Mayans Season 5 Release Date, Trailer & Cast

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Mayans MC, the spinoff Son of Anarchy TV Series is back with season 5 as FX entertainment confirmed at Comic Con. No official update on Mayans Season 5 release date is out, but it’s expected in Match-May 2023 as per previous season stats.

Here is all the detailed information regarding Mayans M.C.’s upcoming season that you need to review. The series, which centres on the Santo Padre charter’s leader, the Mayans, especially shows the opposing behaviours of his and his sister Angel. One becomes more sensitive towards family, while the other becomes more kinship-oriented. As a result, Mayans M.C. Season 5 is undoubtedly going to be a smash hit with this plot moving forward. 

Will FX renew Mayans M.C. for Season 5?

Will FX renew Mayans Season 5


The renowned Sons of Anarchy spinoff TV series, Mayans M.C., will have one more season. As the President of Original Programming for FX Entertainment Nick Grad formally said in July 2022, during the team’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, after one month of the Mayans Season 4 finale.

Elgin James, the creator, acknowledged at the panel that although the decision had been made in the past, Comic-Con was the first time it had been made public. As a result, the audience may now watch the previous series pick up where it left off. Most intriguingly, Disney Television Studios’ 20th Television, a division, and Elgin James both agreed to a new, multi-dollar deal. 

Mayans Season 5 Release Date

Mayans Season 5 release date

During the special screening at San Diego Comic-Con, FX has confirmed that Mayans Season 5 will be released in 2023. On the other hand, the release date is not yet announced. 

However, Seasons 3 and 4 both had their premieres in the spring, although the first two seasons started in September. Thus, Season 5 of Mayans M.C. could start releasing new episodes as early as March 2023 if this pattern holds. So stay tuned and we will update with the release date as it is revealed. 

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Is Mayans M.C. Season 5 trailer launched?

Mayans Season 5 trailer

Well, the show has been set aside for at least one more season, the creators recently said. The release of the Mayans Season 5 trailer might be anticipated, nonetheless, in the near future.

A month before the premiere, FX  releases a trailer. So, the same might be assumed with Mayans Season 5. Most intriguing, FX can astonish audiences once more with a magnificent & amazing trailer.

Mayans Season 5 Detailed Overview

Show Name Mayans M.C. Season 5
Based on American crime drama television series
Created By
  • Kurt Sutter 
  • Elgin James
Original Release 4th September, 2018
Genre Crime Drama
Producer Jon Paré
Production Companies Sutter Ink (20th Television[a] FXP)
Total Seasons 4 seasons
No of Seasons 40 episodes
Running Time 46-70 minutes
Mayans Season 5 Release Date Not yet announced
Original Network FX
Where to watch
  • UK: BBC, Disney+ Hotstar, Sky Go
  • United States: Hulu
  • India: Disney+ Hotstar
  • Australia: Binge
Mayans IMDB Ratings 7.5/10

Mayans Season 5 Cast

Mayans Season 5 Cast

In the Mayans Season 5 cast, EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) are unquestionably the first candidates. It’s improbable that Richard Cabral will make a comeback after dying in the fourth season. Season 5 might feature a number of additional Sons of Anarchy actors. However, if you look at the Season 4 cast, it is merely a hunch that we might see a similar cast with new additions.

  • Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
  • JD Pardo as Ezekiel
  • Richard Cabral as Coco
  • Vincent Vergas as Gilly
  • Carla Baratta as Adelita
  • Gino Ventoas as Nestor Oceteva
  • Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes
  • Justina Adorno as Nails
  • Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas
  • Emily Tosta as Leticia Cruz
  • Frankie Loyal as Tranq

Mayans Season 5 Plot: What will happen following the Season 4 finale?

Mayans Season 5 finale

The final episode of the season opens with Santo Padre Mayans Barry Coco, who was found dead and killed by Sons of Anarchy. However, Letty eventually snaps at the Mayans, saying that she will never forget this heartbreaking tragedy. 

The focus of the narrative then shifts to the tragedy of visiting Terry in the hospital. Once the nurses saw this catastrophe, EZ attempted to kill her. As shown in the previous season, EZ became more vicious and dangerous, killing individuals without regard for humanity.

Consequently, it is likely that the Mayans Season 5 would continue with EZ assuming the leadership of the bike gang’s Santo Padre chapters. The storyline may also centre on Brothers EZ and Angel. 

While Angel enjoys spending time with this charming family, EZ has grown more cruel. Therefore, it will be more exciting to watch next episodes where the two diametrically opposed characters will collide in a single storyline.

Fans may therefore await much more from upcoming Mayans Season 5. Hopefully, FX’s unique conception will wow the audience and cause them to gasp in surprise.

Mayans Season 5 Episodes: Are episodes out? 

Mayans Season 5 Episodes

FX has only recently confirmed season 5 of Mayans M.C., but there is still no word on a release date or when the trailer will be released. If reports are to be believed, the Mayans Season 5 start date is in the middle of 2023. Check out the Mayans Season 4 episodes until then, and enjoy your day. By the way, FX won’t forget to surprise the viewers, so be prepared with spoilers and plot twists. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will there be season 5 of Mayans M.C.?

Mayans MC received a renewal from FX for a fifth season during a special screening at San Diego Comic-Con. With the overwhelmingly positive response to this American Crime drama television series, FX will finally make a great comeback. In the middle of 2023, according to reports, we could see the release of Mayans Season 5.

2) Is EZ going to be elected president in the Season 4 finale?

Yes, EZ will be elected President during the Season 4 finale. In actuality, he eliminated JJ first since he was the only one with the necessary data to defeat him. Alvarez, who was determined to mediate a peace agreement between the Sons and the Mayans, was then comforted by him.

3) What is Mayans Season 5 start date?

The date of Mayans Season 5’s debut remains unannounced in an official manner.

4) Does EZ murder his lover Gaby Castillo?

Yes, taking a dark turn, he killed Gaby Castillo, his ex-girlfriend.

5) Mayans Season 5 will have how many seasons?

The fifth season of the Mayans will likely consist of 10 episodes, much like Season 4 did. Typically, the running length for 10 episodes is between 46-70 minutes.

6) Where to watch Mayans Season 5?

All four seasons that have been released thus far are available to US viewers on Hulu. In India, Disney+ Hotstar will premiere all seasons. Australia, on the other hand, can watch on Binge. In contrast, UK audiences can access all of the episodes on Disney Plus, Sky GO, and BBC iPlayer.

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