What is a Commercial Pilot? How to be one?

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Flying on an airplane is a dream of many people, but not everyone can be a pilot. They must take proper training and know everything about the plane and the situations that might occur during the flight. This might look adventurous and interesting, but you also need to be ready for the problems and challenges you must face on each flight. For those who want to be a pilot and do not know anything about it, let us see what is a commercial pilot and how can you be one of them?

What is a Commercial Pilot?

A commercial pilot is a person with permission and a license to fly an airplane but is not contracted to any airline for this purpose. They are free and can be used for many other purposes, like in evacuation through the air, charter flight, etc. 

Now, a question arises if the work of the pilots is the same, then why do we categorise them into two types. Let us see the difference between commercial pilot and airline pilot.

Commercial Pilot

Importance of a Commercial Pilot?

Everyone and every profession have its importance in the ordinary day. Being a commercial pilot is also not an easy job because you have to do a lot of things that require instant decisions and also make sure that the work done is in favour of everyone. There are situations where a commercial pilot has to do multiple tasks, and in cases like that, they have to be very bold and courageous. They can also be asked to be a part of a rescue mission in extreme conditions, so thinking that being a commercial pilot is easy is just a lie. It would be best if you were mentally as well as physically strong to be a pilot and handle an airplane. Never consider a profession big or small because every profession is important.

Difference between Commercial Pilot and Airline Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

  • They do not have to learn many things compared to the airline pilots because they get their license even with a little fewer skills.
  • Their working hours depend on the work that they are doing, and when they are at everyday work, they spend a maximum of 60 hours a week.
  • Their salary is based on the task that they are assigned because they are not contracted to any airline or company.
  • They can be a private pilot, and when in need, they also have to be a part of rescue missions.
  • They are primarily involved in domestic cargo, passenger transport, and other activities but do not fly on international flights.

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

  • They have to learn different types of things, and their studies are a little tricky compared to commercial pilots because they have to take high-level exams.
  • Their working hours depend on the flight they are allotted, and sometimes they have to fly for 3-4 days.
  • Their salary is high as they are contracted to an airline and have a fixed company for which they work.
  • The contract with their airline binds them, so their work is limited, but they can also be used in emergencies. They are involved in domestic and international flights that take a lot of time to reach their destinations.

This might sound interesting to many people, and when something is interesting, we want to know more about it and how you can also be a commercial pilot and fly an airplane amidst the clouds.

Commercial pilot age limit, training cost, and other pieces of information:

Commercial pilot age limit, training cost, and other pieces of information

Everything and every service have an age barrier because we need to keep in mind that pilots have a lot of responsibilities and work that needs proper health. So, the commercial pilot age limit in India is from 17 to 60, and sometimes it goes to 65 years as well, depending upon the health and experience of the pilot. 

If you are willing to do commercial pilot training, you have to spend a large chunk of the amount, almost 35-40 lakhs. This will include the training cost and the person who will get licensed to fly a plane. 

You can pursue your commercial pilot training in India after completing your class 12th and continue training in a private institution or have to clear the NDA entrance exam. This will help you to get your license from a reputable institution, and you can start your career as a commercial pilot.

How to become a Commercial pilot in India?

Everyone wants to fly in the air, and some want to fly an airplane. Both people are interested in the air, but only a few take the training and the responsibility to complete the dreams of a lot of people. If you are also one among them and want to know how to be a commercial pilot in India, then keep reading, and we will let you know the steps that are needed to be one of them.

Steps for becoming a Commercial Pilot in India

Steps for becoming a Commercial Pilot in India

  1. Basic education is necessary for all professions because without education; there is nothing. It would be best if you had basic education to understand the high-level things you will face in the future. So, it would be best if you were at least the 12th pass.
  2. Degree: You need a degree to continue your journey to become a commercial pilot. The degree should be in the field of aviation or similar fields.
  3. Training and license: This is the last and the most important part that will test everything you got. You not only have to be completely determined, but you also have to be medically fit. Pass the medical exam and then continue with your on-ground training, in which you will learn many things along with the airplane you will be flying. The next thing is the flight experience; when you reach the criteria, you will get a commercial pilot license from the authority.
  4. Job: After 3 years of intense training to become a pilot, you now have a flight license and can do any kind of job you like.

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