Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

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There are some Kdramas that really set the right base of their followership across the globe. One of them is ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2
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Descendants of the Sun has emerged as a highly acclaimed Korean drama, captivating the market with its exceptional quality, evident by its remarkable rating of 9.8 stars out of 10 on Viki Rakuten. The show has also officially been recognized as the most-watched drama of the year by the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation, a prominent South Korean television station.

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Following the conclusion of its first season, devoted fans eagerly anticipate the renewal of the series for a second season. Curious about the possibility of a Descendants of the Sun season 2?

Look no further, as we have gathered comprehensive information to satisfy your curiosity and provide all the details you seek regarding the highly anticipated continuation of the series!

Series Name

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 


Romance/Action/ Kdrama

Total Seasons 


Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date 

Not Known

Streaming Platform 

Netflix, Viki, Hulu, WeTV and Apple TV.

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Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Renewal Status

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Renewal Status remains unclear as the  makers have not officially given a confirmation on the renewal of the show. However, rumours state that the Season 2 is under progress and fans might soon get some good news to hear!

Descendants of the Sun, a highly acclaimed K-drama, received numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Prize for Television. Fans of the romantic drama are still seaking for a closure, seven years after the initial season aired. This exceptional series stands out among others in its ability to masterfully blend multiple genres.

Despite its immense popularity, it is surprising that Descendants of the Sun has not officially renewed for another season, considering it was the only K-drama to make it to the Top 10 most-watched series on TV. However, exciting rumors have surfaced from reliable sources, suggesting that the upcoming Season 2 of Descendants of the Sun  will introduce intriguing new twists and turns. Our fingers are crossed!

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 release date
Credit: Facebook

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date is not available at the moment. The show made its debut on February 24, 2016, and concluded on April 14, 2016. The drama captivated audiences with its 16 episodes, each running approximately 60 minutes in length. Broadcasting on the KBS2 network, this series starred the talented cast ensemble, cementing its status as one of the most iconic dramas to date.

While there are indications that a second season is in the works, specific details regarding its release date remain undisclosed. However, if all progresses smoothly, fans may anticipate a potential release in 2024-25. It is important to note that these reports have not yet been confirmed, and any developments regarding the show will be promptly shared as a top priority.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Cast

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 cast
Credit: Facebook

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Cast might just break our hearts. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause, but the makers have made the decision to introduce a new cast for the upcoming season, resulting in the replacement of the previous cast members.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 is anticipated to bring about some notable changes, potentially including alterations to both the plot and the main leads. The romantic drama’s original stars, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, who found love on the sets of the show and later married, unfortunately went through a divorce. Consequently, their involvement in the second season remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, some media reports state that the production team has confirmed the development of a sequel, although the exact commencement of filming has not yet been disclosed. While the overall storyline may retain some similarities to the first season, expect a few modifications to add fresh elements to the narrative.

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Plot 

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 plot

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Plot is likely to see some massive changes. The previous season of this highly acclaimed drama aired in 2016 and garnered immense popularity. Its success even led to the establishment of famous locations bearing the drama’s name. Season 1 revolved around four main characters: Yoo Shi Jin, Dr. Kang Mo Yeon, Seo Dae Yeong, and Yoon Myung Ju. It depicted a poignant tale of love and sacrifice between a doctor and a special forces officer. While Kang Mo Yeon showcased her remarkable skills as a cardiothoracic surgeon at Haesung Hospital, her encounter with Yoo Shi Jin sparked an instant connection. However, their relationship faced challenges due to Shi Jin’s demanding role in the special forces, eventually leading to their separation.

Subsequently, Kang Mo Yeon is sent to Uruk as a consequence of rejecting an offer from a wealthy director. It is there, by fate, that she crosses paths with Shi Jin once again, reigniting their love story. The narrative unfolds amidst a series of gripping events, including an earthquake, wherein the team of doctors and soldiers collaborate to assist the local population. Yoon Myung Ju, a doctor for the soldiers, also experiences a deep love for Seo Dae Yeong. The story revolves around how these two couples navigate through obstacles together, emerging stronger and ultimately finding happiness after overcoming challenging times. However, as we mentioned above, the Season 2 of Descendants of the Sun will not continue from the storyline of its season 1.

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Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Official Trailer

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Official Trailer is not available as there is no update on the renewal or production of the show. We will keep you updated with the first glimpse of Descendants of the Sun Season 2 when made available.

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of Season 1 below:

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Streaming Platform 

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Streaming Platform will remain the same as the Season 1, as and when renewed. The immensely popular drama is accessible for viewers on various streaming platforms, including Netflix, WeTV, Viki, Apple TV, and Hulu. Viki, in particular, offers the show with over 40 available subtitles.

Comment below and tell us how excited are you to witness the magic of Season 2 of The Descendants of the Sun!

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