How to buy an apartment in New York?


Overview of New York Apartments

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Purchasing a property in New York City is a difficult undertaking. Currently, Manhattan’s median sales price is just under $1 million.  Also, sellers normally request a 20% down payment before listing a home on the market. So, how do you even buy an apartment in New York City that’s so costly and crowded? Apartment hunting in a city such as New York can be a complex process, but with the right guidance and information, it’s not as challenging as some make it appear.

Real estate agents are your best bet for finding New York City apartments. Because of its rapid real estate market and high demand, many of the city’s most desirable apartments are controlled by agents. If you’re serious about discovering the apartment of your dreams, however, real estate can charge over price. For this, here is a detailed article on how to buy an apartment in New York. Through this, you can make a wise decision on how to buy an apartment in NYC.

Checklist before buying an apartment in NYC 2022

checklist to buy an apartment in new york

The housing market in New York City is extremely diverse, so you have a wide range of options to choose from. To make your search on NYC apartments more effective, you should resolve these key items early on. 

  • Your Estimated Budget

Many factors influence the cost of an apartment, so it is essential to determine your budget before you buy an apartment in New York. The price of the apartment is determined by several things, including its size, location, building type, condition and features. Because most purchasers need a mortgage to fund their purchase, getting pre-qualified with an active New York City loan lender is critical.

  • Choice of Neighbourhoods

There are many neighbourhoods in New York City, each offering its apartments listed for sale in New York with their own flavour and features. Various factors can influence where you live, such as how close you are to work, where your children go to school, how close a park is to you, and whether you live near restaurants, cafes, or parks.

Choice of Neighbourhoods - buy an apartment in New York

  • Type of Apartment – Size and Style

In selecting features such as a one- or two-bedroom apartment, the size of your living area, whether you need a maid’s room or a home office, or a great view, always remember that all of these things will cost you a certain amount of money.

  • Type of Amenities and Area

To finalize the purchase of your new home, you will need to decide which building you want to live in. You first need to determine if you want a co-op or a condo. Next, consider the value of facilities such as doorman, concierge, pre-war, high-rise, pet policy, fitness club/pool, etc before you buy an apartment in New York.

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Documents needed to buy an apartment in New York

Documents needed to buy an apartment in New York

Before you buy an apartment in New York, you may be required to sign the contract and need the essential documents. The required documents are listed below.

  • A legal passport
  • Proof of residency status to prove that you belong in NYC
  • Proof of current residence
  • Proof of recurrent income or a salary certificate
  • Your bank statement demonstrating that you can afford the investment. Need to submit a 6 months statement.

What kinds of houses can I buy in New York City?

Potential NYC buyers can choose from a variety of housing options, including:

1) Condo 


Condos have their own boards, but they are not as involved as co-ops, and owners can rent or sell their homes whenever they choose. Manhattan apartments for sale are the most popular place for condo types of houses in New York City. Condos are good for those who don’t want a long-term commitment. However, condos tend to cost more than co-ops (owners may have to pay more common charges depending on the building’s amenities), and in NYC, they’re quicker to get to than co-ops. 

2) Co-op


The co-op board plays an important role and can determine whether you are allowed to rent a unit in the building or make some permanent changes. These are a great choice for people looking for a long-term investment. Co-op boards also have a big influence in choosing who gets to buy in their buildings, so even if you have the funds, it might be difficult to get an apartment. 

Co-ops in New York City are often older than condominiums, and some, such as the Upper West Side’s San Remo and Dakota, have celebrity proprietors, which entails a considerably tighter registration process. Nevertheless, co-ops are more common in the city and frequently cost much less than condominiums.

3) Townhouse


Although townhouses are narrower than detached homes, they often have backyards & roofs. Townhouses can be single-family homes or multiple apartment buildings on a block. They have more privacy to offer. 

4) Loft


Defining a loft in NYC apartments has become tricky in recent years, as many new ones are constructed to mimic the originals. However, lofts are usually in converted industrial buildings that were once industrial or manufacturing. They are distinguished by their high ceilings, enormous windows, broad open areas, and few internal barriers. Buyers may find most originals in Tribeca, Soho, and Williamsburg.

How can I Buy apartment in New York?

Get advice from experts Best time to buy an apartment in NYC. Whether you want to work, establish a business, or simply enjoy life in NYC, you’ve probably considered buying a property. Prior to buying property in New York always look for any kind of professional assistance from realty experts in knowing the rules and regulations prevailing in the city.

Investing in NYC’s real estate market has the advantage of being able to select from a wide variety of residential types, villas, flats, and apartments that may suit everyone.  Individuals can also opt to buy an apartment in New York instalments basis.

Steps to Buy an Apartment in New York

buy flat in new york

1) Save for Down payment

There is no minimum down payment, but you’ll have to pay mortgage insurance and additional interest over the loan’s life if your down payment is less than 20%. The average home in New York costs $81,021 on average.

2) Obtain a mortgage pre-approval

To calculate how much you may borrow for a home, mortgage lenders analyse your whole financial condition, including total income, private debt, and cash on hand. Most creditors will ask that your repayment ratio, including your prospective mortgage, be less than 36%.

3) Pick the right location

Pick the right location - buy an apartment in New York

Buy an apartment in New York in a community where real estate prices are within your budget, home values are rising, and local amenities complement your lifestyle.

4) Search for real estate agent

To buy an apartment in New York, your real estate agent will be your most important ally. Your real estate agent should be an expert in buying a property in New York, in addition to finding and showing you homes. Interview many agents to select one that is familiar with your chosen communities, has expertise in your price range, and communicates effectively.

5) Search for the house

The exciting part of the house purchasing process is looking for buy an apartment in New York! You’ll get to see a range of homes and figure out what you actually want in a house.

6) Propose an offer

Propose an offer - buy an apartment in New York

Once you’ve located and make a decision to buy an apartment in New York, you should submit an offer. To give you the best opportunity of persuading the homeowner to sell to you, your real estate agent will work with you to create an alluring offer. 

7) Close the offer

You’ll be prepared for closing whenever your inspections are completed and your lender accepts your loan. Closing is the procedure of closing your mortgage and surrendering property ownership.

Price of an Apartment in New York City

Price of an Apartment in New York City

  • It is estimated that Manhattan had the highest prices with the average apartment costing $1.89 million.
  • To buy an apartment in New York, a median sale price comes at $1.06 million.
  • The average rent for an apartment in New York is $4210, which is the highest in Manhattan.

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Last words

In general, you should not be overly concerned with apartments you see on this website (or any other website or newspaper). There is a very low chance that you will actually purchase the specific apartment you see on this website. Through this article, buyers surely will get an insight on how to buy an apartment in New York easily and smoothly.

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