How to buy an apartment in Kolkata? 



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India, being a developing country, is a hot place for real estate. The expansion of land use has led to the development of infrastructure which has made the investment more profitable. A great place to invest your money in Real estate is to buy an apartment in Kolkata. 

best place to buy flat in Kolkata

The city of joy is extending its limit which has drastically improved the investment there. Annual growth of 11% has been reported in the capital city. Consequently, the city is ranked above other developed cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Noida. The following sections consist of all the necessary information about the best place to buy flat in Kolkata that one must know. 

Documents required to buy an apartment in Kolkata

  • Allotment Letter 

An original Allotment Letter is a document that is provided to the first owner of a property. Before purchasing the flats in Kolkata within 10 lakhs, make sure that the seller or the owner of the flat holds the given papers. This document clearly mentions prices, dates of payment and other significant information. 

  • Sale Agreement 

Sale agreement has all the details about the transaction and shifting of ownership that take place during buying or selling of property. To buy an apartment in Kolkata you may need a loan which will require a sale agreement as proof of the specified amount. 

  • Completion Certificate

Completion Certificate- buy an apartment in kolkata

This certificate is an official letter issued by the builders of the building. And it states that the construction of the building is concluded from their side and it follows all the norms and regulations in accordance with safety. It is another document that is a must for a Home Loan. 

  • Copy of Building Plan 

This plan is very important for buyers who are looking to buy a flat for sale in Kolkata within 15 Lakhs. It gives a clear overview of the floor plan and how each room will be placed. Apart from legal proof, the document also acts as a pictorial representation of the building. 

How to find the perfect apartment in Kolkata?  

How to find the perfect apartment in Kolkata

Properties to buy in Kolkata can be easily found online or offline. However, it is always advised to have a personal meeting with the agent and have a look at the apartment yourself. Some ways to find properties in Kolkata are: 

  • Online Websites 

The digital world has entered every walk of our life to make every task easy. Now, properties like flats, lands, commercial halls, shops, etc. can be found online. A number of websites offer their service to smoothen the process to buy flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs

  • Real Estate Agents 

Making a deal done through real estate agents is probably the most reliable way to purchase properties. These agents are experts in this field and also provide services like registration of property, drafting sales agreements, finding appropriate housing companies and many others.

  • Real Estate Agencies

The main motive of such agencies are similar to those of agents but the way to perform tasks can be different. This is basically a group of experts that helps the customer find the right property at the correct price. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Kolkata, reaching out to such firms can be helpful, however, they charge more commission than the individual agent. 

How to buy an apartment in Kolkata? 

buy Apartment in Kolkata

Step 1: Preparing the Budget 

At the very first step, prepare the budget that you will be willing to pay for your new apartment. Consider all the specifications that can be bought under the price bracket. The selection of flat price in Kolkata should be wise and should correspond with the specifications. 

Step 2: Determine your Needs 

After preparing the list of specifications, the search for the right property should be initiated. Consider all the aspects like distance from a major city, surrounding environment, transportation facilities and various other things before finalising a flat to buy an apartment in Kolkata correctly. 

Step 3: Applying For Home Loan 

Once you get the desired apartment, apply for a home loan while preparing a suitable map for repayment of the same. In India, any bank can be chosen for a home loan. A number of financing providers offer competitive interest rates.  

Step 4: Signing the Sales Agreement 

Signing the Sales Agreement - Apartment in Kolkata

After paying the first payment of a 2 BHK flat for sale in Kolkata to the builder, you will receive the allotment letter and the sales agreement for the transaction. Go through all the terms and conditions thoroughly and check for any hidden charges or unjust conditions. 

Step 5: Possession and Registration 

If everything looks fine, make the deal and complete the process with Possession and registration. Possession refers to the physical transfer of ownership while Registration should be done immediately after buying the property. Registration mentions the readymade flats for sale in Kolkata in your name legally. Therefore, after registration, you’ll be the owner of the flat and would have complete rights over it. 

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Price of Apartment in Kolkata 

Flat Type  Built-up area  Price (approx) 
1 BHK  435 – 567   sq. ft. ₹14.14 – 18.43 Lac
2 BHK 586 – 679   sq.ft. ₹21 – 24.34Lac
3 BHK 1079 – 1239   sq.ft. ₹35.07 – 40.27Lac
4 BHK  2380 – 2615   sq.ft ₹2.26 – 2.48Crore
5 BHK 1,839 sq.ft ₹ 5.1 Cr 

Best location to buy apartment in Kolkata 

Although every location in Kolkata is a great investment opportunity there are some specific locations that may offer you a better ROI. One may consider to buy an apartment in Kolkata at the following places-: 

  • New Town 
  • Joka 
  • Airport 
  • Behala 
  • EM Bypass 

Advantages to buy an apartment in Kolkata 

Advantages to buy an apartment in Kolkata

  • Property valuation of readymade flats for sale in Kolkata is simply amazing and counts among top states. 
  • In the coming years, the city is developing as an IT hub which will eventually increase the return on real estate. 
  • A number of government subsidies and schemes are available for the people belonging to the lower section of society for flats for sale in Kolkata within 30 Lakhs. 
  • The rental yield at Kolkata has seen rapid growth over the last 20 years and will continue the same in the coming years as well. 

Disadvantages to buy an apartment in Kolkata 

Disadvantages to buy an apartment in Kolkata

  • Maintenance and labour cost in Kolkata is pretty much high as compared to other states. 
  • The flat price in the city can be a bit high for some people which forces them into debt. 


Conclusion on buy an apartment in Kolkata

On a concluding note, Kolkata can be the best investment option when it comes to real estate. The prices of flats there are average and will increase in the coming years. Thus, one should try to buy an apartment in Kolkata as soon as possible.

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