Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 6 Updates: Bebika Dhurve shares her thoughts on Salman Khan’s lovelife; says, “Pyaar ne unhe kuchal diya hai”

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Hey there Bigg Boss enthusiasts! As the days pass by, the show is exceeding the expectations of viewers in terms of drama and entertainment. With that, we make sure you have every minute update on the show and with that we talk about tonight’s episode, i.e, Day 6 of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Here’s everything that happened in controversial house, have a look!

In last night’s episode we saw three contestants of the house making their way to the jail inside the house. We are talking about Akanksha Puri, Aaliya Siddiqui and Bebika Dhurve. Now the question that arises is, were these 3 contestants successfull in finding their way outside of that jail. Let’s find out!

Bebika’s take on host Salman Khan’s lovelife

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Day 6 Salman Khan
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Manisha inquires with Bebika about Salman Khan’s romantic experiences, to which Bebika responds that he has endured heartbreaks.

A crack at understanding the contestants

In one part of the episode, Pooja Bhatt is seen in a detailed conversation with Falaq Naaz. The former mentions that while Jiya is pleasant girl, she lacks an ability to laugh at herself and take things spontaneously like Bebika does.

On the other hand, Cyrus playfully remarks in front of Pooja that Akanksha is a courageous individual. He indirectly takes a dig at the contestant for being fake in the house.

Arguments and more!

Jad and Bebika are seen getting into a verbal fight on the topic of who gets to use the washroom first. The episode than jumps to Avinash speculating that Falaq and Palak might become best friends by the end of the show, to which Pooja agrees, stating that she feels exactly the same!

The call for ration

Finally, the moment that the housemates were eagerly waiting for finally occurred! The ration was provided by Bigg Boss and looking at the same Falaq cannot control her excitement. To celebrate the moment Avinash dances with Falaq.

Love is in the air for Akanksha and Jad

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Day 6 Akanksha and Jad Love

Jad jokes about sleeping next to Akanksha, to which the actress smiles shyly. Jad is later seen telling Akanksha with full seriousness that he wants to take their ‘relationship’ forward. However, Akanksha makes it very clear for him that she wants to take it slow!

Bebika claims of being mentally harrassed in the house

Aaliya and Akanksha engage in a conversation expressing their disapproval of Bebika, who is equally angered by their actions. Abhishek joins the discussion, and Bebika accuses them of subjecting her to mental harassment. Bebika is then seen pouring her out to  Manisha, emphasizing her commitment to being real rather than putting on a facade like the other contestants.

Aaliya Siddiqui to head a new task

Bigg Boss initiates a conversation with Aaliya, entrusting her with a task. Her objective is to reflect upon her transformation and assess if she has successfully achieved it. Abhishek, Manisha, Pooja, Jiya, and Avinash are tasked with evaluating whether Aaliya has indeed undergone a change in her persona.

The entertainment quotient of the controversial show is increasing with everyday and looking at the contestants’ enthusiasm, it seems like there’s a lot more in store for the fans. Stay tuned with us for daily episode updates of Bigg Boss OTT 2!

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