10 Instagram Video Downloader Apps – Download Insta Video

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With a massive 1.386 billion user base, Instagram has become the fastest growing and liked social media platform worldwide. This is where users and marketers reach their audience through reels, stories, and videos. Video is considered the most powerful and effective method to engage your audience interactively. But the platform has its own set of limitations, and there’s no way you can download media from it. Thus, if you want to download videos, you may want to use Instagram video downloader.


Guide for Instagram Video Downloader
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Top online Instagram video downloader Apps

Instagram Video Downloader apps

Learning how to download media from Instagram is not daunting when using Instagram video download apps. All you have to do is install them and follow the directions. There are various YouTube Video Downloader software tools to get the job done. You can choose any option on the following list of Instagram video downloaders online. Stay with us until the end of this blog to find out everything.

1. Saver Reposter for Instagram

It’s among the top apps for saving Instagram videos and Reels that can run in the backgound. It lets the users copy and paste the text into images and videos and take hashtags and images from Instagram posts. Once you’ve saved them, you’ll be able to upload saved photos and videos through Instagram. It’s also the simplest and most lightweight Instagram video downloader and an image saver software that doesn’t require trouble or complicated procedures. The app is also free to use and is available on the Play Store.

2. Video Downloader for IG

It is easy to use and is a very user-friendly app. The video downloader for Instagram is among the best applications that allow you to save or share other’s content on Instagram. It’s loaded with the most recent features and has many positive reviews on the Google Play Store. The app can download videos, images, Stories, IG TV, and even the reels you post. There’s no limit to the number of downloads you can create with this app and is also free to use.

3. DownloadGram

If you use Instagram on computer, it is easy to download Instagram videos and photos on the internet using this site. DownloadGram is among the most effective Instagram video downloader tools that lets you save Instagram videos, photos, IGTV, and reels. To download Instagram photos, reels, videos or IGTV, Copy the link of the content you want to download to paste it into the available box. The downloading link is generated, so you’ll be able to download Instagram images or videos just by clicking on it.

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4. Reposter for Instagram (Regrammer)

Reposter for Instagram, erstwhile, Regrammer is one of the most popular photos and Instagram video downloader. It lets you to post images and videos from anyone on the social network. You need to copy the URL to the post in the Regrammer application and then view it on the app. After that, you can quickly post it on your feed. It’s one of the most efficient and straightforward ways to share your content with your fans. The best part about Regrammer is that you don’t even have to sign in, making it extremely simple to use. There are no watermarks on images or videos you convert.

5. Quick Save

Like other Instagram video downloader applications, Quick Save has a similar feature. After downloading the content, you can share or repost the video content with your friends. It allows you to store Instagram videos on your camera roll. It has an inbuilt feature that allows you to modify videos and photos by using a variety of tools for editing and filters. Users can choose to use grid-style styling or photo splits to make the experience more enjoyable.

6. FastSave

If you’re wondering, “How do I save my videos from Instagram to phone gallery?” check out FastSave, the private instagram video downloader. It allows users to save Instagram videos and photos to their devices, and they can watch the content offline. You can also share images you have saved using this tool with no watermarks. Incredibly, there’s no limit to the number of downloads one can create. You can download unlimited pictures as well as videos from Instagram.

7. Instant Save

Instant Save is another contestant on the list of top Instagram Reels video downloader apps. It is created to perform various tasks like downloading photos from your profile in HD and downloading high-quality videos, images and other images.

It is an Instagram videos downloader program that includes an integrated video player, which can play videos repeatedly. Most features of this app are free to use and includes ads but no hidden charges. You can also copy targeted captions from Instagram using Instant Save.

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8. Reels Video Downloader for Instagram

Reels video downloader for Instagram lets you use its features with no fees whatsoever. However, this mobile application comes with the same features as the majority of its free alternatives. Through the help of this app, you can save any publicly-posted content from Instagram profiles. You can download any video posts in HD format from Instagram to keep it on your own profile and share it with your buddies.

9. iTubeGo

iTubeGo is a fantastic tool for downloading Instagram videos. This program will let you download any video you like to play later in higher quality on your computer without buffering. iTubeGo can convert video files to be compatible with various devices like laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPad and mp4 players. The app’s interface is easy to navigate, and the tools are always accessible in the user’s panel. With iTubeGo, developers have created movies and TV shows, an internet-based search engine based on subtitles that you download from any video. It has a powerful integrated converter so that you can download the high-quality video for the Android phone.

10. Social Down

Social Down is among the most popular free-to-use Instagram Video Downloader apps. It is specially created to help users of social media to download their preferred content from the desired social media platforms without hassle. Furthermore, it’s available for download on the Play Store. This means that it will assist you in saving a significant amount of time and money.

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These were the top choices among the Instagram video-saving applications available. All the apps we’ve listed on the list are free and praised by users. You can select any one of the options to benefit from features that can improve your social media experience more enjoyable.

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