Dead To Me Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Episodes

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It’s been a great joyride for the fans of the Series Dead To Me for 3 straight seasons. But all eyes are keen to see whether Dead To me season 4 will be there or not. After a wildly successful three-year run, Dead to Me concluded on Netflix when it released its third and final season on November 17th, 2022. You may be curious why Dead To Me Season 4 won’t return, was it prematurely canceled? Here is what you need to know.

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Dead to Me, the show that has been on our screens since May 2019, came back with an exciting third and final season. After 30 intense episodes, Judy and Jen’s adventure will be concluded satisfyingly, unlike other Netflix shows that abruptly cancelled without warning. The production team took extra effort to ensure all storylines were rounded up nicely so viewers can rest assured they’ll get closure before saying goodbye for good.

when dead to me season 4 is coming?

About the Dead To Me Season

Dead to Me is an American black comedy web television series created by Liz Feldman that premiered on May 3, 2019, on Netflix. Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as two grieving women who bond during therapy, the series has been met with critical acclaim for its writing and performances.

The show follows Jen (Applegate), a widow struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband and searching for answers. She meets Judy (Cardellini) at a grief counseling session, and the two forms an unlikely bond. As they help each other through their respective losses, secrets from their pasts begin to surface that could affect their newfound friendship.

dead to me tv show

Dead to Me also stars James Marsden, Ed Asner, Brandon Scott, Valerie Mahaffey, Max Jenkins, and Luke Roessler. It is produced by Feldman’s production company Iron Ocean Productions, CBS Television Studios, and Hazy Mills Productions.

Critics and viewers have praised the series for its comedic take on grief and the performances of Applegate and Cardellini. Dead to Me was one of Netflix’s most-viewed comedy releases in 2019, with over 30 million households watching during its first month on the streaming service. It was also nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Applegate and two Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

After an amazing run for the third season, the fans expect Dead To Me Season 4 to release soon. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem happening.    

Series Title

Dead To Me


Dark Comedy


Liz Feldman

Country of Origin


Total Seasons


Initial Release Date

May 3, 2019

Last Release

November 17, 2022

Dead To Me Season 4 Release Status


Is there Dead To Me Season 4 Release Date?

dead to me season 4 release date

With a heavy heart, we must announce Dead to Me’s end. The dark comedy, which first debuted on Netflix in May 2019 and has aired 30 episodes, will not be continued by any other platform or network; the upcoming third season finale marks its last.

If you’re left in the dark, here’s a summary: Jen has recently been widowed after a hit-and-run driver killed her husband and is determined to find justice. Judy, on the other hand, also has experience tragedy but, although this setback remains an optimist full of hope.   

Although they all have unique personalities, a circle of women unexpectedly forms a special bond in their support group. While sipping red wine and sharing in mutual love for the ‘The Facts of Life’ sitcom, Judy strives to keep Jen unaware of some facts that could irreversibly reshape her life.

Despite the show’s unfortunate termination, producers knew they had to work quickly to give fans an attractive ending. Thankfully, all the storylines conclude with a neat bow — leaving fans satisfied and not wanting more. This may be goodbye for now, but at least viewers can take comfort that their favorite characters’ journeys are complete — what better way is there to bid farewell?

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Dead to Me Season 4 Cast- What Could it be like?

Dead to Me (Netflix, 2019)

We don’t know who would have starred in Dead to Me Season 4, as the Netflix series was canceled before any plans for the fourth season could be made. However, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will likely have reprised their roles as best friends, Jen Harding and Judy Hale, in the next season. Other cast members from previous seasons, such as James Marsden (Steve Wood), Max Jenkins (Christopher Doyle), and Luke Roessler (Charlie Harding), also may have returned.

The mainstream cast of the series include:

  • Christina Applegate
  • Linda Cardellini
  • James Marsden
  • Ben Wood
  • Max Jenkins
  • Sam McCarthy
  • Luke Roessler

So will there be Dead To me Season 4 Trailer?

We won’t like to keep you dizzy; the straight and honest answer is a No. There will be no trailer for Dead to Me Season 4 as Netflix has already canceled the show. Therefore, if you are still hoping for something new and want to watch more of this addictive dark comedy, then it is time for you to bid goodbye to all your hopes.

What could be Dead To me Season 4 Plot?

Dead To Me Season 4 was expected to focus on the aftermath of Jen’s (Christina Applegate) and Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) secret coming out since it was left as a cliffhanger in season 3. After learning about their secret relationship, the show could have explored how their friends and family reacted.

We also could’ve seen more of Steve Wood’s (James Marsden) story, as his character wasn’t killed off in the third season. It would have been interesting to watch how Jen and Judy cope with Steve being around them again, especially now that they are together.

How Many Dead To Me Episodes Would have been there?

As all the previous installments had 10 episodes each, we could have expected the same from Dead To Me Season 4. We would have loved to watch 10 more episodes of Jen and Judy’s adventure as they try to balance their romantic relationship and fight for justice.

What could be Dead To Me Season 4 Premier Date?

If it happened, Dead To Me Season 4 would have been released in November of 2023 or May 2024.

Dead to Me Renewal Status

As said above, the series has wrapped up for good, and there won’t be a fourth season. After two successful seasons on the streaming giant, Netflix officially canceled the show in 2022.

However, fans can still rewatch all the previous episodes of Dead To Me to get their fix on this dark comedy series. One thing is for sure- no matter how much we miss Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s friendship, it would have been difficult for them to top the epic finale of Dead to Me Season 3.


Despite its cancellation, Dead To Me has left an everlasting impact among its viewers with its witty dialogues and heartfelt performances. Fans wanted more from Jen and Judy’s story, but unfortunately, that won’t happen anymore. Now we must wait patiently for new series that will be as entertaining and gripping as Dead To Me. Until then, we can still stream the show’s previous two seasons and relive all the amazing memories.

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