Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Jiya Shankar & Aaliya Siddiqui nominated for next eviction; A new task divides the house in two


A fresh new week has started and the Bigg Boss OTT house is back to being the classic dramatic self!

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Tonight’s episode began (26th June 2023) with the energetic housemates waking up and joyfully dancing to the lively tune of the song, ‘Laila Mai Laila’. Later, they are called by Bigg Boss to gather in the activity area. Once the housemates settle down, Bigg Boss introduces them to the new task, providing clear instructions to the contestants. They are asked to stand in their designated spots and utilize the buttons provided to cast their votes for the nominated housemates.

Falaq Naaz being the current captain of the house is safeguarded from this week’s nominations. Moving forward, upon hearing Bebika Dhurve’s name being announced, Jiya Shankar and Abhishek Malhan swiftly pressed their buttons, nominating her for eviction. However, as no third person nominated Bebika, she cleverly made a way out through the nomination process, bringing delight to both herself and Manisha Rani.

Aaliya Siddiqui discovers that she had been nominated after receiving votes from Pooja Bhatt, Avinash Sachdeva, Falaq Naaz, and Bebika. Meanwhile, Jiya found herself nominated due to the votes from Bebika, Manisha Rani, and Avinash.

During the nomination process, Cyrus’s name was mentioned, causing Abhishek and Aaliya to press their buttons. Surprisingly, Cyrus managed to escape the nomination as he received fewer votes. However, when it was Abhishek’s turn, Bebika and Cyrus teamed up by casting their votes against him. Fortunately for Abhishek, their combined votes were not enough to put him in jeopardy, ensuring his safety.

Akanksha Puri received a single vote from Bebika, whereas Avinash, Jiya, and Aaliya faced nominations with votes against them. Pooja received a solitary vote from Aaliya, while both Jad and Manisha were fortunate enough to evade nominations as no one voted against them. In a significant announcement, Bigg Boss then declares that Jiya Shankar and Aaliya Siddiqui are the chosen contestants nominated for the elimination round.

Following the conclusion of the task, Jiya experiences overwhelming stress, causing her have an anxiety attack and struggle to manage the pressure. Acting as a caring friend, Akanksha intervenes and provides support to Jiya, guiding her to regain composure through encouraging deep breaths. Meanwhile, Bebika recommends Avinash to have a conversation with Jiya, but he firmly declines, asserting that he did not commit any wrongdoing.

Akanksha, Jad, Aaliya, Bebika, and Manisha assemble outside the washroom, creating a gathering. In the meantime, Avinash, Cyrus, Falaq, and Pooja engage in speculations, suggesting that Jiya’s distress might be fabricated, presuming that she has now comprehended Avinash’s earlier confrontation. In the midst of this confusion, Jiya articulates her desire to be alone for a while, prompting everyone to leave the area.

Later in the episode, Manisha confides in Abhi, expressing her discontent with Avinash’s apparent lack of empathy. Drawing a parallel, Abhi compares Aaliya’s nomination of Bebika and subsequent indifference towards him, shedding light on the intricate emotional dynamics present within the house.

The episode took a turn when Jiya Shankar finds herself in tears while in the kitchen, feeling disregarded by Avinash. Nevertheless, Jad goes to her side, offering comfort and support. In a moment of vulnerability, she confides in him, expressing her belief that the house is not suitable for her and that the people inside are not genuine.

The episode concludes with Jiya confiding in Akanksha about her prediction that she would be under scrutiny next. In response, Akanksha remarks that Jad tends to be oversensitive towards Falaq Naaz and others.

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