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About the governing body:

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About the Marine Interdiction Agent

United States Customs and Border Protection patrols all of the US country’s borders, both land and sea, equating to a distance of almost 8,000 miles, including The Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Gulf coast, the Great Lakes, the Canadian border, and the Mexican border. Air and Marine Operations (AMO) Agents serve the nation by sky, sea, or land, commanding a ready fleet of aircraft and vessels under a single, unified mission. AMO agents are the first to respond in case of a security threat or humanitarian support for the nation. Air and Marine Operations Soldiers work with passion and discipline to guard national security and prosperity.

AMO – About the Organization

US Air and Marine Operations

The AMO’s pilots, surveillance operators, and mariners protect and safeguard the United States of America from terrorist attacks, unlawful activities and movement, et-cetera. AMO safeguards not just the sky but also the land and the sea. Whether dealing with a security threat and related issues or arranging for immediate humanitarian support, AMO officials are the first ones in line to respond, act and execute. Working with the AMO is a patriotic job and, therefore, a prestigious and respectful employment opportunity which is extremely difficult to achieve. 

Marine Interdiction Agent – About the Job Role and responsibilities

Responsibilities Marine Interdiction Agent


The job and responsibility of the Marine Interdiction Agents are to effectively command vessels and conduct maritime patrols whenever necessary. Furthermore, they are responsible for the overall surveillance and high-speed vessel pursuits, along with in-depth investigations and research into preventing the acts of terrorism and smuggling within the United States. 

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Usual Assignments of Marine Interdiction Agent – AMO

  • Interdictions of illegal substances such as the drugs
  • Undocumented and illegal smuggling of non-citizens (people from other countries)
  • Effectively conducting and regulating the maritime patrols whenever needed
  • Working with various other related agencies to help and support in join investigations associated with the security of the nation’s border, especially in the maritime environment
  • Using numerous techniques, capabilities and presence of mind to handle a difficult situation
  • Aiding rescue missions and search missions 
  • Supporting other agencies involved in tackling natural disasters
  • Supporting organizations involved in handling environmental issues
  • Supporting organizations controlling humanitarian issues and other possible disasters

Basic Eligibility for the post of Marine Interdiction Agent

Basic Eligibility for the post of Marine Interdiction Agent


Eligible applicants must have the following:

  • The citizenship of the United States of America
  • A valid driving license as a relevant ID proof
  • Must be referred for selection at the AMO before the age of 40 
  • Waiver for veterans’ preference is eligible
  • Waivers for those who have previously served in federal civilian law enforcement positions are available
  • Must have resisted within the US for at least three out of the last five years. Kindly find the details for Residency requirement exceptions on the official website of AMO.
  • Must be eligible to handle and carry a firearm
  • Must be willing to travel 

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Benefits of working as a marine Interdiction Agent at the AMO

Benefits of working as a marine Interdiction Agent

  • A competitive salary would be provided to the selected candidate up to $45K in locality along with the after-hours differential and overtime allowance.
  • The training at AMO is job relevant and compulsory for the selected candidates. The training is paid and offers various experiences and adventures to the candidates.
  • The AMO offers paid time off which is an exceptional employee benefit. Everyone is allowed eleven federal holidays and annual and sick leaves whenever necessary. 
  • The AMO offers one of the best health Insurances to its employees. The organization offers the widest selection of consumer-driven and all-inclusive health plans in the country.

In order to apply for a job at AMO, the aspirants must visit the official website AMO | U.S. Customs and Border Protection and apply through an AMO recruiter. The Apply Now section can be found at the website for direct application. 

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