How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone?


How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone? – Overview 

The brand Apple is extremely strict regarding the allowance of applications that can be used on it platforms and devices and call recording is specially restricted zone which bother a lot of iPhone users around the world. However, there is a technology based solution to every technical issue and limitation. Hence record a phone call on iPhone becomes quite difficult. There is a straightforward procedure to record a phone call on iPhone but not that easy. To understand the way to be able to record the call, firstly it significant to know why it is prohibited. 

Is it legal to record a call?

record call on iphone

Call recording is only legal if an individual who is recording the all is an active participant in the call. If such is not the case, call recording is definitely illegal. This is a topic that numerous state and federal laws elucidate and talk about. Such laws regarding the recording of calls vary from country to country and therefore it is extremely important for the users to be informed about them. 

Some country laws say that it is fine to record a call if you are a part of that call while many country laws state that a call can only be recorded if everyone present on the call allows it. Therefore, Apple considers this a sensitive issue and therefore bars and restricts the users for the same. It is extremely important to search and be aware about the local laws regarding the recording of call before executing the action. 

There are huge penalties for not following the laws and this can range from civil to even criminal litigation in some cases. It is always preferred to ask everyone on the call before recording it directly without the consent. 

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 What are the two methods to record a call on iPhone?

One can record a phone call on iPhone with the abovementioned two steps. These steps for the record a phone call on iPhone is described here in detail. Follow the steps for in-detail insight.

Method 1: The simplest or the most straightforward method can be Speakerphone as well as a voice recorder to record a phone call on iphone. Basically, hardware call recording is as easy and straightforward as putting an ongoing call on speakerphone and then, setting a digital recorder right next to the phone in use. There are several voice recorders available on Amazon at affordable prices made by companies such as Sony you can buy to record a phone call on iPhone. While voice recorders do their job, the recorded sound would not be of very excellent quality. 

Method 2: The other method is the Software option such as recording a call using a rev call recorder to record a phone call on iPhone

As evident, Apple does not allow any applications to record a phone call on iPhone but obviously there are some applications that one can get to record through a three-way conversation. Basically, the target call is routed via the server of company. It is a complicated yet clever option to access a better quality call recording as compared to the speaker. 

The Rev Call Recorder application is a highly rated and efficient call recording service which is available free of cost which you can choose to record a phone call on iphone. Additionally a user can pay a little extra on the application to get a call transcribed after recording it. The call recording on rev Servers s are retained indefinitely until a user deletes them.  

How to Record an Outbound Call on iPhone with Rev Application?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to record a phone call on iPhone with Rev application.

Step 1 – Launch the Rev application on your iPhone before starting a call. 


Step 3 – Then, click START RECORDED CALL in the Rev application.

Step 4 -Type the phone number you want to call or it can also be selected from the contact list.  

Step 5 – Click START CALL to initiate the process. 

While performing this task for the first time in the Rev application, a user will be show a short tutorial for a better understanding of the process. After completing the tutorial hit the GOT IT, START button to initiate the process. 

Step 6 -Click CALL to call Rev’s recording number.  

When that particular call starts, the application prompts the user to call the recipient’ number.

Step7 – The, tap CALL to call the phone number of the recipient.

Step8 – When both calls are connected, click MERGE CALLS.

A reminder is sent right away to the user through text to initiate the merging of the calls, as well. Then, the call is recorded and eventually stored on servers of the Rev application.

How to Record an Incoming Call on iPhone?

record call iphone

Recording an incoming call is a lot easier as compared to recording an outgoing call. It is similar to the record a phone call on iPhone. Primarily, accept the call in a usual way, and then click the Home button on your phone to quickly return to the home screen of your iPhone.

Step1 -Accept the call, and press the Home button on you iPhone. 

Step 2 -Open the Rev Call Recorder application on your iPhone.

Step3 – Click Start Recorded Call and then Incoming Call.

Step 4 – Tap CALL to dial into Rev’s recording line.

Step 5 – Tap CALL to call the Rev’s recorder.

Step 6 – Once the user connected, click MERGE CALLS.

While there is an excessive tapping as well as multitasking involves it the process, it is not overwhelmingly painstaking, of the overall procedure is considered. Furthermore, there are other software options available for the same, such as Google Voice. However, Google Voice only allows the users to record incoming calls and there is an obvious restriction on the outgoing calls. Moreover, other software options have limitations of their own and therefore the Rev application offers the most comprehensive as well as flexible solution to this issue.

The only demerit and downside of this particular software method is that the user must entrust his or her private conversations to a third party application which can be problematic.  Hardware option is a much safer method but it involves more equipment with less quality.

Method 3 – There is another brilliant method or solution to this issue. A user can also use a Recorder with an input such as a ZOOM H5 recorder. The method allows any broadcast-quality recording. Unless a user is tape synching the interview, this can be considered the best methods as it eliminates and discards a lot of signal noise to allow a better quality call recording. There are no third parties involved and therefore it is a much safer option.

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