How to scan with an iPhone – Learn how to scan documents on iPhone


How to scan documents with your iPhone? – Overview 

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Sometimes it can be difficult for iPhone users to figure out and manage even the simplest tasks on their iPhone. So, How to scan with an iPhone ? Yes, the Apple technicians have made the task of scanning using iPhones possible and highly uncomplicated. The next question that comes to mind how to scan with an iPhone?

Bulky scanners are a long-lost technology for the scanning process. Scanning is now conveniently possible for iPhone users. 

How to scan with an iPhone

The iPhone users have an iOS document scanner built within the device. No matter, how bulky or long the documents are, scanning is extremely simple and uncomplicated for the iPhone users. There are several ways to scan using an iPhone and the same are explained below. The built in iPhone scanning feature not only scans the documents effectively but also combines all the files in a PDF format making the scanning process hassle free for the users. 

The short and quick way of how to scan on iPhone:

There is nothing to be confused about about how to scan with iPhone. There are several ways in which you can do so. 

One of the shortest and quickest ways to scan using an iPhone user is to scan is using the Notes app. Follow the steps mentioned ahead to execute the scanning task on iPhone effectively. Say goodbye to the confusion of how to scan with iPhone

Step 1 – Open your Notes application on your iPhone to scan your documents using iPhone.

Step 2 – The next major step is to click on Notes

Step 3 – Press New Note to proceed further in the scanning process. 

Step 4 – Then, click the Camera button

Step 5 – Click Scan Documents to proceed with the scanning process using iPhone.

Step 6 – Check your image

Step 7 – Tap or Press Done

Stop 8 – The final step is to tap Save

Follow this simple step and the complete procedure of how to scan with iPhone is sorted. 

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An elaborate and detailed explanation of how to scan with iPhone:

An elaborate and detailed explanation of how to scan with an iPhone

The next method of how to scan with an iPhone is mentioned here. Follow the step one by one. 

Step 1: Firstly, unlock your iPhone and open the Notes application to start the process.

Step 2: Further, click on Notes.  The iPhone users need to select the iCloud subsection, or the user can also select the On My iPhone subsection for the task to be done or for it to work – it would not work for Notes under Gmail, which is why that must be taken into consideration. 

Step 3: Then, in the next step press or tap New Note Click on the button that starts and begins a new Note. It is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen of the device and looks like or resembles a pencil which is writing on paper.

Step 4: Then, click or tap the Camera button. Once the user has entered a new note, click or tap on the Camera button. It is located in the navigation menu right above the keyboard. After executing these tasks, proceed for further steps. 

Step 5: Click or tap the Scan Documents. When the user clicks on the Camera button, the user will be directed to and presented with an elaborate drop-down menu. Out of those particular choices, click or tap on the Scan Documents button to proceed.

Step 6: Hover the iPhone over the document and then, find or locate the document that you specifically want to scan and hover  or place your camera over it. You will want to position it  with precision and stability so you can see the entire page. Then, try and perform the scan in a space that has a natural lighting to as to avoid obscuring the text.

How to scan with an iPhone

Step 7: Then, click on the small image on the screen’s lower left-hand side to check the displayed image and see or carefully observe if it is scanning the correct information and it looks neat and clear.

Step 8: Press Done to finish once you are happy and content with the image and the text on the screen. Then, click the Done button to finish the task.

Step 9: Click the Save button to save and store your scanned document. It will then eventually appear in the new Note that you developed and created at the start or the beginning of the process. This is how you can scan documents efficiently using iPhone by following all the above mentioned steps with diligence and precision. 

This is how you can easily sort with the confusion of how to scan with an iPhone

How to scan documents with iPhone with the Files Application?

How to scan with iPhone

There is another way to scan documents using iPhone. The scanning can also be done using the Files app. This is another alterative than the Notes app.  Open that app on your device and then place the paper or document you want to scan with your iPhone document scanner on a flat surface. This way the application will easily define the target document and make a high-quality scan of the same. 

Then tap or click Browse on the bottom right corner of your iPhone screen. You will find and see a long list of all the specified Locations for saving a particular scanned document. The, choose On My iPhone or iCloud Drive as a location for the scan that you have attempted. Further, tap the three dots on the right corner of the Files application on you iPhone that you are using to scan the document.

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Click Scan documents carefully and then watch the camera open up. Further, align your document in the displayed blue square. If the document is framed in that particular square, the application will automatically scan it. If not, the user can tap or manually clicj the circular button on the bottom screen to take or perform the scan.

Do multiple scans using or iPhone if the scanned image in to clear. If you do not like the scanned image, tap Retake to proceed with another scanning attempt.  The user can also Crop the scanned image in his or her iPhone if needed.  Tap or click the new Scanned Document and carefully change the name of the scanned image or file to reflect and display the captured content better. Lastly, type the new decided name and tap Done to finish the process of scanning using IPhone. You can save it in PDF to send the file ahead.  


Conclusion on How to scan with an iPhone

There are so many methods of sorting how to scan with iPhone. Some of them are mentioned here. You just need to take care of certain things and follow the steps one by one to do it effectively.

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