Top 10 John Travolta Movies you should watch

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There’s one and only one thing that defines John Travolta’s career: his incomparable charisma. John Travolta has been a Hollywood mainstay since the 1970s and he’s still going strong. From iconic roles like Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever to more recent performances in Get Shorty, John Travolta is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Since his introduction to the movie industry in 1975, with a horror B-movie called The Devil’s Rain, Travolta has fearlessly taken on any role. His career trajectory isn’t simple; it experienced its fair share of successes and failures. Although he had some flops along the way, Travolta will always be remembered as one of many talented but enigmatic stars within Hollywood’s bizarre business landscape – here are some of the finest John Travolta movies so far.

John Travolta

John Travolta Movies you should watch

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Top10 John Travolta Movies you should watch

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1. She’s So Lovely (1997)

She's So Lovely (1997)

Eight years after the passing of writer John Cassavetes, his son Nick resurrected and directed a film written by his late father. This dramatic piece features an award-winning performance from Sean Penn as a man released from psychiatric care only to come home to find that his wife (played by Robin Wright) has remarried Travolta who also produces and co-stars in this movie. 

2. The Thin Red Line (1998)

The Thin Red Line (1998) 

Directed by Terrence Malick and starring John Travolta, is a war drama that centers around a U.S. infantry unit deployed to Guadalcanal during World War II. The film examines the psychological effects of war on the soldiers as they struggle with internal conflicts while dealing with the physical dangers of battle. It also looks at how their unique experiences shape their sense of morality and meaning. John Travolta’s performance as Sergeant Welsh is mighty, conveying his character’s pain and inner strength with subtlety and nuance.

3. Grease (1978)

Grease (1978)

Grease is one of the iconic musical John Travolta movies with supporting actor Olivia Newton-John. It follows the life of ‘bad boy Danny Zuko and good girl Sandy Olsson as they navigate teenage romance in 1950s America. From its catchy soundtrack to its unforgettable characters, Grease has become a classic movie that remains beloved more than four decades later. If you haven’t seen this classic john Travolta movie, it’s a must-see if you’re a fan of his work. The music will have you singing along, the plot is full of twists, the comedy is timeless, and the chemistry between Danny and Sandy is palpable.

4. Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

John Travolta’s breakthrough role was in the classic disco movie Saturday Night Fever. This film has become a timeless classic and still resonates today with viewers of all ages. It is the story of Tony Manero (Travolta), who lives in a small Brooklyn neighborhood and works at a local paint store. He loves to dance, and on the weekends, he heads out to his favorite nightclub, where he meets his friends and shows off his skills on the dance floor. 

The music is infectious and iconic, with Bee Gees hits like “Stayin’ Alive” playing throughout. Not to mention that John Travolta oozes charisma and makes you fall in love with him as Tony. Saturday Night Fever is the perfect example of John Travolta’s talent and why he will forever be remembered as one of Hollywood’s greatest stars.

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5. Get Shorty (1995)

Get Shorty (1995)

Get Shorty is a classic crime comedy set in the LA underworld. It follows Chili Palmer (Travolta) as he attempts to break into the movie business and climb up the ladder. This film also features Gene Hackman as mob boss Bo Catlett and Rene Russo as Karen Flores – both of whom give powerful performances that bring the story to life. With its mix of sharp dialogue, colourful characters, and suspenseful plot twists, Get Shorty remains one of the most beloved John Travolta movies.

6. Face/Off (1997)

Face/Off (1997)

He plays the role of an FBI agent and a criminal who undergo an experimental surgical procedure to switch faces. Both men take on the persona of each other and must navigate dangerous adventures while pretending to be the other. This fast-paced thriller will get you on the edge of your seat until the end. With its spectacular visual effects, solid acting performances, and captivating storyline, Face/Off is one of the best John Travolta movies. This is a must-see if you’re looking for a thrilling ride with plenty of heart-pumping action.

7. The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

John won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor at the 30th annual ceremony, but despite its poor reception from critics, it’s still an entertaining movie to watch. These John Travolta movies are only a few examples of his prolific career; there’s so much more to see! Whether you prefer him as romantic leads or as villains, John Travolta always delivers top-notch performances.

8. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Battlefield Earth (2000)

John Travolta’s performance as Terl in this movie is unforgettable. It is a science fiction action movie that shows the struggle between an alien race and humans for control of Earth. The story revolves around John Travolta, who plays Terl, an evil Psychlo leader trying to enslave humanity. 

The film features stunning visuals, exciting action sequences and plenty of laughs. With its unique blend of science fiction elements with classic Hollywood adventure, this movie will keep you on edge until the end. Battlefield Earth is one of John Travolta’s most iconic movies and will entertain fans of all ages! Don’t miss out on this thrilling John Travolta movies experience.

9. Hairspray (2007)

Hairspray (2007)

Starring John Travolta, this musical comedy-drama film is the perfect way to start your john Travolta movies marathon. Set in Baltimore in 1962, the story follows Tracy Turnblad as she fights for racial integration on a popular TV show. With an all-star cast including Christopher Walken and Queen Latifah, Hairspray (2007) will leave you laughing and singing along at every turn. Plus, it’ll also help remind you of why john Travolta remains one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

10. Pulp Fiction (1994) 

Pulp Fiction (1994)

It was one of the iconic John Travolta movies and a classic in the crime genre. The cult classic tells the story of two mob assassins, played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, who find themselves in an unpredictable situation when their boss assigns them to retrieve a valuable suitcase from some criminals. The movie is full of memorable moments, dialogue, and great performances from its stars. 

It also features famous actors like Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth. Not only that, Pulp Fiction won several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and was nominated for seven other Oscars.

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These John Travolta movies show just how versatile he is as an actor, with roles ranging from romantic leads to villains and everything in between. John has been acclaimed by critics throughout his career and it’s no surprise that people still enjoy watching his performances today. From Grease to Get Shorty and Face/Off, there are plenty of John Travolta movies worth watching.

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