How often should I take my cat to the vet?

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Many cat parents are often seen hitting the internet to find the answer to their quest of ‘How often should I take my cat to the vet.’ The answer to this question varies based on the feline breed and age. Whilst young kittens may require a monthly visit, adult cats may suffice for an annual check-up to make sure that things are going well. 

Thus the answer to How often should I take my cat to the vet for a checkup cannot be given in a generalized format. But, here in this article, we are going to help the cat parents gain insight into managing vet visits for their cats based on their kitty’s age. 

How often should I take my kitten to the vet?

How often should I take my cat to the vet

Soon after adopting a small kitten, cat parents often start getting skeptical about ‘How often should I take my cat to the vet.’ Well, to begin with, seeing a vet once soon after the adoption is a good initiative. This will allow the vet to know about your kitten from a tender age, and accordingly, they can keep track of your four-legged friend’s health from an early phase of life.

Also, when your kittens turn six to eight weeks old, they have to take some mandatory vaccine shots. Based on the family history, prominent diseases in the place you live, and lifestyle, the vet may prescribe vaccines that the cats should essentially take to ensure good health. 

Later, when your kittens attain an age of three months, the rabies vaccination starts, followed by boosters when they turn one year old, and continues after a gap of every three years. The vet may also prescribe deworming treatment during any of the visits because kittens are prone to get intestinal worms which might be passed on to them from their mothers in most cases.

In addition to this, the vet may also prescribe preventive measures against ticks and fleas for your kitty during the initial visits. During such trips, the cat’s parents can also seek advice from the vet about the nutrition chart or any other training-related queries that can help them to keep their kittens in good health. As a result, taking your kitten to the vet will strengthen its immune system and provide it with essential treatment. 

How often should I take my adult cat to the vet?

How often should I take my cat to the vet

For adult cats of six to eight years of age, the question of ‘How often should I take my cat to the vet‘ can be summed up as a yearly visit. Taking an adult cat once a year to the vet is enough to find out if there are any health concerns until and unless your cats do not show any awkward behavior or symptoms. If your cats have underlying health issues, then the number of visits to a vet may increase to get your cat’s health status monitored on a timely basis.

Health issues in adult cats also pop up based on their lifestyle, depending on whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. Besides that, Cats who spend most of their time outdoors are more prone to risks such as feline leukemia, parasites, infectious peritonitis, etc., which may require you to take your cats to a vet more frequently. 

Furthermore, Recurring appointments with a vet will also give the veterinary doctor a chance to examine your cats’ teeth to ensure that your cats receive proper dental care. Also, if you opt for a teeth cleaning session for your cat, it prevents bad breath and ensures healthy gums and teeth.

How often should I take a senior cat to the vet?

how often should I take my senoir cat to the vet

If your cat has crossed eight years of age, then you should likely increase the number of trips to a vet rather than sticking to an annual visit. Initially, you should take your senior cats twice a year, but if any health issue persists, you might need to increase the count based on the vet’s suggestion. 

When your cats reach old age, you may start noticing behavioral changes such as drinking excess water, which could be an indicator of kidney disease or diabetes. Thus, it becomes imperative to bring such changes to the notice of the vet so that they can make the elderly life of your cats a bit stress-free by prescribing them medications and preventive care for their old age. 

Also, maintaining a regular relationship with the help gets you peace of mind as they screen the health condition of your cats and track the same so that your cats remain healthy and happy.

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When should I take my cat to the vet immediately?

cat to the vet

Preventative care always stands a step ahead of reactive care. The wellness test and check-ups of your cats on a regular basis can help you to discover any issues early on. Thus it is always a good idea to seek assistance from a qualified vet. 

However, there are chances that your cats may start behaving weird all of a sudden or may experience intense pain that may require immediate vet assistance, for which you cannot wait until the next scheduled check-up. Besides gaining knowledge about ‘How often should I take my cat to the vet,’ here are a few symptoms in which you should take your cats to a vet immediately:

  • Lethargy
  • When you experience a change in your cat’s appetite.
  • Changes in the urine and stool of your cat.
  • When your cats start behaving weirdly and start avoiding contact with humans.
  • Awkward movement or limping.
  • Runny nose, continuous coughing, and sneezing.
  • Excessive licking or howling.
  • Depression symptoms
  • If your cats show signs of hypothermia or are found shivering often.
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • When you happen to notice a change in your cat’s sleeping habits, activities, and grooming.

Bottom Line

cat to the vet

Cats mostly require regular check-ups to stay healthy and fit. As a loving and caring cat parent, you might have understood the importance of taking your furballs to a vet on a regular basis, right? But, what makes the parents confused is the question, ‘How often should I take my cat to the vet.’ We hope that this guide clears the air about the same for you to realize if your cute little kitties are due for a vet visit.

As a cat parent, if you haven’t knocked on the doors of a vet for quite some time now, it’s high time you book an appointment soon because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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