Bigg Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani Age, Height & Net Worth

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The eagerly awaited schedule for Bigg Boss OTT 2 has just been released, showcasing an impressive lineup of contestants ready to kickstart India’s most controversial reality show with entertainment. The show is filled with contestants that bring the entertainment quotient to the show and keep the audiences glued to their seats.

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The anticipation of the show increased with the inclusion of Manisha Rani, a talented dancer and influential figure from Bihar, who has been capturing substantial attention on social media. While Monalisa and Akshara Singh have previously commanded the spotlight, all eyes are now fixed on Manisha Rani as viewers are so far appreciating her presence in the house.

Manisha Rani Bigg Boss OTT
Here’s everything you need to know about Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Manisha Rani. Have a look!

Manisha Rani Biography

Manisha Rani, originally from Munger district in Bihar, spent her formative years in Darbhanga. While her educational background includes a graduation degree, the specific field of her specialization remains undisclosed. She pursued her higher education at Darbhanga Vishwavidyalaya. Manisha gained recognition through her participation in various dance reality shows in India and later achieved widespread fame with her viral TikTok videos.

Manisha’s talent has graced popular reality shows such as ‘Dance India Dance’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. As a prominent social media influencer, she commands an impressive following of over 4.8 million on Instagram. In addition, Manisha has established herself as a successful YouTuber, with approximately 1 million subscribers to her channel.

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Manisha Rani Parents & Siblingsย 

Born on September 5, 1997, Manisha Rani entered the world in a humble Hindu family residing in a quaint village of the Munger district in Bihar. Sunita Kumari and Pramod Kumar lovingly nurtured her as their daughter, surrounded by the presence of her three sisters. Among them, Manya Rani and Sarika Rani are recognized, while the name of the third sister remains undisclosed. Manisha’s father is the proud owner of a courier service named “Sky.” Affectionately known as Lovely, she holds a special place in her family’s hearts.

Manisha Rani Net Worth

Manisha Rani Net Worth

Manisha Rani has amassed a notable net worth of $1 million through her successful career as a dancer, reality show participant, social media influencer, and YouTuber. Her talent and captivating presence have garnered a significant following and lucrative brand collaborations. With her entrepreneurial endeavors and popularity, Manisha has achieved financial success, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Manisha Rani Age

Manisha Rani age and height

Manisha Rani is currently 29 years old.ย  With her talent and dedication, she has achieved remarkable success, participating in popular reality shows and amassing a significant following on social media platforms. Her journey from a small village in Bihar to fame showcases her determination and passion for her craft.

Manisha Rani Height

Manisha Rani stands at a height of 5’5″, showcasing a graceful presence. Her height adds to her charismatic persona, allowing her to captivate the audience with elegance and poise. Whether on stage or in front of the camera, Manisha’s stature accentuates her performances, making her a remarkable presence in the entertainment industry.

Manisha Rani Boyfriend

As of now, Manisha remains single and unattached, with no current romantic affiliations. Although there were speculations about her involvement with Deepak Hiteshi, no official confirmation has been provided to substantiate these rumors. Manisha’s personal relationships continue to be a subject of curiosity, yet her current status remains unconfirmed and unconnected.

Manisha Rani Controversies

Manisha Rani Controversies

During her appearance on the show, Manisha revealed her courageous decision to leave home in pursuit of her passion for dance, despite her father’s disapproval. She recounted writing a letter to her father and escaping with a friend, showing no fear of potential consequences, including potential arrest. She recalled spending two hours in a lockup and even evading paying for platform tickets.

Manisha found herself living in a dilapidated house infested with mosquitoes in Kolkata. However, she remained determined to forge her path and sustain herself financially. She took on jobs as a waitress and background dancer, enduring long hours and witnessing tempting meals without being allowed to partake in them.

Overall, Manisha Rani has turned out to be a contestant who shows her presence in the house. She has been actively making headlines through her little drama elements here and there which are appreciated by the fans of the show. Let’s see how far her skills take her in the race of Bigg Boss OTT 2!

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