LinkedIn Job Posting: Complete Guide To Hiring The Most Efficient Talent

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Skilled and efficient talent is the backbone of a firm’s growth prospects. With millions of people across the globe being a part of Linkedin’s marvelous connecting network, it has scaled up the recruiter’s task of hunting the most efficient talents. In a setup where thousands of resembling applications are available for the same work, digging the stone out of sand is challenging. Here’s a detailed guide to getting the best out of the herd through the LinkedIn job posting.

1 . Company page set up

The recruiters need to own a LinkedIn profile before setting up their respective company page by selecting the ‘join now’ option and following the pop-up prompts on the LinkedIn homepage. The ‘work icon’ on the homepage is for creating a new company page by selecting the ‘create a company page option’ at the bottom of the list and filling in the necessary details and information required.

2 . How to post a job on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Job Posting

How to announce new jobs and post them is free, and the feature can be easily availed by clicking the same ‘work icon’ and choosing the ‘post a job’ option from the drop-down menu. After filling in the basic details of the firm, selecting the ‘get started for free’ bar does the LinkedIn free job posting taskThe next step is to state the job description, the required skills, and other details. The recruiter then needs to choose the appropriate option for receiving candidates’ applications and attach screening questions one would need to answer before uploading the CV.

3 . Linkedin job posting and cost for promotion

Both free and paid option is available for the recruiters to promote the newly posted jobs on LinkedIn. Advertising the job post is essential for a closed position in job search results, recommendations, and mobile alerts. If choosing to go with the paid option, the asked fee should be processed through payment options available on the next page.

4 . Managing job posts

Managing job posts - LinkedIn Job Posting

Once completed, the posted jobs can be edited to make adjustments, change LinkedIn headlines for job seekers as per the recruiter’s changing needs, and review and screen the received applications.

5 . Establishing the employer brand

A candidate’s interest in applying for a specific job opening is much more once the employer’s targets and goals are well established. The employer must create a vision for the candidate that makes one feel the sense of security a job seeker aspires for. Posting catchy ads, videos, and blogs may help the recruiter stand out uniquely from the rest and gain attention.

6 . Considering employee referrals

Considering employee referrals - LinkedIn Job Posting

It is also the recruiter’s job to cut costs, time, and energy from the lengthy hiring process apart from the LinkedIn job posting. The existing talent of the firm develops significant and resourceful connections over time, which could be tapped for more of the same crowd. This could be promoted by declaring incentives for the employees on providing the company with skilled freshers and experienced professionals to the HR team.

7 . Seeking for passive candidates

Passive candidates are the ones with no near-term planning of changing their jobs. Proper research by the employing team helps identify them and keep track of their LinkedIn activities. These profiles can be approached when changing jobs, and this personal gesture would result in good recruitments in the company’s favor.

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8 . Generating a social media presence

Generating a social media presence - LinkedIn Job Posting

Some of the best young talents in today’s millennial generation have an active social media presence. This knowledge is to be used by the recruiting firm to promote the LinkedIn job posts and positions opened via the company’s social media handles and other such platforms. Individuals might look for the company’s activities over these platforms, which would significantly influence their decision before applying for the role.

9 . Making personal contacts

Data from the recruiting team can be best used to point to appropriate candidates as per the job demand. This can be further used to contact them personally over email and LinkedIn profiles. Any individual is likely to show a faster response when approached by the employer itself. This helps the recruiter screen profiles they want and wish for, resulting in a smooth and efficient hiring process.

10 . Campus recruitments via a LinkedIn network

Connecting placement cells of colleges and universities to hire fresh graduates could be another ideal way to grab the most out of the recruitment process. Various individuals with respective job interests follow these cells. Connecting with such a crowd leads the company to meet the desired individual for the specific role.

11 . Refined interviewing

Refined interviewing - LinkedIn Job Posting

Even after the perfect desirable candidate is hunted, a careless interviewing round could miss out on crucial information for the recruiter. It is the interviewing process that is to be carried out with the most delicate precision and clarity to convey the firm’s motive and also scan the candidate’s entire personality, skills, character, and determination for the company’s specific roles and responsibilities looking for.

12 . A speedy hiring team

This is the primary thing to focus on. The recruiter must speed up the hiring procedure to get talented employees. A desirable candidate is to be approached by several companies in a similar domain. Hence it is the hiring team that needs to speed up the procedures before the final recruitment of the selected candidate. Any delay in communication may lead the candidate to terminate the application and turn heads toward some other recruiters searching for a similar role with much speedier delivery.

Final Words 

LinkedIn Job Posting

 There are several methods one can hire talented people. However, considering today’s scenario, LinkedIn is the primary platform to engage and hire talents by following the complete transparent procedure. These measures collectively form the best prescription for an efficient talent-hunting process when exercised with great perfection and knowledge. Lastly, it is the recruiter and its team which is ultimately responsible for hiring the best people out of the crowd following which is the job of the employing department to train and expertise the individual to fetch the most out of it for a skilled employee is of no use under an average team.

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