10 Mary Kate and Ashley Movies you should Know about

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen are the famous twins, also known as Mary-Kate and Ashley. They rose to fame in the early 90s, when they were just children, with their roles in Full House and other projects. Since then, they have starred in a plethora of movies together. During their heyday, the Olsen twins were a sensation – they formed the Dual star production company at only seven years old! However, some of their direct-to-video films were definitely better than the others. It’s not until you look back on them as an adult that you realize how strange those films are. Mary Kate and Ashley movies may be quirky, but they’re worth looking back on.

Mary Kate and Ashley Movies

Mary Kate and Ashley Movies

Here are 10 of their movies you should know about:

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Full House (1987)

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1. How the West was Fun (1994)

How the West was Fun (1994)

Identical twins Susie (Mary Kate) and Jessica (Ashley) attempt to persuade their father’s boss that he needs a break, unfortunately resulting in the termination of their dad. To re-establish themselves, they journey off to Grandma’s ranch with aspirations of reviving the land. But when they get there, an uprooter arises: Bart – played by Martin Mull, who was famously known for his character ‘Leon’ on the iconic TV show Roseanne. He is determined to demolish all chances of success for the family farm.

The determination from twins is palpable as they strive desperately to expose him before it’s too late. It was far-fetched to think the twins could ride horses from their ranch all the way to The Big Apple, yet it became compelling when they joined forces to save their home from a villainous figure. It’s one of the memorable Mary Kate and Ashley movies which is truly endearing.

2. Passport to Paris (1999)

Passport to Paris (1999)

The Olsen twins take a much-needed break from high school and move to the City of Lights. In no time, their excitement over the romantic city turns into shock when they get caught up in foreign espionage. This movie is full of action sequences, funny moments, and even some romance as they try to find out what’s going on. It’s an interesting adventure that keeps you guessing until the end and yes, one of the watchable Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

3. Switching Goals (1999)

Switching Goals (1999)

Mary Kate and Ashley star as Emma and Sam, twins with conflicting personalities. Emma is an athlete, while Sam prefers books. When the twins switch places to fool their dad, they soon realize that their roles are more different than they originally thought. One of the popular Mary Kate and Ashley movies, Switching Goals, is among the great watch for anyone looking for a lighthearted movie with plenty of hilarious moments.

4. Our Lips Are Sealed (2000)

Our Lips Are Sealed (2000)

The Olsen twins star in this comedy as Mary-Kate and Ashley, two sisters who find themselves running from bad guys after their parents are caught up with the FBI’s witness protection program. After being relocated to Australia, Mary-Kate and Ashley must keep their identity secret while navigating high school! It’s full of Australian culture, fun adventures, and lots of laughs making it one of the funniest Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

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5. Winning London (2001)

Winning London (2001)

In this Mary Kate and Ashley classic, Mary-Kate and Ashley play twins who win a trip to London. Of course, when they get there, they discover an exciting mystery that leads them on a wild adventure around the city! Mary-Kate and Ashley must figure out what’s happening while also staying ahead of the bad guys. It’s full of fun moments and plenty of historical sites for you to explore as you watch.

6. Holiday in the Sun (2001)

Holiday in the Sun (2001)

This movie follows MK and Ashley on their vacation to the Bahamas, where they are reunited with their old friend Alex. As they explore paradise, Mary-Kate and Ashley get caught up in a mysterious plot involving stolen artifacts and the kidnapping of a young boy. Their chemistry shines throughout this exciting film which is full of action scenes, witty dialogue, and plenty of suspense which will keep you entertained until the end.

7. It Takes Two (1995)

It Takes Two (1995)

With only a single theatrical release and no twin sisters, It Takes Two stands out from the others on this list. The plot follows Amanda and Alyssa, who meet at summer camp, discover they look like twins, then decide to switch places to thwart Alyssa’s mean-spirited future stepmother a homage reminiscent of the classic film: The Parent Trap. If you grew up during the ’80s or 90’s, it deserves to be among your favorite Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

8. Getting There (2002)

Getting There (2002)

In this Mary Kate and Ashley classic, the twin sisters star as Ginger and Sassafras – two teenagers who want nothing more than to get to a rock concert in another state. But when their parents find out about their plans, they hatch an escape plan of their own. This is one of the great Mary Kate and Ashley movies for anyone looking for lighthearted fun. It’s full of hijinks, comedy, and even romance as the Olsen twins try to make it to the concert.

9. When in Rome (2002)

When in Rome (2002)

The Olsen twins return for this romantic comedy about two American sisters who travel to Italy and get caught up in a whirlwind romance with two Italian brothers. Mary-Kate and Ashley bring plenty of charm to this movie as they find themselves caught in the middle of a centuries-old family feud. It’s full of laughs, adventure, and plenty of romance which make it one of best Mary Kate and Ashley movies to date.

10. The Challenge (2003)

The Challenge (2003)

The Olsen twins team up with their little brother for this action-packed film about a group of teenagers who compete against each other in an extreme sports tournament to win money for college tuition. Mary Kate & Ashley shine as they participate in thrilling races, dangerous stunts, and daring challenges. If you’re looking for high-octane excitement, The Challenge is the perfect movie from the Olsen twins.

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Final Comment on Mary Kate and Ashley Movies

With these 10 options to choose from, there’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming romance, a thrilling adventure, or an exciting comedy, Mary Kate and Ashley deliver each time. So if you need some entertainment these holidays, be sure to check out these classics from the twins sisters.

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