Rosaline Elbay Net Worth, Age, Height, Movies, Boyfriend

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Rosaline Elbay is a talented actress who has been making waves in the entertainment industry in recent years. She has appeared in a number of popular TV shows and movies and has received critical acclaim for her performances. With her unique blend of talent and beauty, Rosaline Elbay is quickly becoming a rising star in Hollywood.

Rosaline Elbay

There’s so much more to this gorgeous actress in terms on her love life, career growth, family, age, height and more. In this article we have explored all the above aspects of Rosaline Elbay. Take a look!

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Rosaline Elbay Highlights

Full Name Rosaline Elbay
Born On 21st November, 1990 (32 age)
Birthplace Cairo, Egypt
Height 5’ 4” (1.63 m)
Nationality Egyptian
Ethnicity Arabic
Parents Not Known
Boyfriend Not Known
Occupation Acting, Modelling, Writing
Years Active 2018 – present
Siblings Not known
Net Worth (in 2023) $ 2 million

Rosaline Elbay Biography

Rosaline Elbay Biography

Rosaline Elbay was raised in Cairo by her Egyptian parents, and she was fluent in English, Arabic, and French during her upbringing. Despite her English accent, many people assume that she is British-born, which she jokingly attributes to the legacy of colonialism.

Rosaline Elbay attended Oxford University where she studied Classics and Archaeology, and later earned a master’s degree in Colonial History. Following this, she continued her education at the Actors Studio in New York City with Elizabeth Kemp before pursuing a two-year MFA in Acting at LAMDA. Elbay’s early career was focused on UK theatre.

Rosaline Elbay had an eventful 2018, featuring in several notable projects. She starred in the film Diamond Dust, which was an adaptation of Ahmed Mourad’s bestselling novel. Additionally, she appeared in Fork & Knife, which had its premiere at the 2018 El Gouna Film Festival. Elbay was also featured in the music video for “Fakra” by the Egyptian band Massar Egbari, which gained fame during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. In the video, Elbay played the love interest of the lead singer Hany Dakkak.

Rosaline Elbay Family

Rosaline Elbay spent her childhood in Cairo, where she was raised by her Egyptian parents. However, she has chosen not to disclose the names of her mother and father. She has a younger brother with whom she grew up.

Although she no longer resides with her parents, Elbay does make efforts to spend time with them occasionally. She also cherished the opportunity to spend time with her family during the quarantine period. In an interview with Enigma Magazine, Elbay stated, “The nice thing about moving back in with my family temporarily, or for what is turning into an extended visit, is that it ends up feeling like you’re on holiday.”

Rosaline Elbay Net Worth

Rosaline Elbay Net Worth

With a net worth of $2 million, Rosaline Elbay is a highly regarded Egyptian actress who is widely known for her exceptional performances in the series “Ramy” and “Qabeel.” These roles have helped cement her reputation and popularity within the entertainment industry.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Elbay currently resides in New York City, where she has established herself as a rising star in both film and drama. Her talent and skill have garnered her significant attention and admiration in the industry.

Rosaline Elbay Age

Rosaline Elbay Age

Rosaline Elbay was born on 21st November, 1990 which makes the actress turn 32 years old this year.

Rosaline Elbay Height

Rosaline Elbay Height

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall, Rosaline Elbay has a striking presence that makes her stand out in any room. Her height is considered to be above average for a woman, and it is a factor that has contributed to her success in the modeling industry as well. Rosaline has also been known to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and her toned physique is a testament to her dedication to fitness.

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Rosaline Elbay Boyfriend

Rosaline Elbay has been very private about her personal life and has not revealed anything about her romantic relationships. She has not been linked to anyone publicly, and it is not known if she is currently dating anyone.

Rosaline Elbay Movies and TV Shows

Rosaline Elbay Movies and TV Shows

Rosaline Elbay is a multi-talented individual who works as an actress, producer, and writer from Egypt. She has gained recognition for her impressive performances in various popular television shows such as ‘Kaleidoscope’ on Netflix, ‘Ramy’ on Hulu/A24 Films, and ‘Qabeel’ on MBC Masr, where she portrayed the characters of ‘Judy Goodwin,’ ‘Amani,’ and ‘Sara,’ respectively.

Rosaline Elbay had a busy 2018, where she starred in two significant productions, ‘Diamond Dust’ – the film adaptation of Ahmed Mourad’s bestselling novel, and ‘Fork & Knife’ which premiered at the 2018 El Gouna Film Festival. Additionally, she played the love interest of Hany Dakkak, the lead singer of Massar Egbari, in the music video “Fakra.”

Since 2019, Elbay has been playing the role of Amani in the Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning Hulu/A24 Films series ‘Ramy.’ In the same year, she made her MENA region television debut as Sara in MBC Masr’s ‘Qabeel,’ which earned her critical acclaim and the Al-Wafd Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best New Face.

Elbay was also appointed as the face for young filmmakers during the 40th and 41st editions of the Cairo International Film Festival. Rosaline’s screenplay “Garlic,” was appreciated at the festival’s TV Development Workshop.

In 2020, Elbay was set to star in MBC Masr’s series ‘Forgetfulness,’ but she left mid-filming due to health reasons, and Asmaa Galal replaced her for the rest of the role.

In September 2021, Elbay was announced as a principal cast member of Netflix’s series ‘Kaleidoscope’ alongside other well-known actors. Her character, Judy Goodwin, is described as a talented and headstrong demolitions specialist who is clever enough to stay a step ahead of her mistakes. The series premiered on January 1, 2023, and quickly claimed the top spot on Netflix’s most-watched list.

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