Bosch Legacy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More!

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Bosch: Legacy, an American police drama with a massive online following, is generating high levels of anticipation for its second season, Bosch Legacy Season 2 Created by Michael Connelly, Tom Bernardo, and Eric Overmyer, the show serves as a unique blend of a spin-off and the eighth season of the widely acclaimed Bosch series. This captivating installment can be enjoyed by streaming it on Amazon Prime Video. Starring Titus Welliver as the seasoned investigator Harry Bosch of the LAPD, the series features returning actors Mimi Rogers and Madison Lintz reprising their roles. Amazon Freevee premiered the show on May 6, 2022.

Bosch Legacy Season 2
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The release strategy for the show involved initially launching the first four episodes, followed by subsequent releases of two episodes at a time. Such was the enthusiasm for the series that it was renewed for a second season before the first episode even aired.

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Series Name

Bosch: Legacy Season 2


Drama/Detective Fiction 

Total Seasons 


Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Release Date 

2023 (Predicted)

Original Network

Amazon Freevee

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Renewal Status

Bosch Legacy Season 2 Renewal Status
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Bosch: Legacy made its debut on May 6, 2022, exclusively on Amazon Freevee. Initially, the first four episodes were released, followed by regular releases of two episodes at a time. Interestingly, even before the premiere of the first episode, the show received an early renewal for a Bosch Legacy Season 2!

What becomes more interesting, is the fact that as we talk about the renewal status of Bosch Legacy Season 2, Variety has reported that the show has been officially renewed for its Season 3 on Amazon Freevee. Already!

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Release Date

Bosch Legacy Season 2 Releasing date
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In anticipation of the series launch of Bosch Legacy in May 2022, Amazon had already renewed the first spinoff from the Bosch series. Author Michael Connelly confirmed through a tweet that filming for Bosch Legacy Season 2 had been completed late last year. Recent reports indicate that viewers can expect the new episodes of the new season to be available for streaming sometime late in 2023.

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Plot

Bosch Legacy Season 2 plot
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The series, Bosch: Legacy, centers around Harry Bosch, a former LAPD detective known for his independent spirit and refusal to conform to orders. After retiring from the police force, Harry now operates as a private detective. Throughout the series, he finds himself in situations where he must reluctantly join forces with Honey Chandler, a person whose life is at risk. It is worth noting that Harry and Chandler had a contentious relationship during their time together in the LAPD.

Maddie Bosch, the daughter of Harry Bosch, has recently embarked on her career as a rookie police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department, the very same department where her father served before his retirement. Meanwhile, Harry finds himself engrossed in an investigation involving Carl Rogers, a wealthy businessman who orchestrated a hit on Chandler. As the case unfolds, Harry receives a surprising request from Whitney Vance, another influential billionaire, to delve into a personal matter.

In the season one finale, Bosch successfully resolves the Vance case, bringing it to a close. At the same time, Chandler discovers a shocking revelation that leaves her astounded. However, it is the sudden disappearance of Maddie that truly captures the attention. The mystery surrounding her vanishing becomes the focal point, generating curiosity about the possible reasons behind it. As the highly anticipated Bosch Legacy Season 2 approaches, viewers can expect to see Harry diligently working to unravel the secrets behind Maddie’s disappearance, as the story continues seamlessly from where season one left off.

Harry Bosch is on the verge of uncovering the truth behind Maddie’s sudden disappearance. The pressing questions arise: is she being held captive, or has she managed to escape? If the former, where could Maddie be? As anticipation builds for Season 2, it promises to deliver even more captivating secrets compared to its predecessor. Speculation arises regarding what Harry will uncover regarding Maddie’s enigmatic vanishing. Could it be linked to a potential kidnapper, or perhaps even a rapist? The unfolding narrative holds the answers to these gripping mysteries.

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Cast

Bosch Legacy Season 2 casts
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The Bosch: Legacy brings a continuation of the story, and as a result, we eagerly anticipate the return of our beloved actors. Within the series, we can observe three distinct types of roles: the central character, the supporting cast members, and the delightful cameos.

Titus Welliver takes on the role of Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, a former LAPD detective who transitions into working as a contractor for Chandler. Mimi Rogers portrays Honey “Money” Chandler, a renowned defense lawyer who shares an intermittent romance with Harry.

Madison Lintz brings to life the character of Madeline “Maddie” Bosch, Harry’s daughter and a freshly minted police officer serving in Los Angeles. Stephen Chang takes on the role of Maurice “Mo” Bassi, a tech-savvy expert with a shared passion for jazz, much like Harry.

As the Bosch Legacy season 2 unfolds, viewers can look forward to reuniting with these familiar faces, each delivering compelling performances in their respective roles.

Actor Michael Rose portrays the character of Carl Rogers, a businessman who shot Chandler and committed the murder of a judge. Whitney Devane takes on the role of Whitney Vance, while Steven Flynn portrays David Sloan, Vance’s loyal butler. The character of John Creighton is played by Phil Morris. Officer Reyna Vasquez, Maddie’s training officer, is portrayed by Denise G. Sanchez, and Mark Rolston brings Lt. I. Don Thorne to life.

In the previous season, there were several notable cameos, and we can anticipate the presence of some familiar faces in the Bosch Legacy Season 2  as well. Gregory Scott Cummins appears as Crate, Troy Evans as Barrel, and Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar, making significant guest appearances throughout the season. While the supporting cast and special guests may undergo some minor changes, the overall ensemble promises to deliver captivating performances.

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Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Official Trailer

The highly anticipated trailer for Bosch Legacy season 2 is still awaiting its release. However, in the meantime, you can dive into the captivating trailer for the first season, offering a glimpse into the thrilling world of the show.

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