Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More!

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South Korean dramas have gained immense popularity, particularly among the youth, and have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Today, we’ll delve into one such highly acclaimed show, Pinocchio, a South Korean television series that aired from November 12, 2014, to January 15, 2015, comprising a total of twenty episodes. This drama has garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards, solidifying its place as one of the most beloved Korean dramas, naturally which led to fans for demanding Pinocchio Season 2!

Pinocchio Season 2
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Remarkably, Pinocchio holds the distinction of being the most expensive Korean drama to be sold to China. While it’s true that many Korean dramas often follow a similar formula, blending elements of comedy, romance, family dynamics, and drama, they continue to captivate audiences. The show’s popularity soared, leading to its conclusion in 2015. However, eager fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Pinocchio season 2 ever since.

Here, we bring you the latest information about your favorite show. To uncover all the exciting details about Pinocchio season 2 including its renewal status, release date, cast, plot, trailer and streaming platform. Read on!

Pinocchio Season 2 Renewal Status

Pinocchio Season 2 Renewal Status is yet unconfirmed. The lack of official announcements, renewals, and spoilers regarding the show may come as a slight disappointment to fans. Neither the makers nor the distributor has provided any information about its future. However, there is still hope that the creators will consider their audience’s wishes and take appropriate action.

At present, the renewal of the show has not been confirmed, making it challenging to speculate on a potential release date. The uncertainty surrounding its fate leaves us unable to make any definitive statements about whether the show will be renewed or canceled. Rest assured, if any new developments arise, we will promptly update this article with the latest information.

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Pinocchio Season 2 Release DateΒ 

Pinocchio Season 2 release date
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Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date is not revealed as of now. The captivating and immensely popular show, Pinocchio, aired its inaugural season from November 12, 2014, to January 15, 2015. With over six years having passed since the show’s conclusion, fans from around the world still hold it dear. Originally airing on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday, Pinocchio’s widespread appeal extended well beyond Korea’s borders, captivating audiences in numerous countries.

Now, the anticipation for Pinocchio season 2 has grown among the dedicated fans. With no confirmation on the renewal status of the show’s upcoming season, the release date of the same can not be made available. However, we will keep you updated with the details on the show as and when they are made available.

Pinocchio Season 2 CastΒ 

Pinocchio Season 2 cast
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Pinocchio Season 2 Cast is not locked in yet. Since there is currently no official news about the second season of the show, it becomes challenging to speculate about the future cast. However, viewers thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry between the two main leads in the first season. Based on assumptions, it is likely that the makers will retain the old cast for the next season, while some characters might see their stories come to an end, and new ones could be introduced to add depth to the storyline.

The beloved and multi-award-winning rom-com drama is skillfully directed by Jo Soo-won and Shin Seung-woo, while the brilliant writing comes from the talented Park Hye-Ryun. The show’s production is expertly handled by Park Chang-Yong under the esteemed banner of iHQ.

The main cast of the show features talented actors in their respective roles: Lee Jong-Suk shines as Choi Dal-Po, while Park Shin-Hye impresses as Choi In-Ha. Kim Young Kwa skillfully portrays Seo Boom-Jo, and Lee Yu-Bi adds depth to the character of Yoon Yoo-Rae.

In addition to the main cast, the show boasts a strong supporting ensemble. Jin Kyung delivers a compelling performance as Song Cha-Ok, while Kim Kwang-Kyu brings charm to the role of Kim Gong-Joo. Kim Young-Hoon skillfully portrays Lee Il-Joo, and I’m Byung-Ki adds nuance to the character of Yeon Doo-Young, among many other talented actors who contribute to the show’s success. We are hoping that the makers retain the same cast along with a value addition of some fresh faces for Pinocchio Season 2!

Pinocchio Season 2 Plot

Pinocchio Season 2 plot
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Pinocchio Season 2 Plot can be linked with Season 1. The previous season revolves around four main characters: Choi Dai Po, Choi In Ha, Seo Beom Jo, and Yoon Yoo Rae. Dai Po endures family tragedy when his firefighter father dies, wrongly accused of causing an accident. His family fractures, with his mother and him contemplating suicide, while his brother seeks revenge. Thankfully, he finds solace with a new family, growing up as In Ha’s uncle. The two attend the same school and fall in love. As events unfold, Dai Po reveals his true identity as Ki Ha Myung, seeking justice for his father’s death. The series beautifully delves into themes of love, friendship, journalism, and media, emphasizing the importance of truthful reporting.

Pinocchio Season 2 holds the potential for both continuing the narrative from Season 1 or exploring an entirely fresh plot. Considering the immense popularity of the first season, a continuation after Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha’s marriage could be captivating, delving into the complexities of their lives amidst evolving media politics and new intriguing cases. With Seo Beom Joo rejoining as a reporter, audiences eagerly anticipate the uncovering of new loopholes in the system. The genuine hope is for a second season featuring the same talented cast to be brought to life soon, enriching the viewers’ experience once again.

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Pinocchio Season 2 Official Trailer

Pinocchio Season 2 Trailer is not available at the moment with no production of the show being in progress or even a green signal to the renewal of the upcoming season. Fans will have to show some patience in order to watch the first glimpse of the show sooner.

Meanwhile, watch the trailer of Pinocchio below:

Pinocchio Season 2 Streaming Platform

Pinocchio Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as the previous season, that is Netflix.

Comment below and tell us how eagerly do you await the Season 2 of Pinocchio!

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