Salaar Part 1 Box Office Collection Prediction, Cast Fees & Budget


For all the fans of Prabhas worldwide, Salaar Part 1 Box Office Collection would be a record-breaking one according to the experts. Mark your calendars for November 24, 2023, as the highly anticipated Salaar film is set to grace the silver screen, igniting a wave of excitement among cinema enthusiasts. With the official trailer already captivating audiences, the allure of witnessing this cinematic masterpiece unfold on the big screen is palpable. Boasting a compelling plot, an ensemble cast, and exhilarating action sequences, Salaar has rightfully claimed the title of the most eagerly awaited film of the year.

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The film director, Prashanth Neel, has a reason to celebrate as the pre-release bookings in the USA alone have already generated earnings exceeding $150,000. This remarkable achievement suggests that the film is poised for a memorable debut and has the potential to establish new records. Films like Pathaan, Bahubali 2, KGF 2, and Gadar 2 have previously set the bar at the box office, but Salaar may very well surpass them.

The anticipation is palpable among the film industry and the fans, as everyone eagerly awaits to witness the movie’s success. Here is what we know about the movie so far.

Name of the Filmย 

Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire



Lead Cast

Prabhas and Shruti Hassan

Directed By

Prashanth Neel

Theatrical Released Date

Delayed to November 24, 2023






Rs. 200 Crore

Salaar Part 1 Box Office Collection Estimated

Rs. 500 Crore+

Salaar Part 1 Budget Details

Salaar Part 1 Budget Details

Initially planned with a budget of Rs 200 Crore, Salaar, starring Prabhas in the lead role, exceeded the production house’s set value by over 40% as shooting progressed. Consequently, the movie’s budget now stands at Rs 240 Crore, making it the costliest Kannada film ever, surpassing the budget of KGF Chapter 2.

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Salaar Cast Fees

Salaar Cast Fees

Prabhas, the renowned actor, is all set to grace the silver screen as the lead in the highly anticipated film “Salaar.” The buzz surrounding this project is not without reason, as Prabhas has bagged an astounding salary of Rs 100 Crores for his role. But that’s not all. In a testament to his talent and star power, Prabhas will also be entitled to a 10% share of the film’s profits at the box office.

With Salaar projected to be a massive hit, Prabhas has undeniably secured the biggest deal in the history of Indian cinema. As the movie rakes in the profits, Prabhas stands to earn an additional Rs 100 Crores, making his total fees estimated to cross the remarkable mark of Rs 200 Crores.

Joining Prabhas in this cinematic extravaganza is the immensely talented Shruti Haasan, who will portray the character Aadya, the main female lead. Reports suggest that Shruti Haasan will be charging a fee of Rs 8 Crores for her noteworthy role, a testament to her own caliber and demand in the industry.

Not to be overshadowed, Prithviraj Sukumaran is also part of the stellar cast, bringing life to the character Vardharaja Mannaar. Prithviraj’s acting prowess and star appeal have earned him a fee of Rs 4 Crores for this significant role.

Adding to the ensemble, veteran South Indian actor Jagapathi Babu has been roped in to portray the vital character of Raja Mannaar. Recognized for his remarkable performances, Jagapathi Babu’s contribution to Salaar will be rewarded with a payment of Rs 4 Crores, a just recognition of his talent.

Last but certainly not least, Easwari Rao will be essaying the crucial role of Salaar’s mother in the film. For her exceptional portrayal, Easwari Rao will be compensated with a substantial fee of around Rs 60 Lakhs, acknowledging her contribution to the movie’s narrative.

With such an extraordinary cast, Salaar promises to be a cinematic masterpiece, captivating audiences with its compelling story and stellar performances. The stage is set for this magnum opus to rewrite the history of Indian cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers.

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Salaar Box Office Collection Prediction

Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar is expected to be a major blockbuster in the Kannada film industry, with an estimated box office collection of at least Rs 500 Crore in India. However, it is unlikely to surpass the records set by KGF Chapter 2 at the box office. We predict Salaar will cross the Rs 100 Crore mark within the first five days of release. As time passes, the movie’s box office earnings are expected to decline gradually.

With its projected box office success, Salaar has the potential to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, earning Rs 500 Crore. However, it is worth noting that Prabhas may still be within the records set by his previous films, such as the legendary Bahubali saga. If Salaar performs well, it may pave the way for a sequel, Salaar 2, capitalizing on the success of the first installment.

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