Will there be Bluey Season 4

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Bluey Season 4, the Emmy-winning Australian show, has been hugely popular among global viewers. The show has had three successful seasons to date but fans, as usual, want more of it. So, has the show been renewed to Bluey Season 4? If yes, the questions is when will it air? Is it all wrapped up, or Disney Plus has got something up? Let’s get into the topic and find it out. 

What Bluey is all about? 

Bluey Season 4 overview

Before proceeding to Bluey Season 4 hereabouts, you should be familiar with the show entirely. Bluey is an Australia-based animated television show for preschoolers that debuted at ABC Kids on 1 October 2018. Joe Brumm created the series in collaboration with Ludo Studio. Queensland production company Ludo Studio. It follows Bluey, the anthropomorphic 6 years old Blue Heeler pup distinguished by her plethora of energy, imagination, and fascination with the world. Bluey has a father named Bandit, her mother, Chilli, and their younger brother, Bingo, who regularly accompany Bluey on adventures when they embark on an adventure together.

The other characters are depicted as a particular kind of dog, and the dogs of Brumm’s childhood inspire some. The themes that run through the show are the impact on a family that is supportive, Australian culture, and the importance of playing throughout childhood. The program was developed and created in Queensland, and its Capital city of Brisbane, Brisbane, is the setting for the show. It was the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British Broadcasting Corporation collaborated to commission the show. BBC Studios hold worldwide distribution and merchandising rights. It is the Walt Disney Company acquired international broadcasting rights to the show in the year 2019.

Since its premiere on 1 October 2018, Bluey has aired 141 episodes and its third season first aired on 5 September 2021. Two Christmas-themed episodes have been broadcast as part of the initial series (“Verandah Santa”) as well as the second season (“Christmas Swim”). An Easter-themed episode (“Easter”) was aired in the second series, while the Father’s Day episode (“Perfect”) was aired in the third. 

Bluey Season 4

Richard Jeffery won an Australian Directors Guild award in the year 2021 for his work on”Sleepytime,” the second episode “Sleepytime” and the episode was awarded an award in the year 2022: the Prix Jeunesse International Award in the TV category up to 6 years old fiction (Children’s).

The musical scores for particular seasons of Bluey have been selected for nominations in the APRA Screen Music Awards, credited to Joff Bush, who composed the score. The episodes comprise “Teasing” and “Flat Pack,” each nominated for the best music for children’s TV 2019 in 2019, 2020, and 2020, respectively. 

Some shows have been made to picture novels, like “The Beach,” which won the Australian Book Industry Awards for the Book of the Year and Children’s Picture Book of the Year (Ages from 0-6) in 2020. Episodes from the original or second seasons have been made available on DVD in Australia and released via BBC Studios in volumes. Now, let’s discuss Bluey Season 4. 

Show Name  Bluey Season 4
Genre Preschool
Country of Origin  Australia
Total Seasons 3
Bluey Season 4 Release Date Status Updated Soon
Netflix ABC Kids

 Bluey Season 4 Release Status

Bluey Season 4 Release date


The recent rumor on social media platforms is that Bluey season 4 will not be returning and will end after the third season. As per The Daily Mail, insiders informed the publication that the person who voices the character who voiced Bluey, who is six years old and whose identity has been kept private to safeguard her privacy, is getting old, and the show would wrap shortly.

In the space of four years, and more than 130 episodes, the actor’s voice has matured naturally, which means producers must either cast the character again or, more radically — to end the show, according to insiders,” wrote the Daily Mail.

“It was among, if certainly not the most painful and difficult choices the producers faced,” the source told the Daily Mail, adding, the show is evidently very profitable. However, its legacy is considered more important than anything else, so it’s important to ‘go out with an edgy.

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Bluey Series Characters

Bluey Season 4 Characters

The characters for children in Bluey are voiced by children on the production team of the show and are not acknowledged as voice actors.

Leading Roles

  • Bluey Heeler
  • Bingo Heeler
  • Bandit Heeler
  • Chilli Heeler

Series Recurring cast

Bluey Season 4 cast

  • Aunt Trixie Heeler
  • Bob Heeler
  • Calypso
  • Chloe
  • Chris Heeler/Nana
  • Coco
  • Frisky
  • Honey
  • Indy
  • Jack
  • Lucky
  • Mackenzie
  • Mort / Grandad
  • Mrs. Retriever
  • Muffin Heeler
  • Pat / Lucky’s Dad
  • Rusty
  • Sam Simmons
  • Snickers
  • Socks Heeler
  • The Terriers
  • Uncle Rad Heeler
  • Uncle Stripe Heeler
  • Wendy

So, Has Bluey Really Ended?

Bluey Season 4 ended

Since the Australian television industry is such an integral part of the more significant industry, it’s not hard to understand why Bluey is among the longest-running animated series in the country with numerous episodes.

According to different publishers, there is specific news about being canceled Bluey season 4, including of the biggest industry publishers. They claim that there is specific information.

One possible reason for the show’s cancellation could be that the dog’s voice-over actor, age six, is the only one responsible for making a significant performance through the dog’s voice.

The fact that the girl who has been Bluey’s voice for many years is getting older influences the character’s voice. According to a source who has close connections to the TV show, the actor’s voice naturally developed during the show.

The show’s producers and creators have only two options: either change the character or end the show altogether instead of working on Bluey Season 4.

The official Twitter account of the show has ended the rumors and announced that Bluey will not be ending the show and will be back with new entertaining episodes soon.

It’s too early to anticipate any news on the next season. However, a date has been proposed as the beginning of 2023. So, let us prepare for a while and catch up on earlier episodes.

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Will there be a spinoff instead of Bluey Season 4?

Bluey Season 4 spinoff

There is no possibility of having the show renewed to Bluey Season 4 but we may see its spinoff later. 

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