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How to clear the cache on your iPhone, and why clearing the Cache is extremely important?

Several unwanted things on the internet stay in our phones and laptops when we use diverse sites on the internet. Some of the biggest threats to our electronic devices are cookies and cache, mainly because both of these things remain hidden but gradually slow down the browser and, ultimately the device in use. It leads to clogging up of the performance of the browser. It does not matter how compelling and technologically advanced a browser is, it will get affected by cache and cookies. Well in this case, a clear cache on iPhone becomes essential.

 What is cache and how to elaborately define it?

In simple words, cache can be elucidated as temporary extra storage of some of the data. It can be a part or a segment of a website or an image that got downloaded from some internet site. For example, some of the content from a website gets stores in your phone whenever you visit a new site. This stored content helps the device or the iphone to perform better the next time that particular website is visited. During the next visit, the browser acts much faster and in an efficient manner. 

Such extra data not only slows down your iphone or any other device, but it also takes up an excessive amount of storage space, eventually making the device dysfunctional. Therefore, it is extremely important to clear cache on iPhone regularly in order to protect the device as well as the software. 

How to clear cache on iPhone? – Detailed steps and Procedure 

clear cache on your iphone

There is a long list of steps to efficiently clear cache on iPhone. Carefully follow the steps given ahead to protect your iphone from the harmful effects of cache and cookies and to clear cache on iPhone:

Step 1: You need to begin with small step for clear cache on iPhone. The very first step is to find and open the settings in your iPhone. Scroll down to find Safari in the Settings. One must open the Settings application on the iPhone to delete and erase the cache in Safari. 

Important Note: it is extremely important to keep in mind that this step will close/shut down all open tabs in Safari and this will eventually log the user out of all the websites, prompting the user to sign in all over again. This is important from clear cache on iPhone perspective.

Step 2: After that, the user will find buttons or options such as Website data or Clear the History. Scroll down and click the Clear History option. This is an extremely important step and one must check the setting efficiently in order to find the right options and sections for the process. 

Step 3: Furthermore, a confirmatory message will appear. This is the right moment to click Clear History and Data. This is the option that on selection would clear all the history that may appear on the device’s screen. 

After confirming and following all the aforementioned steps, the cache and cookies will get deleted and erased from your iPhone permanently, but the user’s autofill information would still be on the device. This is straightforward process to clear cache on iPhone.

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How to clear Cache on iPhone? – Important related Question and Answers 

How can I browse on Safari without history? Is it possible?

There is a simple process to execute the same. Firstly, turn on Private Browsing by opening Safari in your iPhone and then click on Tabs. Finally, click Private to execute to task.

Is clearing cache the same as offloading, or is it something different?

No, clearly cache is not the same as offloading. While Offloading can also help a user significantly with phone slowing down issues, the clear cache is a different process altogether. Clearing cache means clearing or erasing extra files that get downloaded during diverse sorts of internet websites usage. However, offloading simply uninstalls an application without deleting any associated documents and data. Both the process have their own advantages and disadvantages and therefore must be confused with each other. 

There is a simple process to o offload an application for clear cache on iPhone.  Go to the Settings, and then find General. Further, choose iPhone Storage and then carefully select the application to offload.  Then, click on Offload App. If the user downloads it again, it will just pick up where it left off on that particular application. 

How can I clear the cache from Chrome on iPhone, and what is an easy process for the same?

If Google Chrome is the primary browser that you use on a daily basis, it may have a prominent and substantial amount of data stored in the device being used, which can also excessively slow down the device’s performance. 

To completely clear the cache using Chrome, the user must open the Chrome application and follow the given steps: Go to setting, the tap privacy, then find and select your items to delete and finally, click on precise browsing data. After effectively following these steps, your task would be executed. 

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Is it possible to block cookies on iPhone and how is it done?

While one can block and bar cookies on Safari, the ranks are usually divided on whether it is important or not. Basically, blocking cookies would mean that the websites in use would not be able to get information from the user, but it at the same time, it would also mean that those particular websites would not even work efficiently and correctly on the user’s browser. Usually, the users enjoy a more personalized sort of browsing experience after accepting the cookies present on the website. 

Overall, cookies cannot be classified as bad things as they usually enhance the user experience with minimum problematic effects that can be managed and handled with proper care. For those who feel that cookies are extraordinarily problematic and bothersome, there is a way to block cookies as well on Safari. Firstly go to the settings of your phone. Then, select the Safari option to proceed. Further, tap on toggle and eventually you will find an option titled, Block All Cookies. After carefully following the aforementioned steps, a user can efficiently block all the cookies.


These are some of the queries that people generally get during how to clear cache on iPhone. Well follow the above-mentioned procedure one by one to clear cache on iPhone.

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