Deleted Messages on iPhone? Learn how to see deleted messages on iPhone


How to View or see Deleted Messages on iPhone?

 Sometimes users end up deleting important messages on the iPhone by accident. More often than not, the text is extremely important, and it is a hassle for iPhone users to retrieve it efficiently. However, deleted messages on iPhone become important sometimes. So how to view it?

Apple also has thought about this issue and therefore, there are obvious solutions to solve it. There are three main methods or ways to recover the deleted messaged on the iPhone. The methods to view the deleted messages on iPhone are mentioned here.

  • iTunes
  • iClouds
  • Third Party Applications

The three aforementioned ways to view the deleted messages on iPhone are elucidated further in the article in detail. 

  1.  iTunes
Use itunes to delete messages on iphone

iTunes is a very popular and hassle free applications that a user can use to play his or her favorite music, making an organized and structured playlist as well as buying new music releases. However, very few people know that every time an individual plugs in or logs in iTune on iPhone, the application syncs a lot of data which can be further used to view the deleted messages on iphone. The synced data can include videos, podcasts, music and many more related files. Sometimes some of such files are selected by the user and others are selected by default. This can also include text messages as the iTune is successfully able to back up all the text messages as well, making it an efficient and worth application. 

To be able to see the deleted messages on your iPhone, connect the iPhone to your PC or Mac. If    already installed, the iTunes application should be able to launch itself automatically. The, the next step is to open it manually if it does not show or pop up on its own. In the application, the user will see an iPhone icon appear on the screen. The, carefully click this icon to enter the iPhone menu on the screen. In the right side of the screen, find and click restore backup option. If automatic sync is already enabled on your iTunes application, the Restore backup option should effectively replace the recent data on your iPhone, thereby restoring all the deleted messages in the process.

The user must be careful enough not to back up the phone on the iTunes application after deleting the messages that the user wanted to retrieve. Following such simple steps can easily retrieve the deleted messages on iPhone.

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  1. iCloud
Use icloud to delete messages on iphone

Another efficient way to back up the lost and deleted messages on iPhone is iCloud. If a user has ever done an iCloud back on his or her phone, then the data can be easily recovered on the iPhone. However, one must know that the applications will only recover the messages that were backed up after initiating the backup on the app. Everything other data and actions that happened in between would not be accessible to the iPhone user. 

In recent years, Apple introduced and initiated Message in iCloud. This is an extremely important feature and service that allows iPhone users to sync messages across multiple available devices that share the same Apple ID. However, one must be careful enough to know that, messages are not a part of the iCloud backups which means that if a user deletes a message on the device, it will be erased or deleted on all the synced devices, as well.

The sole method to recover your messages using the iCloud application is to perform a full-fledged factory reset and then restore your iPhone from the very beginning from its iCloud backup. Again, it is important to note that  if the backup occurred after the user had already deleted the message(s) in question, this would not help restore the messages. The user can check this by opening and navigating to Settings, then to your name, followed by the iCloud application, then Manage Storage, and finally, tap the Backups.

One must think carefully is the message is important enough to initiate a factory reset. It all depends upon the situation. This, however is an efficient method to retrieve the lost messages and deleted messages on iphone

  1. Third-Party Apps
third party apps for deleted messages on iPhone

The aforementioned process I options are relatively simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward to look deleted messages on iPhone. Still, if a user backs up his or her phone on iCloud or iTunes post erasing or deleting the message(s) in question, the user would not be able to execute the task. While there is no real guarantee or trust that any third-party software would be able to execute the task successfully but there is no harm in trying to achieve the goal. Some of the efficient third-party apps that can help with restoring deleted messages on iPhone are explained further.

  • PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is a highly trusted application that works on iPad, iPod Touch, and also on Android devices along with the iPhone, which can be used to view deleted messages on iPhone. The app is extremely efficient in recovering the lost data along with the deleted messages on iPhone. It will help you effectively retrieve deleted files and folders such as photos, notes, reminders, calle history, third-party application data,  calendar, contacts, and, of course, messages of all sorts. Although this application will give you a huge list of efficient results after searching for lost documents and files, some of these will be the documents that the user did not actually delete.  The Phone Rescue application if widely known for its success rate, and therefore, one must try the app in times of need. 

  • Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery app can recover data from the iOS device, but it also includes iCloud and iTunes backups, which can be a plus. Lost messages, WhatsApp, and Kik contacts are the main focus of this particular application. Still, this app will also help the user find lost calls, calendar entries, and many more such folders and documents. While recovering of lost videos and photos can only happen as a part of an iTunes/iCloud backup, this application executes the task effectively with messages.

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  • Dr.fone

Dr.fone is another powerful and practical application which works as an iOS recovery and repair kit. Although it offers several other options and tools, this application also deletes data recovery and includes messages in the backup. The application also allows users to successfully back up and restore data and applications. 

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