Mel C reveals about being sexually assaulted


Mel Chisholm, a.k.a. Sporty Spice, stated on Wednesday that she had been sexually abused the night before her very first Spice Girls performance..

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During an interview on Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast, which was conducted in advance of the Sept. 15 publication of her new memoir Who I Am, the 48-year-old British singer opened up about being sexually abused by a massage therapist at a spa in an Istanbul hotel in 1997. The night before the girl group was set to perform live for the first time, Chisholm was staying at the hotel.

She described how the incident left her feeling “vulnerable” and “violated” to the host Elizabeth Day. Chisholm said that although she didn’t want to cause a stir over the encounter with the male masseur, she also didn’t have time to cope with the actual assault.

She told Day that the weeks of practise and preparation the band had put in made her want to concentrate on the performance rather than the assault. “What happened to me, I kind of buried immediately, because there was other things to focus on,” she said. The culmination of all she had ever aspired to do was where everything was headed. The Spice Girls member recounted the encounter.

On a scale of sexual assault, Chisholm rated the incident as “mild.” She told Day that although she hadn’t originally planned to disclose the assault in her memoir, she had changed her mind after remembering it in a dream. “I think it’s really important to me to say it and to finally deal with it and process it.” Said the 48-year-old pop artist.

Before writing about the incident for her memoir, she said she had forgotten about it.

Mel Chisholm stated that the alleged attack has left her with “so many thoughts and feelings,” but that she felt compelled to share her experience because of the effect it has had on her.

Chisholm has been upfront about the difficulties she endured being a member of the Spice Girls in the years since the group’s dissolution. In an interview with the Guardian in 2020, she claimed that at the height of her celebrity, she was “struggling with an eating disorder and suffering from despair.” She claimed last year that she was a victim of phone hacking in a lawsuit against News Group Newspapers, a company owned by Rupert Murdoch.

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