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Jessica Yu-Li Henwick, popularly known as Jessica Henwick, is a British actress and writer. The actress enjoys a massive fanbase and is well recognized for her appearances in the popular television series like Iron Fist, Game of Thrones, Matrix, and Star Wars. If we believe on several media reports, Jessica Henwick bills about $500k for a brand partnership shoot and $800k for a movie. Apparently, Jessica Henwick net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2023.

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Jessica Henwick is a multi-talented actress known for her captivating performances on both the small and big screens. She has an impressive net worth, a fascinating career, and a personal life that is just as interesting. In this article, we will delve into Jessica Henwick’s life, from her early days to her current success, and take a closer look at her net worth, career, personal life, and more.

Jessica Henwick’s Net Worth

Jessica Henwick's Net Worth

Jessica Henwick has amassed an estimated net worth of around $1 million, as of 2021. Which now, in 2023, has went up to a whopping $5 million. Her acting career is the primary source of her income. Henwick has appeared in numerous films and TV series, including “Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Underwater,” “Iron Fist,” and “Love and Monsters.” In addition to her acting career, Henwick is also a trained martial artist, and her skills have helped her secure several roles that require physical agility and fighting skills.

A Sneak-Peek into Jessica Henwick’s Life

Jessica Henwick's Life

On August 30, 1992, Jessica Henwick was born in Surrey, England. Her mother is Chinese and from Zambia, whilst her father is of British and Singaporean ancestry. Henwick had a distinctive outlook on life because she was raised in a multiracial family and frequently went to other countries. Her acting abilities were refined while she was a student at Redroofs Theatre School and the National Youth Theatre.

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Jessica Henwick Age and Height

Jessica Henwick Age & Height

Jessica Henwick is 30 years old and she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters), which is considered average for a woman in the industry space!

Jessica Henwick’s Family

As mentioned above, Jessica Henwick came from a multicultural household. Her mother, Pearlyn Goh, is a Singaporean Chinese model, and her father, Mark Henwick, is a British author. Chiam Shihong, her maternal grandpa, was a well-known architect and artist who lived and worked in Zambia in the 1970s. Alastair, Henwick’s younger brother, is his name.

Love Life and Relationships Jessica Henwick

Love Life and Relationships Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick is renowned for keeping her personal affairs very discreet. It is unknown if she is currently dating someone because she has not made many disclosures regarding her relationships. She had reportedly had a romance with co-star Finn Jones, who portrayed her “Iron Fist” love interest. Yet neither of them ever made the rumors official.

Career Growth of Jessica Henwick

Career Growth of Jessica Henwick

2010 saw Jessica Henwick make her acting debut in the British TV show “Spirit Warriors.” She subsequently had appearances in a number of other TV series, including “Lewis,” “The Thick of It,” and “Silk.” Her breakout performance as Nymeria Sand in the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” came in 2015. She received praise for her performance in the show, which made her a rising celebrity in the entertainment world. Henwick gained additional important roles in movies including “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Underwater,” and “Love and Monsters” as a result of her fame on “Game of Thrones.” She was given the character of Colleen Wing in the Marvel/Netflix series “Iron Fist” in 2017, which involved performing multiple battle scenes. She had trained in martial arts since she was a little child, which was helpful in the job.

Henwick is an accomplished writer in addition to an accomplished actor. “Baliko,” a short film she co-wrote and produced, was released in 2017. A little girl who finds her talents and must learn to control them is the focus of the movie. Henwick has stated a desire to write and direct more movies in the future.

She landed the lead role of Bo in the children’s adventure series Spirit Warriors at the age of 16; this was her first major role and it motivated her to quit school and focus on acting.
Her role also established a theme for her later work: being an Asian actor who defies stereotypes and stands out in a field dominated by white people. No east Asian woman had ever held the title role in a British television series prior to Bo. Not bad for a novice, though Henwick has since made a concerted effort to diversify her holdings.

Jessica Henwick has found it challenging to get into the British film and TV industry despite a promising start in her native country, particularly when contrasted to America. Around 2010, when she was still a teenager, she made her first forays into the US entertainment scene out of irritation at being passed over for supporting roles in favor of small roles. Things didn’t go well at first. She chose to return to the UK and regroup after giving it a try but failing to make any progress. Strangely, it was “as soon as” she returned to her native country that things “started clicking” and the Americans began to take notice of her. She had a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that was written for her by director J. J. Abrams, and she demonstrated her badass bullwhip talents as Nymeria Sand on Game Of Thrones, which was filmed in the UK but produced by American studio HBO.

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Apart from what Jessica Henwick is as an actress or say a public figure, she is just another normal girl who likes to hang out in places with intriguing and nice meals. Many individuals like to stick to the foods they are familiar with and have confidence in, but Jessica loves trying new things and discovering flavors that may be of interest to her. It also appears that when she travels, she prefers to go to regions with severe temperatures and finds enjoyment in situations where the surroundings are unusual or present a challenge. Some people enjoy living their lives on or very near the brink!

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