How to buy an apartment in Bangalore? 

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Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is the largest exporter of IT and related products. With the expanding industrialisation, the city is observing a great upsurge in real estate. Thus, new opportunities to buy an apartment in Bangalore have been increasing with each passing day. 

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On the other hand, the city is also famous as a tourist destination thus the properties there, also hold commercial significance. Purchasing property in any state or city is never too easy and requires proper expertise to initiate and conclude the process smoothly. The following section will lead you to some prominent aspects of buying an apartment in Bangalore

Benefits of Shifting to Bangalore

Benefits of Shifting to Bangalore

  • Culture with Technology 

Banglore is simply one of the best places to live in India. Being a metropolitan city, the residents and overall environment reflect a cultural tradition. Therefore, the city is a balanced combination of developed and cultured cities. Whereas, the diverse population reveals you to a number of other people from varied races if you buy a flat in Bangalore for 15 Lakhs. 

  • Connectivity

Be it the ground transport or airways, Bangalore excels in every mode of transport and people recommend to buy an apartment in Bangalore. The city has an international airport with flights to South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia which can be boarded daily. Also, the roads connecting the city and other major towns are well maintained and support smooth haulage. Therefore it is favourable to buy cheap apartments for sale in Bangalore

  • Moderate Climate

Being situated near the coast, the weather at newly constructed apartments for sale in Bangalore is almost the same throughout the years. Therefore, not much variation in climate can be seen during different seasons. For instance, the temperature of the city during summer is 27° Celsius at the same time, in winter the temperature remains near about 25° Celcius. 

  • Reasonable Cost of Living

Compared with metropolitan cities, the cost of living in Bangalore is quite affordable. Accommodation, transport, food and other daily expenses can be borne by a person getting an average salary of ₹30k. This is one of the reasons why the city attracts great international tourism and investment for apartments in Bangalore. 

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Best Place to Buy a Flat in Bangalore 

Best Place to Buy a Flat in Bangalore 

  • Kanakapura Road

The region is situated around 50 kilometres away from the central city in South Bangalore. The place can be a great choice for you if you want to avoid traffic and rush in your locality. Additionally, major cities like JP Nagar, Jayanagar and Banashankari are at a very less distance which really appeals to the investors to buy an apartment in Bangalore

  • Hebbal 

Hebbal is counted among the most commercialised areas near Bangalore. Located 10 Kilometers away from the central city, a number of tech giants have been settled in the area. Some of them are IBM, Integra Micro Software Services and Phillips. With the construction of flyovers, the network of roads is getting more extensive and is leading to the development of the city. Thus, people should definitely look to buy an apartment in Bangalore near this area. 

  • Whitefield 

Whitefield, established by Anglo Indians, was once a quiet and calm place until 2000. In the year, various IT companies enter the area and set up their manufacturing and production units. However, it is now taken up by the Tertiary sector. Apart from industrial benefits and advantages, the place is suitable to buy an apartment in Bangalore and work as well as holds great potential for rental lease. 

Buy an Apartment in Bangalore: Who can help?

buy apartment in bangalore

  1. Real Estate Agent 

They are probably the first name that you will hear when you’re going to sell or buy flats for sale in Bangalore within 25 lakhs. These individuals are familiar with every aspect of selling and buying properties, be it commercial halls, shops, houses, flats or apartments. Although they do not hold much legal power or authority the knowledge and experience they carry are invaluable. 

  1. Mortgage Broker or Lender 

To buy an apartment in Bangalore, a decent amount of financing is required. Therefore, a Lender or Mortgage Broker is an integral personality of the process which looks after the monetary aspect of the transaction. This lender can be a bank, individual, credit Unions, insurance companies and other finance companies. 

  1. Home Inspector 

As the name suggests, the inspection of the flats in Bangalore for 30 Lakhs is done under the supervision of a home inspector. Although the role of such a professional may not seem to be much significant, surveying the apartment before purchasing is definitely important. Their main duty is to check the function of installed appliances and other things and suggest changes or advise whether to buy the property or not. 

Prices of Apartments in Bangalore 

Apartment Type  Build Up Area  Price (approx)
1 BHK  640 sq. ft,  ₹ 45.57 L
2 BHK  775 – 1,105 sq. ft,  ₹ 49.95 – 58.95L
3 BHK  1.280 sq. ft,  ₹ 69 L  – 2.53 Cr
4 BHK  1, 861 sq. ft,  ₹ 2.35 – 2.53 Cr
5 BHK  5,925 sq. ft,  ₹ 1.58 – 1.61 Cr

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Points to consider before you buy an apartment in Bangalore 

Points to consider before you buy an apartment in Bangalore 

  1. Appropriate Location 

Banglore is a metropolitan city but buying 2 BHK flats for sale in Bangalore just in the middle of the city or too far from the city is never recommended. Find a mediocre location that offers both facilities as well as peace of mind. Choosing a house right in the city can lead to noise problems, rush, etc. whereas living too far from the city will deprive you of facilities.

  1. Legal Papers of the Building

Before you buy an apartment in Bangalore, make sure the building you are choosing should have all the legal certificates while the builder should be licensed. A RERA( Real Estate Regulatory Authority)  certification would be an ideal piece of proof about the authentication of the building.  

  1. The Neighbourhood

The neighbours and people living around your apartment should be helpful and kind. In order to lead a happy and peaceful life, directly or indirectly, neighbours play a very important role. Meet the people near flats for sale in Bangalore within 50 Lakhs  and enquire about the society and its facilities. Try to develop a good bond with them if they respond positively; otherwise, choose another apartment. 


Conclusion on buy an apartment in Bangalore

So, these were some key pieces of information that one should be familiar with. To buy an apartment in Bangalore, hiring a personal lawyer can be an ideal choice. He/she can do a proper history and legal check of the constructor as well as the building.

Moreover, by taking the load off of documentation from your shoulder, they can smoothen the process. Thus, get the complete information related buy an apartment in Bangalore from professionals and get the dream house build. 

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