Delhi Nursery Admissions 2023-24 Update: Tentative Dates


Delhi Nursery Admissions is a big pain for new parents in Delhi. If your kids admissions are approching for nursery then read this article with all the details about Nursery Admissions 2023-24.

A new journey to begin demands a well-formulated strategy and planning. Adequate information, on the other hand, is what one looks for to supplement their decision. Even though the knowledge of the entire globe is just one click away, it still doesn’t bring great prosperity. It brings confusion and a lack of clarity for further preparation. This is the problem of ‘information overdose’ that people in today’s time are encountered with. Particularly when the knowledge required to learn about a subject is about someone dear and essential, like our children’s admission, exam entrances, and other such sensitively driven decisions, a well-guided map for the entire subject process happens to be of utmost priority.

Delhi Nursery Admissions

Driven by such worries and notions, the following is a detailed process of the preparations and stuff to be taken care of if interested in Delhi nursery admissions 2023–24.

  1. The responsibility for Delhi nursery admissions every year is undertaken by the directorate of education (DoE). Each school in Delhi displays an official notification on its website per the governing body’s guidelines (DoE).
  2. The process usually begins in December or January (Dec 15th for the initial session). It is stretched to March (Mar 31st for the initial session), by which the final admission listing and the necessary documenting are wrapped up.
  3. Parents first need to fill out the application form on the official website of the directorate of schooling, that is, www.edudel.nic.in/ for nursery admissions 2023 – 2024.
  4. Under the ‘Enrollment for new user option,’ the enrollment ID will be created following a secret phrase for future log-in and application process.
  5. Once ready with an ID, the next step is to fill in the necessary details asked and upload the required documents as per the demanded configuration.
  6. After a conscious review of the entire form, the form is to be finally submitted, and a printout of the same is expected to be stored for future utilization.
  7. Under the nursery admissions program, the EWS nursery admission 2023 – 2024 Delhi category enjoys a reservation of 22% defined by the Right to Education act. A 3% reservation is provided for the students with special needs and disabilities under the same head. The general category students apply under the 50% reservation category, and the remaining 5% is the staff quota.

Top Schools to consider for Delhi Nursery Admissions

nursery admissions delhi update

Following is a list of some of the most renowned among the 1800 schools providing ace education to the little newcomers in the field.

  • Delhi International School
  • Sanskar The Co-Educational School
  • The Shri Ram School
  • K R Mangalam Global School
  • Brilliants Convent School
  • GD Goenka School
  • Lovely Public School
  • Tagore International School
  • Bloom Public School
  • Mount Carmel School
  • Springdales School
  • Loreto Convent School
  • Venkateshwar International School

Delhi Nursery Admissions Process

Delhi Nursery Admissions Process

A point rank list prepared by every school based on various criteria such as the distance

from the school, siblings in the same school, parents as alumni, first child, etc., is submitted to the DoE. Students selected per the rank list need to follow then the guidelines of the respective school for further admission process. The result of the admission process is also displayed on the school notice board and publicly available online for confirmation.

Following is the schedule of events for the admission process for nursery admissions 2023 – 2024 Delhi based on reports and dates from the preceding admission sessions.

  • Applications open for submission – Mid of Dec
  • Closing application submissions – Mid of Jan
  • Uploading of details (admission under available seats) – End of Jan 
  • Uploading marks under the point system (admission under empty seats) – End of Jan
  • The first admission list was released at the start of Feb
  • Second admission list release – Mid of Feb
  • Third admission list release – End of Feb   
  • Closing of the admission process – End of March

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs for Delhi Nursery Admissions)

FAQs for Delhi Nursery Admissions

1. What are the minimum nursery admission age criteria for 2023 – 2024?

Answer. The criteria mentioned here in detail below:

  • Pre-school (Nursery) – 3 years
  • Pre-primary (KG) – 4 years
  • Class 1st    – 5 years

2. What are the documentation criteria for nursey admission 2023 – 2024?

Answer: These are the documents one needs during nursery admission 2023-24.

Residential proof – Ration card issued in the parents’ name, domicile certificate of the child/parents, voter ID card, electricity bill, Aadhar card issued in the parents’ name.

Recent passport-sized photo of the child and a picture of the child with the parents.

A child’s birth certificate is issued by the governing body (Municipal Corporation).

A medical practitioner issues a child’s medical certificate with the proper seal and signature.

Aadhar card of the child (Both front and back are to be uploaded).

3. How to apply to schools for Admissions?

Answer: You can visit schools or their respective website for the form. As per instructions the form can be submitted online or offline.

4. What is the procedure to apply using Uniapply?

Answer: Uniapply is a user-friendly application for parents to smooth out the application process. This helps the parents target multiple schools by using a single application form which eases the hassle of filling out various forms for all the different applications.

5. How to track the application status for nursery admission 2023 – 2024 Delhi?

Answer: Parents can check their child’s application status using the Uniapply portal or application. Uniapply provides the option of status tracking in the dashboard of the respective person’s profile.

6. What is the last date of nursery admission 2023 – 2024 in Delhi?

Answer: The application process ends somewhere around Jan (Jan 25th to 31st approximately).

7. When is the admission list released for nursery admissions in Delhi?

Answer: The first list was released towards the beginning of February, followed by the second and third list towards mid and the end of February, respectively. The admission finally closes towards the end of March.

Delhi Nursery Admission 2023-24: Tentative Dates

Delhi Nursery Admissions 2023-24 Tentative dates

Procedure Tentative Date
Commencement of Nursery Admission 2023-24 and Availability of Forms 2nd Week of December 2022
Last Date for Submission of Application Forms to Schools 1st Week of January 2023
Uploading details of students who applied to the school for nursery admission 2023-24 under Open Seats 3rd Week of January 2023
Uploading marks (as per the points system) given to each of the students who applied for admission 2023-24 under Open Seats 4th Week of January 2023
Release of First List of the Shortlisted Students for nursery admission 2023-24 1st Week of February 2023
Release of Second List of the Shortlisted Students for nursery admission 2023-24 3rd Week of February 2023
Closing Date of Admissions 31st March, 2023

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Final Words on Nursery Admissions

Final Words on Nursery Admissions

The complete procedure for nursery admissions, irrespective of the admission year, is described in detail here in this article. Make sure to follow the entire system for transparency in the other process. Don’t skip any particular step. The admission procedure becomes a bit more complicated when you skip a step due to the fact that each step must be followed. It is always better to be on the safer side from the beginning. Follow the procedure entirely.

If you have any queries for Delhi Nursery Admissions, then please comment below. For more information, keep following Web Destination Byte.

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