Storyline

Sweet Tooth Season 3 plot


In the Season 2 finale of Sweet Tooth, Tommy and Aimee were successful in rescuing the children, but Aimee tragically died in the end. Although General Abbot was defeated, he managed to shoot Gus in the back before his own death. Fortunately, Gus survived the ordeal and had a dream that instructed him to locate Birdie, his mother.

In the meantime, Wendy and Becky discovered that their Bambi book was actually a map of Alaska, with a deer icon circled off the coast. They informed Gus that Birdie might be located at that outpost, and they all agreed to travel there with Tommy.

It is expected that Sweet Tooth Season 3 will feature their journey to Alaska while also focusing on Dr. Singh, who arrives at the abandoned cabin shortly after and discovers the map of Alaska.

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Sweet Tooth Season 3 Cast

Sweet Tooth Season 3 cast

Sweet Tooth Season 3 will continue to feature the main cast, including Gus (Christian Convery), Tommy (Nonso Anozie), Wendy (Naledi Murray), and Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen), as they journey to Alaska. Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar) will also return, and in the Season 2 finale, it is revealed that his wife Rani (Aliza Vellani) is alive.

Additionally, Season 2 concludes with the introduction of a new character played by Rosalind Chao, known for her roles in Mulan, Tragedy Girls, and TV shows like The L Word: Generation Q and This Is Us. Johnny Abbot (Marlon Williams) informs her of General Abbot’s death and gives her a recorder from Abbot’s doctor. The season ends with her feeding meat to a metal crate full of snarling beasts and stating that if she wants something done right, she will do it herself.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Official Trailer 

While there has been no official announcement for Sweet Tooth Season 3, fans may be curious about when a trailer could potentially be released. If the production schedule extends beyond 2024, it’s possible that a teaser could come in the middle of that year, similar to the release of the season 2 teaser in 2022.

Netflix typically releases official trailers for their shows only a week or so before the new episodes are available on the platform, so fans can expect a similar pattern for Sweet Tooth season 3.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Episodes

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Episodes

As there is not much information available on the renewal of the show, it’s hard to reveal the number of episodes that will round up season 3. However, if we look at the pattern of the series, Season 1 of Sweet Tooth had 8 episodes and so did Season 2. Looking at this, we can estimate that Season 3 of Sweet Tooth might consist of 8 episodes ranging from 40-50 minutes each.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Sweet Tooth season 3, they can’t help but speculate on what lies ahead for their favorite characters. With the cliffhanger ending of the previous season, fans are left wondering what new dangers and challenges await Gus and his friends. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their path and find a way to survive in this post-apocalyptic world? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, though: with its compelling storylines and lovable characters, Sweet Tooth is sure to continue to captivate audiences and leave them eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Comment below and tell us about your favourite episode from the previous seasons of Sweet Tooth!

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