10 Greatest Drew Barrymore movies of all time

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Born in California in 1975, Drew Barrymore has entertained audiences since she was just three. When she starred in the classic Steven Spielberg movie E.T. Since then, her career has only skyrocketed, and she’s become an iconic actress beloved by many people around the world. Many Drew Barrymore movies are lighthearted comedies or romantic dramas with some quirkiness thrown in for good measure. She seems to have a knack for playing endearing and relatable characters – often making viewers laugh, cry and even think about issues on a deeper level. That’s why we wanted to bring out her best performances through the list of these ten blockbuster films.

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1. 50 First Dates (2004)

50 First Dates (2004)

There’s no question why it’s one of the beloved Drew Barrymore movies: 50 First Dates is a heartwarming film that manages to be both funny and touching. Drew Barrymore stars as Lucy, a young woman with short-term memory loss caused by accident. Every day is her first day when she wakes up until she meets Henry (Adam Sandler), who falls for her despite the obstacles posed by her condition. The chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler sparks through the screen, and their comedic timing makes for some truly hilarious moments. 

2. Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Charlie's Angels (2000)

Everyone loved Drew’s performance in this classic action-comedy that captured viewers’ hearts. Drew Barrymore plays Dylan Sanders, one of three female private detectives and former police officers employed by an unseen millionaire, Charles Townsend. With their cool outfits and high-tech gadgets, they use their detective skills to solve difficult cases and foil criminals’ plans. 

Drew gives her character a free-spirited edge with her natural exuberance and charm, while Liu plays a more serious but equally capable detective. The movie was followed by a sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, in which Drew also starred in. This time around, the angels had to face off against an enemy that wanted to use their technology for evil purposes, making it even more action-packed than its predecessor and ending with a memorable car chase scene. 

3. Music & Lyrics (2007)

Music & Lyrics (2007)

Music & Lyrics is among true classic Drew Barrymore movies if you can remember. Drew plays the role of Sophie Fisher, an unlucky-in-love artist who sparks an unlikely romance with her old flame Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant). They discover how lyric poetry and music can help them reconnect and heal from the past. Drew’s performance is charming and heartfelt, making it easy to understand why this film has become such a favorite.

4. Never Been Kissed (1999)

Never Been Kissed (1999)

Drew plays Josie Geller, a 22-year-old copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times who has never been kissed. Feeling like she’s missed out on some of life’s greatest experiences, her brother Rob (David Arquette) and his best friend, Chris (Leelee Sobieski), decide to help her gain the experience of being “cool.” 

She goes undercover as a high school student to write an article about what it’s like to be in high school today. We also get other classic Drew Barrymore performances from characters such as Aldys, Drew’s cheerleader roommate played by Jessica Alba, and Jordan, Drew’s love interest played by Michael Vartan. It is the one of the perfect Drew Barrymore movies that will have you laughing from start till the end. 

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5. Fever Pitch (2005)

Fever Pitch (2005)

Barrymore has a specialty in playing soulful roles in romantic films; Fever Pitch is one of her classic performances. Drew Barrymore plays Lindsey Meeks, a professional career woman who falls head-over-heels in love with Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon), an obsessive Boston Red Sox fan. 

Drew’s bubbly personality and innocence add to the cuteness of this romantic comedy movie. Her ability to connect with the audience through her convincing emotions was impressive as she conveyed how difficult it was for Lindsey to balance between two important facets of life–career and relationship. The character of Lindsey Meeks has earned praise from fans and critics, making it one of the enduring Drew Barrymore movies. 

6. The Wedding Singer (1998)

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Pairing with Sandler yet again, Drew Barrymore portrays a waitress, Julia, engaged to the wrong person. She meets Robbie (Adam Sandler), a singer hired for her wedding, who is still recovering from being jilted at the altar. Her character brings out a perfect balance of sweetness and sincerity in this light-hearted rom-com that audiences worldwide fell in love with. 

Her performance as Julia was praised for its charming authenticity and helped make The Wedding Singer one of the heart-warming Drew Barrymore movies. Her energized enthusiasm and natural beauty made her portrayal of Julia all the more endearing, making it easy to understand why she captured our hearts.

7. Ever After (1998)

Ever After (1998)

Ever After is one of the iconic yet underrated Drew Barrymore movies. She stars as Danielle de Barbarac, a courageous and adventurous young woman determined to defy the odds in her pursuit of true love. The movie follows Drew’s character from living a hard life as a servant to finding her prince charming, with Danielle’s strength and determination beautifully despite all the obstacles she faces. 

She also has wonderful chemistry with co-star Dougray Scott, who plays Prince Henry. Ever After is filled with comedic moments that help lighten up the mood during some tense moments and showcase Drew’s acting talent in conveying different emotions throughout the film.

8. He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

Ensembling an all-star cast of Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long, and Scarlett Johansson, Why He’s Not That Into You (2009) is a romcom that tells the story of nine interconnected people in Baltimore who are looking for love. Drew stars as Mary Jane, a young woman trying to figure out why her latest romance isn’t working out. 

With the help of her friends and family, she navigates through different relationships to find out what she truly wants in life. The movie showcases Barrymore’s charming performance and some hilarious moments. It is full of witty dialogue and relatable characters, placing it among watchable Drew Barrymore movies for college lovebirds.

9. Blended (2014)

It’s quite surprising how the classic pair keeps you hooked on the screen. Blended is a romantic comedy directed by Frank Coraci which stars Barrymore and Adam Sandler as single parents who have had a blind date that goes wrong. 

Drew is her usual bubbly self in this movie, making you laugh with her antics. The camaraderie between the two can be felt throughout the movie, and it’s quite amusing to watch them bond over their differences while also learning how to take care of their respective kids.

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10. Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Based on a true story, Barrymore stars in this romantic comedy as Beverly Donofrio, a young woman who dreams of studying at Yale and living independently. When she falls pregnant with her high school boyfriend, that dream is put on hold while she must navigate motherhood and raising her son. The movie also features a star-studded cast, including Steve Zahn, Brittany Murphy, Adam Garcia, and James Woods. The delightful soundtrack only adds to the appeal of one of the classic Drew Barrymore movies.

Final comment on Drew Barrymore Movies

These 10 Superhit Drew Barrymore movies have proved her mettle as an actor. Whether it’s the romantic comedy of 50 First Dates or the heartfelt drama of Riding in Cars with Boys, Drew Barrymore has shown she can do it all. So take a trip down memory lane and enjoy watching some of these classic films!

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