Karnataka Jain Monk Murder Case: Why Is The Jain Community Enraged And What Is The Heart Wrenching Incident About?

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A heart wrenching case recently surfaced that has raised tension in the Jain community. As the investigation into the murder case of Jain monk Acharya Shree 108th Kamakumara Nandi Maharaja unfolds, shocking and horrific details are coming to light. According to police sources, the accused individuals subjected the monk, who followed a strict practice of eating only once a day in the morning, to a terrifying ordeal.

Muni KamKumar Nandi Maharaj Murder Case
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In this article you’ll find all the details regarding the Jain monk muder case of Karnataka.

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Karnataka Jain Monk Murder Case 2023: What is this incident about?

Earlier this month, the dismembered body parts of a Jain monk were discovered in Hirekodi village of Karnataka’s Belagavi district.

On July 5, the revered seer of Nandiparvat Jain Ashram in Chikkodi, Belagavi district, was reported missing. After retiring for the day, he left his room, and no one saw him alive thereafter. The following day, the cook discovered the empty room and promptly informed the ashram’s trustees. As efforts to locate the seer continued throughout the day, a missing complaint was officially lodged with Chikkodi Police Station on July 7.

On June 8, the police made a grim discovery. The seer’s body was tragically found chopped into pieces and discarded in a borewell pit at Khatakbhavi village in Raibag taluk. The shocking and tragic incident has deeply affected the community and the authorities are working diligently to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime.

Earlier this month, the search for missing Acharya Shree Kamakumara Nandi Maharaj in Belagavi district came to a heartbreaking conclusion. His dismembered body parts were tragically found in an open defunct borewell, located in a field at Katakabavi in Raibag taluk of the district. The discovery has left the community devastated as they mourn the loss of the revered seer.

Karnataka Jain Monk Murder Case 2023: What led to the riots by the Jain community?

The murder of Jain Monk in Karnataka has not only shaken the entire community but the whole of India, to its core. In response to the tragic incident, members of the Jain community held a protest march at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, urging for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the murder of Kamkumar Nandi Maharaj.

Speaking to the gathered crowd at Jantar Mantar, Jain monk Charukirti Swami from Karnataka emphasized that their protest is not directed against any particular political party. Instead, they are appealing to all parties to unite and support their quest for justice in this case.

Protester, Jinendra Kumar Jain, expressed his disappointment with the Congress government in Karnataka, stating that they haven’t received sufficient assistance. He reiterated that their protest is solely focused on seeking justice for the tragic killing of Maharaj and stands as a demand on behalf of the entire Jain community.

Joining the demonstration, BJP Rajya Sabha member Anil Jain strongly urged for a CBI investigation into the horrific murder. He emphasized the importance of safeguarding monks and saints, particularly in Congress-ruled Karnataka, to ensure their protection and safety.

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Karnataka Jain Monk Murder Case 2023: Who are the accused murders and why did the incident take place?

kam kumar nandi maharaj murder case

According to police sources, the accused individuals subjected the monk, who ate only once on that fateful morning, to a horrifying ordeal. They attempted to electrocute him initially and later strangled him to death using a towel. After the heinous act, they dismembered his body for disposal.

The initial suspicion arose when Kusuma, the devotee responsible for cooking for the monk, noticed his absence from the room on July 6. Further doubt was cast when divine tools that the monk always carried, such as pinchi and kamandala, were found in the room.

Upon investigation, the monk’s mobiles were discovered, and the treasury’s door was found open by the trustees. The missing complaint was officially lodged on July 8 after extensive search efforts proved unsuccessful. The Chikodi police swiftly narrowed down the suspects within four hours and subjected them to interrogation.

Both accused individuals, Narayan Maali and Hassan, a.k.a. Hassan Dalayat, confessed to the gruesome murder of the Jain monk. Their sinister act involved gaining entry into the monk’s room and initially attempting to electrocute him.

Upon discovering that the monk was still alive, the accused brutally strangled him to death using a towel. Both perpetrators invested significant effort in this heinous act. Following the murder, they callously placed the lifeless body in a gunny bag and fled the scene on a bike.

Covering a distance of approximately 35 kilometers on the bike, the killers reached Khatakabhavi, where they proceeded to gruesomely dismember the body and callously disposed of the pieces into an open borewell. To eliminate evidence, they heartlessly burned their blood-soaked clothes and even set fire to a diary that belonged to the pontiff.

Maali, a resident of Khatakabhavi village, had built a strong bond with the monk, earning his trust over time. Exploiting this trust, Maali convinced the monk to lend him lakhs of rupees as a loan. However, when the pontiff requested repayment of the loan, Maali resorted to a sinister plan. With the aid of his friend, Hassan Dalayat, a lorry driver, they conspired to carry out a sinister plot to harm the monk.

Karnataka Jain Monk Murder Case 2023: What is the current status on the investigation of the case?

The matter has escalated into a political controversy, as the BJP and Hindu activists have raised allegations against the ruling Congress government, claiming that they are shielding the accused and attempting to suppress the case. Some Hindu activists have even gone as far as suspecting it to be an act of terrorism and have vociferously demanded a CBI probe to uncover the truth.

In response to the murder of Jain seer Acharya Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj, the Karnataka government has taken decisive action, ordering a thorough investigation into the case by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

During a session in the legislative assembly, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah declared that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) would lead the investigation into the murder that occurred on July 6. As a part of the ongoing inquiry, the police have already apprehended two individuals, and initial findings point to a financial dispute as the motive behind the murder. Following the incident, both the Bharatiya Janata Party and representatives from the Jain community had advocated for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe.

We will keep you updated about the case.

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