Bigg Boss OTT 2: Cyrus Broacha Net Worth, Family & Career

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Comedian Cyrus Broacha, who has been approached for Bigg Boss multiple times in the past, has now embraced the opportunity to be a part of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Well yes, recently he has been a part of the mad house and has already started being in the headlines.

Cyrus Broacha
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Cyrus sees it as a fresh challenge in his life, stepping beyond his familiar territory. Describing it as venturing ‘out of his comfort zone’, the comedian acknowledges that while his previous shows on MTV had a specific target audience, this particular show has a wider reach, encompassing the entire nation of India and even other countries. Consequently, he views it as an appealing opportunity.

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However, apart from being a comedian and an entertainer, how much do you know about Cyrus Broacha’s personal life? Who is Cyrus Broacha and why is his he popular enough to be a part of Bigg Boss? In this article we will help you understand everything you need to know about Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Cyrus Broacha. Let’s have a look!

Cyrus Broacha Biography

Cyrus Broacha, the renowned comedian, was born and raised in Mumbai, India. With a passion for making people laugh, he discovered his comedic talent at a young age. Growing up, Cyrus displayed a charismatic personality and a knack for witty humor. His early years were marked by a blend of creativity and curiosity, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Today, Cyrus Broacha is celebrated for his comedic brilliance and is widely recognized as one of India’s most beloved and entertaining comedians.

Cyrus Broacha Parents & Siblings 

Comedian Cyrus Broacha hails from a close-knit family, consisting of his parents and siblings. He comes from a Paris culture and is a son of Farokh Broacha who is a lawyer by profession, and mother Olivia Broacha. Cyrus is a younger brother to sister Giselle.

Cyrus grew up in a supportive environment which played a significant role in shaping his sense of humor and comedic talents.

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Cyrus Broacha Net Worth

Cyrus Broacha Net Worth
Credit: Facebook

Comedian Cyrus Broacha has amassed a net worth of $2 million through his successful career. Known for his wit and humor, Broacha has established himself as a prominent figure in the comedy industry. With numerous appearances on television shows, live performances, and hosting gigs, he has entertained audiences and earned a substantial income. His talent, combined with his versatility as a comedian, has contributed to his financial success, making him a well-regarded and financially stable personality in the entertainment world.

Cyrus Broacha Age

Cyrus Broacha Age
Credit: Facebook

Cyrus Broacha, the renowned comedian, is known for his wit and humor. Born on August 7, 1971, he is currently 51 years old. With a career spanning several years, Cyrus has entertained audiences through various mediums, including television and live performances. Despite his age, he continues to captivate audiences with his comedic talent, making people laugh across generations.

Cyrus Broacha Height

Cyrus Broacha, the renowned comedian, stands at an impressive height of 5’11. His tall stature adds to his commanding stage presence and comedic charisma. Whether he is cracking jokes or engaging in witty banter, Cyrus’s height accentuates his larger-than-life personality, making him a standout performer in the world of comedy.

Cyrus Broacha Wife & Kids

Cyrus Broacha Wife & Kids
Credit: Facebook

In 2001, comedian Cyrus Broacha tied the knot with Ayesha Broacha, a multi-talented individual excelling in photography, art, and illustration. Together, they are proud parents to a daughter named Maya Broacha and a son named Mikhail Broacha. The Broacha family shares a loving bond, nurturing their children while embracing their respective passions and talents.

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Cyrus Broacha Bigg Boss OTT 2

Prior to his entry into the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, Cyrus Broacha expressed his reasons for accepting the show in several medi interviews. He talked about his connection with host Salman Khan, and his observations on the evolving landscape of reality television.

He has revealed during the interview on his proficiency in handling young individuals, given his experience raising two teenage kids. He expressed a desire to connect with like-minded people to facilitate his journey within the show. When questioned about concerns regarding his image, he confidently responded, stating that participating in Bigg Boss would not impact his established reputation. He emphasized that he has long been known by his audience, and any fears were nonexistent.

Cyrus is renowned for his sense of humor, but aside from that, he revealed that his fans will witness him doing basic things. He follows a routine of going to bed early and waking up early. While the younger contestants believe in enjoying themselves to the fullest on the show, Cyrus sees himself more as a vigilant watchman, keeping an eye on everyone.

Now, when we talk about Cyrus as a Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant, we know that controversies are set to follow. It’s hardly been a week since the beginning of the show but it has been successful in being in the headlines. It happens so, Cyru himself is being part of some news! How and why?

In a recent episode, Cyrus was seeing throwing tantrums regarding food made in the house. This doesn’t fit well, not only with the contestants of the show but the fans as well! They started comparing Cyrus’s drama with that of previous seasons’ Shalin Bhanot.

Let’s see how Cyrus Broacha‘s journey shapes with time in the house and what all he has to contribute as an entertainer for the show! Keep up with us for more updates on Bigg Boss OTT 2.

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