Snowfall Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Premiere

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On Feb. 23, viewers were able to take a step into Franklin Saint’s (Damson Idris) life more than a year after he left the Season 4 finale. Since 2017, when Snowfall first aired, it has shown Franklin’s years-long journey from being a 20-year-old weed dealer who worked part-time to becoming an established crack cocaine drug lord. Now the storyline brings us to the finale, Snowfall Season 6.

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Accurate in its representation of the drug’s effect on 1980s Los Angeles, many have acclaimed the series for its accuracy and Idris Elba’s top performance. With his injury now behind him, Season 5 finds Franklin enjoying the benefits of all his hard work. But things quickly change with his family and Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson). So, where will that lead him next season?

Snowfall Series So far?

Initially, all Franklin wanted was to improve his life and provide stability for his family, weathering the harsh realities of poverty. But eventually, through a series of events that scarred him mentally and physically, he became an unknowing player in Reagan’s dirty war against communism.

The U.S.’s war on drugs has been a source of contention, and viewers through Snowfall looked at how it not only tears apart the lives of those wrapped up in selling or using illegal substances but everyone caught in the crossfire. One example is Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), a former CIA operative turned drug dealer. Thanks to him supplying Franklin with high-quality cocaine from Colombia, Franklin got rich quicklyβ€” but at what expense? Unfortunately, too many people have died for this questionable form of funding, and Snowfall makes that abundantly clear.

Sadly, Singleton passed away weeks before the premiere of Season 3; however, his influence was evident in each season. Idris told The Source in 2021, “The greatest thing is he left us all the codes to carry on.” Now that we are nearing the end of this incredible series. Its original characters have either morphed into unrecognizable versions or been so damaged that they may never recover. The only question now is: How does this story end?

snowfall season 6 - the final season of snowfall

Show Details Snowfall Season 6
Genre Crime
Initial Release Date July 2017
Snowfall Season 6 Release Date 22nd Feburary 2023

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Snowfall Season 6 Plot Prediction

Snowfall Season 6 Plot

The Season 5 finale of Snowfall implied an incredibly violent final season, incomparable to any previous seasons. Everyone has aligned themselves with specific sides, and most people have become targets for others. Franklin’s mother, Cissy will be partnered with the KGB to take down Teddy after he stole $73 million from their drug money stash stored in Cayman Island accounts- all because Franklin had chosen to abandon his life of crime for an honest one.

When Franklin pulls a gun on Teddy and threatens to kill her, Louie tells him that she’ll kill him the next time she sees him. Louie believes that Teddy’s business relationship with Franklin caused his empire to dissolve, taking away any hope for a normal life from both of them.

Franklin may be the least of Louie’s concerns since she and Jerome will have to balance the burden of replacing Franklin as Teddy’s primary distributor with a war Franklin launched after accidentally informing Kane, the drug dealer Louie attempted to have killed in retaliation, that it was Louie who dispatched the hit on his life.

After taking Wanda to Africa, Leon will likely be the only main cast member who has completely left the drug business. The threat, however, emerged before he left at the end of Season 5: The government of the United States. Leon informed his team that the new legislation states that possessing one gram of crack cocaine is equivalent to having 100 grams of powder cocaine. He’s almost certainly talking about the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which mandated a minimum sentence of five years in prison for possessing five grams of crack and 500 grams of powder cocaine.

The show’s last season is focused on different groups fighting each other while trapped in a mousetrap that the U.S. government is ready to close at any moment.

Snowfall Season 6 Cast

Snowfall Season 6 cast

The only actors/actresses to appear in at least 40 episodes are Damson Idris, Carter Hudson, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Angela Lewis, and Michael Hyatt. They all survive the Season 5 finale and play significant roles in establishing the tension for Snowfall Season 6. They’ll almost certainly be back for season six, but a few new faces will emerge during season 5.

Devyn Tyler is expected to appear in Season 6 as a lead after her successful role as Veronique, the mother of Franklin’s unborn child. Her last scene in Season 5 involved calling for help from an unknown person after Franklin advised her to leave town before he went off to war. It’s highly possible that the person Veronique was asking for help from was her con-artist mother– who she’s mentioned numerous times throughout Season 5– and could make a final appearance in Snowfall season 6.

Snowfall Season 6 Cast Final

DeVaughn Nixon is all but confirmed to appear in Snowfall Season 6 as Kane, Louie’s rival drug dealer. After learning that Louie’s assassination attempt had paralyzed him in the hospital, he will be out for revenge next season. Alejandro Edda’s job as RubΓ©n, KGB spy, is not nearly finished. He’ll likely appear in the final season to bring Teddy justice–or his death.

Unfortunately, not everyone survived Season 5. Avi Drexler, Alon Aboutboul’s Israeli drug king and gun runner, met his end in the fifth season finale after Ruben murdered him following a lengthy extraction process. However, final seasons are known for revisiting the characters’ journeys, so we can’t rule out Avi showing up in a flashback in Snowfall Season 6.

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Snowfall Season 6 Release Date

Snowfall Season 6 Release Date

Renewal for Season 5 of Snowfall came from FX on March 23, 2021 – only about a month after the series’ 4th season premiered. The 6th season was soon greenlit following the current season’s premiere, with Season 4 becoming the most-watched. It isn’t surprising that Snowfall got renewed yet again. According to an April press release by FX, Season 5 is now the series’ most-watched season.

Celebrating the series’ renewal and forthcoming 2023 Snowfall Season 6 premiere date, Idris stated, “I couldn’t imagine telling this story anywhere but at FX. I’m incredibly proud of the history we have all made. Especially the impact Snowfall has had on the culture.” He continued, “It’s not often that a TV show gets to return for a sixth season, and saying goodbye to ‘Franklin Saint’ will be heartbreaking. But the family and relationships I’ve made on this journey will last forever.”

It is confirmed that the Snowfall Season 6 telecast will start from 22nd February 2023.

Where to watch Snowfall online?

Snowfall Season 6 trailer

There are five seasons in total so far. You can stream all episodes from any season on Hulu. If you’re based in India, you can also watch Snowfall on Disney+ Hotstar. All seasons are available to stream on the platform. If you reside in the UK, only seasons 1-3 are available on BBC iplayer; however, if you live Down Under in Australia, all four Foxtel Now Seasons 1-5 are accessible to stream!

Snowfall Season 6 Trailer


Snowfall season 6 trailer has been released in January 2023 with the announcement that the Snowfall Season 6 will air on 22nd February 2023.

What do you think, should FX Entertainment should renew the Snowfall Season 7?

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