Surrogacy in California: How to Choose the Surrogacy Agency?


Your coming here shows that either you are a parent keen to build a lovely family or the idea of volunteering your services as a surrogate mother fascinates you. You may be belonging to California or maybe you are exploring the surrogacy services there. Whatever notion drives you, let me congratulate you first to be at the right place.

With the internet being crowded with multitudes of agency services in California, clarity to make a choice becomes quite difficult. Here, we have done an extensive research to help you in choosing the best agency for surrogacy in California.

What is Surrogacy & its Types?

What is Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process in which a surrogate mother carries and gives birth to a baby for parents or any person who is unable to have own children. In surrogate pregnancy, the eggs of the surrogate mother or donor eggs are fertilized with the sperms of the intended father or donor sperms to form an embryo. The embryo so formed is then inseminated in the surrogate mother.

Now an obvious question arises here, why any woman would agree to surrogacy? More often it is out of compassion for another woman who is unable to adorn motherhood and sometimes it is for suitable monetary compensation. When the driving force is compassion, it is termed Altruistic Surrogacies in which the only compensation to be paid to a surrogate mother are the medical expenses and the insurance premium costs. Commercial Surrogacy is when the intended parents bear all potential costs related to pregnancy including compensation to the surrogate.

Laws Related To Surrogacy In California

Laws Related To Surrogacy In California

California in the United States is one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations fulfilling the dream of family building for thousands of parents. It largely favors the surrogacy-friendly laws that intend to protect the stakes of both the surrogate and the intended parents. California passed its statute on gestational surrogacy in Jan 2013 thereby giving it legal status.

California is among those few places that offer high surrogacy compensation packages to surrogate mothers. The surrogacy Laws in California mandate that the agreement is mutually signed in presence of a notary or witnessed before the embryo transplantation occurs.

A surrogacy agreement in California is deemed valid, only if it contains-

  • Date of execution
  • Source of origination of gametes.
  • Intended parent(s) identity.
  • Inherent risks as well as the responsibility of the involved parties.
  • The clause is related to termination from either party.
  • Appointing a responsible person to be present at the time of childbirth and other important occasions.

Surrogacy Cost In California

Surrogacy Costs

The cost of Surrogacy in California drastically varies on the type of Surrogacy- Traditional or Gestational.

Traditional Surrogacy– In this method, there is no need to find an egg donor as the surrogate mother acts as an egg donor, and therefore there is a biological connection with the child. Artificial insemination is used to implant the sperm inside the surrogate mother. This method of embryo formation is less cheap than IVF but it is more legally complicated due to the biological connection between the newborn and surrogate. For this reason, traditional surrogacy is less preferred despite its cost being comparatively lower.

Gestational Surrogacy- The eggs of the intended mother or egg donor and sperms of the intended father or donor sperms form an embryo, which is implanted in the surrogate mother’s body using the IVF process.

The prospective cost of surrogacy in California includes-

  • Travel expenses
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Legal and Agency fees.
  • Cost of insurance premiums.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Cost of various pregnancy monitoring examinations.
  • Monthly living allowance for surrogate mother. 

On average, these costs vary between $40,000 to $70,000 for traditional surrogacy in California and between $90,000 to $1,30,000 for gestational surrogacy in California.

5 Best Agencies For Surrogacy In California

surrogacy agency in california

  • American Surrogacy
  • Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc.
  • International surrogacy Center
  • California Surrogacy Center
  • West Coast Surrogacy, Inc.

About American Surrogacy

Established in 2013 and located in Overland Park, Kansas provides surrogacy services to prospective surrogates across California and intended parents from across the globe.

With surrogacy gaining popularity, American Surrogacy has witnessed a lateral shift from adoption services to a surrogacy agency. They have been contributing to building families for more than 25 years.

Its services are globally recognized due to-

  • It promotes smooth communication between the surrogate mother and the intended parents to help them understand each other.
  • Provides unmatched support to the surrogate’s pre-delivery and even helps them to deal with post-partum complexities.
  • Keeping physical and financial well-being in focus throughout the process.

Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) – With a vast experience of more than 40 years in completing families, CSP adds unique value to people’s lives. It is the longest-running surrogacy agency.

  • We give the facility to interact with the world’s best experts, be it lawyers, doctors, counselors, or fertility experts.
  • Hassle-free adoption or birth certificate-related procedures on average 14 days after childbirth.
  • We have helped welcome more than 3000 babies into the world and complete many families.

International surrogacy Center– We provide a free consultation to intended parents and helped almost 214 families to realize their dream. We are the fastest in executing the surrogacy process with an assurance of no hidden costs. Complete guidance and legal support are an inseparable part of our services.

  • We help you in finding a generous and responsible surrogate for your child.
  • Excellent customer service and guidance throughout the process.
  • We take the best measures to ensure good health for babies.

California Surrogacy Center– We specialize in our surrogacy services as we add a sense of community to our services.

  • We have built a tracking system to monitor the health of the baby and the surrogate mother.
  • We offer our impeccable services in always keeping the surrogate mother and intended parent in the loop. When a surrogate mother shares her experience of the pregnancy journey, watching the emotions on both sides is a true joy. We believe in building connections.

West Coast Surrogacy, Inc.- Situated in Irvine, California West Coast Surrogacy.Inc is a popular choice in surrogacy centers in California.

  • We pledge to guide the parents through the journey of attaining parenthood.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in providing surrogacy services across the world.
  • We believe ethics and compassion form a strong base in our services.

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways Related To Surrogacy In California

Surrogacy in California is a proven way to experience the joy of parenthood. While taking your final decision on agency, make sure you do your homework well. Healthy interaction with the proposed surrogate is an important factor you cannot do away with. It helps you better understand each other so that you do not face any complications post-childbirth. We have tried to incorporate every relevant information to help you choose the best agency for surrogacy in California. Go ahead with what you are waiting for.

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