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How to Hide Applications on Your iPhone? – Overview 

While there is no permanent method when it comes to how to hide apps on iPhone, one can surely make it harder for people to find the applications that one needs to hide. Hiding applications also clears up a lot of space on the home scree on the device which make it more clutter free and presentable. There are several ways to hide effectively, but generally, confusion arises while how to hide apps on iPhone, and the same are mentioned ahead in the article. 

How to Hide Applications on Your iPhone Using Folders? – Method 1 

hide apps on iPhone

This is confusing, yes!! Generally how to hide apps on iPhone becomes tricky. Well, you need to follow a straightforward process whenever there is a confusion about how to hide apps on iPhone.

Firstly, go to the Home Screen and hold whatever application you are targeting. The, select the Edit Home Screen option from the drop-down menu and then successfully drag the application of the top of another app present on the home screen. Eventually, open the newly created folder and drag the application towards the right side in order to initiate the creation of a brand new folder window. 

The detailed steps to hide apps on iphone are mentioned below:

Step 1 – Go to the Home Screen on your iPhone. On older iPhones, this can be done pressing the Home button on the bottom of the iPhone screen. On an iPhone X or a newer apple mobile device, one can quickly swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to hide apps on iphone

Step 2 – Tap/Click and hold the target application. You can let go of the application when you view a pop-up menu or a drop-down menu appear on the screen.

Step 3 – Select Edit Home Screen to proceed with the task. 

Step 4 – Then, tap and hold the application and then. Drag it on top of another application available on the device. This will create or develop a new folder on the iPhone Home Screen with the two applications inside on folder. 

Step 5 – Next, open the particular folder. To do this, simply click on the new folder on the iPhone home screen.

Step 6 –Then, drag the application to the right side to develop a new folder window. This can be done by dragging the application to the right edge of the created folder. This will fabricate a new folder window, where you the target application can be successfully hidden.

Step 7 – Finally, tap any blank area on the iPhone home screen and tap DONE to finish the task. The option can be found in the top-right corner of screen.

With this, you can easily hide apps on iPhone. Hence there is nothing to confuse in how to hide apps on iPhone.

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How to Hide Applications Using the App Library? Method 2 

Hide Apps on iPhone Using the App Library

People generally question how to hide apps on iPhone using the APP library. To effectively hide apps on iPhone through the App Library, go to the device’s Home Screen and tap and hold the application you want to hide or conceal. Then, select Remove App from the drop-down or pop-up menu that appears on the screen. Finally, click Remove from Home Screen to hide the application in your App Library successfully.

Important Note: The afore-mentioned steps and methods will only work if a user is running iOS 14 or later; therefore, one must be careful of the update which can be easily managed. 

The step-by-step version of hiding apps on iPhone using the App Library is given below:

Step1 – Go to the Home Screen on your iPhone.

Step 2 -Tap and hold the app you want to hide.

Step 3 – Tap, Remove Application.

Step 4 – Finally, tap Remove from Home Screen. This will remove application from the home screen; however, you will be able to find it in the App Library, which one can access by swiping left on the iPhone home screen. Then, an individual can find any hidden applications using the search bar present at the top of the App Library screen.

Important Note: All the applications on your iPhone will always appear in the App Library, so this is the most efficient way one can hide an app on an iPhone device. Hence, how to hide apps on iPhone is easy with App library but you need to follow and note this.

Other ways to hide apps on iPhone

There are several other ways and methods to make an application extremely difficult to find on an iPhone which people can prefer for how to hide apps on iphone. On way is to hide an apps on iPhone’s search results which can make seem hidden and concealed to another person accessing the device. 

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How to Hide Application from iPhone’s Search Results? 

hide app on iphone

Step 1Firstly, to hide an application from iPhone’s search results. Go to the SETTINGS of the device. Then tap SIRI and ultimately tap SEARCH. 

Step 2 -Then, in the next step scroll down to find the target application’s name and turn off the SHOW APP option in the dropdown list.  

A user can also effectively turn off other associated settings to stop or restrict the application from showing anywhere in the iPhone screen. If the aim is hide an app from the search results, one might also aim to turn off the notifications for the target applications. Here’s how it can be done and managed:

Step 1 – To effectively turn off notifications for an application on the iPhone, go to the SETTINGS and then tap NOTIFICATIONS. 

Step 2 – Then in the next step, scroll down the options and select the application.

Step 3 – Tap the slider next to ALLOW NOTIFICATION. The notifications will be turned off when the slider turns grey. 

How to Hide/ Conceal Applications from your App Store History?

This is another important step when trying to hide and conceal specific application on the iPhone. Firstly, a user must open the App Store History on the device. The, one must open the App Store in the iPhone and then click or tap the option TODAY TAB. Further, the user must select the profile icon available in the top right corner and then finally click and select PURCHASED.  The last and the final step are to swipe left on an application and click or tap HIDE. Finally, tap DONE to complete the task. 

While it is almost impossible to wholly or permanently hide an app on iPhone, these are specific ways to make the apps seem hidden and concealed. 

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Considering the ways mentioned above, the task of how to hide apps on iPhone doesn’t appear difficult anymore. You just need to follow the step one by one to hide apps on iPhone effectively. Now follow the simple and straight steps for how to hide apps on iPhone.

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