Apply for BS (Data Science) in IIT Madras without JEE Exam

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Every class 11th and 12th student from the science stream dreams about getting into IIT and completing their degrees. It’s an uphill task to clear the national-level JEE, even for science students. But now, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has decided to help students achieve their dreams. IIT Madras has invited students to apply for a 4-year Bachelor in Science degree programme. Students from Non-science streams can also apply for the batch in May 2023. The deadline for online application is 10th May 2023. Find out more about the application process, fee, and how to apply in the following segments.

IIT Madras

About the Program offered by IIT Madras

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Madras

The sprawling campus of IIT Madras is home to more than 8,000 students from all corners of the country. IIT Madras is known for its excellence across various disciplines, such as engineering, science, and humanities. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in multiple streams, such as computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and many more. The institute has several renowned research centers, including the Advanced Centre for Research in Electronics and the Centre for Nano Science and Technology.

IIT Madras has been consistently ranked amongst the top engineering schools in India and is home to some of the best faculty members. Apart from academics, IIT Madras also offers diverse extracurricular activities, such as sports, cultural events, and student societies, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

IIT Madras also provides several academic assistance programs that help students excel in their studies. With its strong emphasis on research-oriented education and quality infrastructure, IIT Madras is undoubtedly one of India’s best technology institutes. The institute has produced some outstanding alumni who have significantly contributed to various industries.

This year, IIT-M has announced to offer Bachelor in Science (Data Sciences) to students from both Science and Non-science streams without an entrance exam. The details and important dates are listed below.

Institute Name

IIT Madras

Course Name

Bachelor in Science (Data Sciences)

Course Duration

4 Years

Minimum Qualification

12th or Equivalent

Batch Month/Year

May 2023

Application Last Date


Application Portal

Apply Now

Eligibility Criteria 

BS in Data Science from IIT Madras

  • Those who have successfully completed Class 12 or its equivalent, are eligible to join the program.
  • School students having qualified class 11 exams can also apply for 4-year BS Degree course at IIT Madras.
  • For regular entry, students from any background can apply through the qualifier process.
  • To be eligible for the Qualifier Exam, students must attain a minimum average score of their best two out of three assignments in each course. This applies to all four courses as determined by IIT Madras criteria.

Application Fee

General Category / OBC


SC / ST Category / PwD (>= 40% disablity )


SC / ST Category Applicant who is ALSO PwD (>= 40% disablity)


  • Students who choose to take the Qualifier Exam at a testing center outside India will be charged an additional exam facilitation fee.
  • To ensure your application is considered, you must complete payment, submit all required documents, and fill out the appropriate forms. Only complete applications or those paid for but with further details provided will be considered.

Admission process through Regular Entry

To gain entry into the Foundation Level, all students must complete the Qualifier Process.

Qualifier Preparation

During the qualifier process, students must complete four foundational courses – English 1, Mathematics for Data Science 1, Statistics for Data Science 1, and Computational Thinking in 4 weeks. This is done through lecture videos on IIT Madras online portal and assignments that must be submitted each week, which will then be graded.

Qualifier Exam

After four weeks of learning, those who have proven themselves eligible will take a qualifying exam reflecting the content presented during the course.

To be eligible for the Qualifier Exam, students must attain a minimum average score on their first three assignments in each course. This will then be calculated from the best two scores from those assignments. Those who reach that required level across all four courses can then go on to take the exam.

Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course



SC / ST / PwD with 40% disability


PwD with 40% disability & SC / ST




Note: Although various categories of learners have been granted relaxations in the qualifying process, there will be no leniency concerning grades or passing criteria after enrolling in the program.

Passing Criteria for Regular Entry

To be able to take the qualifier exam, students must meet the eligibility criteria. After four weeks of coursework, they will receive a hall ticket with instructions on how and when to appear for the 4-hour in-person test; this examination assesses all four courses they have studied.

To be successful in the Qualifier Exam, students must obtain an average qualifier score and a minimum score on each course separately.


Minimum Qualifier Exam Score in each course

Minimum Average Qualifier Exam Score

General Learner



SC / ST / PwD with 40% disability



PwD with 40% disability & SC / ST






Note: Aspiring learners must abide by the pass criteria set for their respective categories, but relaxation in these standards will only apply to the qualifier process. Once registered into a program, there are no allowances on grades or passing requirements; thus, it is essential that participants complete the Qualifier Exam if they wish to proceed to Foundation Level courses.

Qualifier Exam Result Validity

For students who took or passed their Grade 12 board exams, the Qualifier Exam results will be valid for three terms (or a year). This means learners may opt-in to join in the second or third term after clearing the exam instead of immediately joining.

For those who still need to complete their class 12 board exams, the Qualifier Exam result validates up to 2 years. This extended validity allows them to enroll in the program after passing their exam. Despite all candidates that pass being eligible to register for Foundation Level, there are a few varieties of courses they will be restricted from registering based on Average Qualifier Score (M).

Average Qualifier Exam Score (M)

Number of courses allowed to register for

Minimum required <= M < 50%

up to 2 courses

50% <= M < 70%

up to 3 courses

M >= 70%

up to 4 courses

Re-attempt Regular Entry Qualifier Exam

Students who were qualified to take the qualifier exam but did not pass or weren’t present for the examination are welcome to re-attempt it during that same term without having to resubmit assignments. To apply, fill out the special application form after the results are released and pay a small fee. The fee structure is mentioned below.


1500 re-attempt fee

SC/ST/PwD (>= 40% disablity )

750 re-attempt fee

SC / ST from PwD (>= 40% disablity )

375 re-attempt fee

Students who still need to clear the re-attempt exam and are ineligible for another attempt can apply again in the following term. However, this will require a full application fee of 3000 (for general category applicants) and participation in all qualifier activities, such as weekly assignments and exams.

Notable Events and Dates


May 2023 Batch

Application Form Commencement

Active Now

Application Form last Date


Qualifier Phase Week 1 Start Date


Qualifier Exam


Qualifier Results


Registration Opens (only if cleared Qualifier Exam)


Registration Closes


Re-attempt Qualifier Opens


Re-attempt Qualifier Closes


Re-attempt Qualifier Exam (re-attempt fee applies)


Re-attempt Qualifier Results


Registration Opens (if cleared re-attempt)


Link to Remember

Further information can be available at IIT Madras – Visit here to apply directly.

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    Dear Author,
    Great post this the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is offering a four-year Bachelor of Science degree program in Data Science for students from both science and non-science backgrounds. The program will commence in May 2023, and the deadline for online applications is May 10, 2023. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have successfully completed 12th grade or its equivalent. For regular entry, students from any background can apply through the qualifier process. The qualifier process requires students to complete four foundational courses in English, mathematics, statistics, and computational thinking in four weeks. After four weeks of learning, students who have met the requirements will take a qualifying exam reflecting the content presented during the course. To apply for the program, applicants must complete payment, submit all required documents, and fill out the appropriate forms.

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