Kevin Costner Net Worth, Age, Height, Relations & More

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Kevin Costner is an award-winning American actor, producer, and director who has been entertaining audiences for decades. He is best known for his work in movies such as The Bodyguard, Dances with Wolves, and Field of Dreams. He has won numerous awards, including two Oscars and three Golden Globes.

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Kevin Costner Highlights

Kevin Costner Highlights

Full Name Kevin Michael Costner
Born On 18th January 1955
Birthplace Lynwood, California
Height 6” 1’ (1.85 m)
Occupation Actor, Producer, Film Director, Musician
Years Active 1978- Present
Spouse Cindy Silva (Married: 1978, Divorced: 1994)

Christine Baumgartner (Married: 2004)

Children 7
Net Worth (as of 2023) $ 300 million

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Kevin Costner net worth, age, height, wife, family, biography, and movies.

Kevin Costner Age

Kevin Costner Age

Born on January 18th, 1955 Kevin Costner age is currently 65 years old. Costner began his career in the early 1980s and has since been known for his leading roles in major films such as The Untouchables (1987), Bull Durham (1988).

Seeing his continued involvement in the entertainment industry, producing and starring in films such as Yellowstone (2018), one would say that Kevin Costner age is truly just a number. Costner has earned multiple awards and nominations throughout his career.

Kevin Costner Height

Kevin Costner Height

The iconic American actor Kevin Costner height stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm). He has a lean build, which gives him an impressive overall appearance. In his youth, Kevin loved sports, especially football, and Baseball, and was even a member of the High School team. His passion for sports has contributed to his tall stature and athletic build.

Along with his blue eyes and light brown hair, Kevin Costner height has also contributed to his success in the acting industry. He has often been lauded for his roles as an action star and leading man in films such as The Bodyguard, Dances with Wolves, and JFK.

Kevin Costner Family

Kevin Costner was born to parents Sharon Costner and Bill Costner on January 18, 1955. He is the youngest of three siblings and has two older brothers named Daniel Crag Costner and Mark Douglas Costner. Costner’s mother was a welfare worker while his father was an electric line servicer. Kevin Costner family is a close-knit family that stands for each other’s support.

Costner has three marriages and seven children from his relationships. Costner is currently living with his third wife, Christine Baumgartner, and children in Los Angeles, California. Fans all over the world are interested in learning more about the Kevin Costner family, which is one of the most searched topics on the internet.

Kevin Costner Biography

Kevin Costner biography is fascinating and inspiring to aspiring actors. Kevin was born in Lynwood, California, on January 18, 1955.  He’s been in the entertainment business since the mid-1980s. Bill Costner’s job required him to move frequently, making Kevin feel like an Army child. Kevin was a daydreamer because he was always at a new school. As a teen, he sang in the Baptist Church choir, wrote poetry, and attended writing classes. His acting career began with his first major role in The Untouchables in 1985.

His life was turned upside down when he met Richard Button by chance on a flight from Mexico. Following Button’s advice, he never looked back and has gone on to pursue his acting dreams ever since. To support his dreams, he quit his job and drove trucks, worked on deep sea fishing boats, and gave bus tours before making his Hollywood debut in 1983 with the film The Big Chill. Reading Kevin Costner biography will lift your spirits while also surprising you with this actor’s versatility.

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Kevin Costner Movies & TV Shows

Kevin Costner Movies and TV Shows

Kevin Costner is a renowned actor and filmmaker, having appeared in over 80 films. His most famous films include Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, JFK, The Untouchables, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams. The most recent Kevin Costner movies and TV Shows include Yellowstone, Hidden Figures, and Criminal. He has also directed films such as Dances with Wolves, Open Range, and The Postman.

Some of the most noteworthy Kevin Costner movies include-

Movies & TV Shows Released in Roles
Water World 1995 Mariner
Message in a Bottle 1999 Garret
The Postman 1997 The Postman
The Guardian 2006 Ben Randall
The New Daughter 2009 John James
Man of Steel 2013 Jonathan Kent
Black or White 2014 Elliott Anderson
Criminal 2016 Jerrico Stewart
Zack Sydney’s Justice League 2021 Jonathan Kent

Kevin Costner Net Worth

Kevin Costner is a wealthy American actor, director, and producer with a net worth of $ 300 million. He has made his fortune from numerous films he has starred in, as well as producing and directing films. He also gets paid for endorsement deals and capital investment.

Kevin Costner Net Worth

Kevin Costner movies have grossed more than $3 billion at the worldwide box office. His most successful films include “The Bodyguard”, “Field of Dreams”, and “Dances with Wolves”, all of which were box-office hits. Kevin Costner net worth is attributed to being the most successful actor of all time and continues to work in both film and television.

Year Net worth (estimated)
Kevin Costner Net worth as of 2021 $ 150 million
Kevin Costner Net worth as of 2022 $ 250 million
Kevin Costner Net worth as of 2023 $ 300 million

Kevin Costner Wife

Kevin Costner wife rumours abound on the internet as a result of his two marriages and eventful love life. His first wife was Cindy Silva, his childhood sweetheart whom he married in 1978. Cindy has been a popular actress, model, internet personality, and social media star. They had three children together before divorcing in 1994.

Next on the list of Kevin Coster wife, Christine Baumgartner a renowned model/handbag designer in 2004 and they have three children together. She designs handbags for a brand named Label Bag Cat Coutre. She is almost 20 years younger than Kevin yet both have a strong bond.


Kevin Costner is an Academy Award-winning actor who has had a successful career in Hollywood over the years. Kevin Costner movies, such as Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, Field of Dreams, and others, have left an indelible mark on the audience’s memory. His age is 65 and he stands at 6 feet 1 inch. Costner continues to work on both big-screen projects and television shows. Kevin Costner is an iconic figure in Hollywood and he continues to make impressive films that inspire audiences all over the world.

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