BSc Biotechnology Jobs & Salary

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After higher secondary education, a Bachelor of Science or BSc degree in biotechnology is a popular choice among students in India. Students who have completed a BSc course in biotechnology can benefit from knowing about the many career paths that await them after graduation. The information provided here will help you decide which BSc biotechnology jobs are worth your time and effort.

List of BSc Biotechnology Jobs and Salary Structure 

BSc Biotechnology Jobs

There are several types of BSc biotechnology jobs for freshers in the private and government sectors. Students can choose to work in a specific role depending on their interest level, skills, and aptitude for the position. You may pursue one of these careers after graduating:

1. Lab Technician

Lab Technician - Biotechnology job

Average Salary of Lab Technician after BSc Biotechnology: 15,393 INR

A laboratory technician works full-time in a lab and usually does testing for various healthcare organizations. Collecting, processing, and analyzing bodily samples, such as blood and tissues, and maintaining laboratory equipment are just some of the responsibilities of a lab technician. Other duties may include following standard methods for performing lab tests and ordering laboratory supplies. A lab technician keeps fluids and chemical substances secure. They also track data and findings gathered in physical and digital formats. A biotechnology laboratory technician may assist scientists in various research settings. A lab technician is also one of the BSc biotechnology govt jobs available in India’s state and central departments. 

2. Microbiologist

Microbiologist- Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Microbiologist after BSc Biotechnology: 22,393 INR

Microbiologists study the growth, structure, and function of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses. They use this information to understand how these organisms affect humans, animals, and plants. In addition to research, microbiologists work in food safety, public health, and quality control. Microbiologists working in biotechnology may develop new ways to produce drugs or process food. This is one of the BSc biotechnology jobs that require more research than others. 

3. Biochemist

Biochemist- Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Biochemist after BSc Biotechnology: 16,882 INR

Biochemists research the chemical processes that occur in living organisms. This includes studying the structure and function of cells and enzymes. They use this knowledge to develop new drugs and treatments for diseases. Biochemists working in biotechnology may create new ways to produce medicines, process food, or clean up environmental hazards.

4. Genetic Counsellor

Genetic Counsellor - Biotechnology Jobs

Average Annual Salary of Genetic Counsellor after BSc Biotechnology: 5 lakhs INR

Genetic counsellors help people understand and cope with the implications of genetic disorders. They provide information and support to families who are affected by genetic conditions. Genetic counsellors also work with people who are at risk for genetic disorders. They may help people make informed decisions about their reproductive options. Genetic counsellors working in biotechnology may help develop new ways to diagnose and treat genetic diseases.

5. Research Scientist

Research Scientist - Biotechnology Jobs

Average Annual Salary of Research Scientist after BSc Biotechnology: 8,07,800 INR

Research scientists research a variety of topics. They use their knowledge of science and math to design experiments, collect data, and analyze results. Research scientists in biotechnology may develop new ways to produce drugs or process food. Research Scientist is one of the sought-after BSc biotechnology jobs in India. 

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6. Biostatistician 

Biostatistician - Biotechnology Jobs

Average Annual Salary of Biostatistician post BSc Biotechnology: 3,48,674 INR

Biostatisticians conduct medical research and clinical trials. They combine information obtained in studies to make predictions and draw reasonable conclusions. These experts also ensure that clinical trial results are correct by conducting systematic investigation, analysis, and monitoring. Biostatisticians may communicate their findings to the scientific community or write research proposals based on the data analyzed. Biostatisticians are involved in the development and execution of research projects. Entry-level biostatisticians can work as research consultants, research assistants, or clinical research coordinators. Since the profile is also open for newcomers, it’s one of the best BSc biotechnology jobs for freshers to consider.  

7. Epidemiologist

Epidemiologist- Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Epidemiologist after BSc Biotechnology: 70,937 INR

Epidemiologists investigate disease outbreaks in various populations and study methods to cure them. These people either conduct research or apply the data they obtain at work. Epidemiologists may look for and track the source of an epidemic’s infection, mutation rates, and transmission levels. Epidemiologists frequently collaborate with physicians. The medical community may profit from epidemiologists’ findings by developing and implementing improved and more successful methods to prevent and treat illnesses. Epidemiologists often work for government agencies. They may perform duties in hospitals or teach at university faculties.

8. Clinical research associate

Clinical research associate- Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Clinical Research Associate after BSc Biotechnology: 17,959 INR

This profile is one of the most common Bsc biotechnology govt jobs available in several departments. A clinical research associate is in charge of clinical trials to determine pharmaceuticals’ effectiveness, advantages, and risks. These individuals are generally involved in all clinical trial phases, from identifying and setting up investigational sites to starting, managing, and finishing the study. Tele-monitoring professionals may be called upon to handle various tasks, including writing and delivering trial protocols, managing regulatory approvals, monitoring the trial site facilities, or working with doctors to run the study successfully. They can collaborate with a medical statistician on technical trial reports and also contribute to journal articles.

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9. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist - Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Medical Transcriptionist after BSc Biotechnology: 15,601 INR

Medical transcriptionists translate doctors’ audio data into a printable format. They assist in transcribing crucial patient information such as names, medical records, and Aadhaar numbers. These specialists maintain a transcript log to identify special words and medical procedures. They may also work for companies that provide transcription services at clinics, hospitals, or organizations. 

10. Medical representative 

Medical representative  - Biotechnology Jobs

Average Monthly Salary of Medical Representative after BSc Biotechnology: 15,979 INR

It’s one of the common Bsc biotechnology jobs that most students apply for as freshers. Medical salespeople present goods to doctors, pharmacists, and researchers. These professionals frequently serve as intermediaries between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Medical representatives may work to promote new products, start sales, provide product training, and offer important advice to a medical company. These experts establish strong connections with clients and provide critical insights to their employers. For example, a communication and interpersonal skills expert may help someone learning English as a second language feel more confident in their abilities. A bachelor’s degree in life sciences or a comparable discipline may be required to join this career.

11. Quality controller after BSc Biotechnology

Quality controller after BSc Biotechnology

Average Monthly Salary of Quality Controller after BSc Biotechnology: 17,259 INR

Quality control is critical in the medical field. Quality controllers ensure that all items produced by the business are of high quality and comply with regulations. Their duties might include researching blueprints, conducting research, and analyzing the competition. Quality controllers aim to act appropriately to satisfy corporate norms and customer expectations. They assure that the drugs and other goods developed are safe, uniform, and effective.

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BSc Biotechnology Jobs

A career in biotechnology is a fantastic opportunity to work in one of the most cutting-edge industries. Biotechnologists are important players in the study and development of key scientific disciplines like genetics, biochemistry, biology, agriculture, environmental protection, medicine, and other crucial areas. BSc Biotechnology jobs can provide you with access to cutting-edge goods and technologies that will assist people in improving their lives.

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